Police Brutality Henderson Nevada

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The following post details a pattern of harassing behavior and physical assaults that Bascom states stem from the fact that she is related to a former LVMPD officer named Ronnie Mortensen. In 1997, Mortensen was convicted of murder and sentenced to life without parole in a case revolving around a drive by shooting after he and another former cop named Chris Brady had spent a night drinking and then driving around harassing local residents within several poor neighborhoods.

That case was extremely controversial at the time, with many people believing that Brady was the actual shooter. It’s also believed by those who support Mortensen’s innocence that Brady’s father, a longtime Metro detective, used his influence within the LVMPD to point suspicion away from his son and toward Mortensen.

Specifically, Bascom maintains that the police have retaliated against her for her advocacy on the behalf of Mortensen, as well as the exposure of other crimes and acts of misconduct that she has uncovered while researching the actions of the LVMPD and attempting to prove Mortensen’s innocence.

According to Bascom, not only has everyone she has contacted refused to investigate her allegations, but in the process she has become a target of the corrupt police departments within the Las Vegas area. In addition, she has said that injuries to her neck displayed in an MRI below were the result of a retaliatory assault against her by police officers.

(The title under which this post was submitted, “What Happened in Henderson,” is of course a reference to the anti-police brutality documentaryWhat Happened in Vegas,” by Ramsey Denison. In spite of winning numerous awards at movie festivals around the country, “What Happened in Vegas” has only screened in Las Vegas theaters one time due to resistance and intimidation of local theaters by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.)

Assaulted by Police in Henderson, NV.

I was brutally assaulted in my Henderson home by four police officers who did not disclose themselves as officers. They instead acted as a person needing help and in distress in an attempt to kill me. I am a family member of former LVMPD Officer Ronnie Mortensen who reported misconduct by Sgt. Chris Brady. They then framed him for murder on a drive by shooting against a Hispanic young man named Daniel Mendoza and said he was racist against Hispanics and that’s why he did it.

He did not do it, Chris Brady did, and now that I have been finding out a ton of corrupt shit this local gang ran by corrupt cops is doing. The Feds have been covering this up for over 20 years along with the LVMPD. During over 22 years of working to prove Ronnie’s innocence I have figured out what this gang of corrupt cops is doing.

Police Brutality Henderson Broken Neck MRI
MRI submitted by Patti Bascom showing a broken neck that she states she sustained as a result of a beating by police in Henderson, NV.

As a result, they tried to kill me and no one here will do a damn thing about it. I have reported it to the DA Matt (a corrupt crooked man), the Henderson PD, the Justice Committee, Gov. Sandoval, Metro and not a thing has been done about it. However, if we did this to someone you and I would be in jail facing attempted murder charges.

I was in handcuffs when the beat down occurred that almost killed me. I was then refused medical attention for over 30 days while they all laughed at me and mocked me making fun of a 44 yr old woman, who is 5’4″ tall and weighs just 125 lbs. Still no accountability. Now they are beating police family and children. They have no boundaries.

It’s all disgusting and to this day these sick bastard gang members that are corrupt cops follow me and harass me everywhere I go. I’m terrified this gang of corrupt cops is going to come back to my house and kill me. I’m lucky to be alive! But can show up missing at anytime and if I do they did it. These corrupt cops are worse than the mob.

– Patti Bascom

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  1. Yeah, I have lived in Henderson Nevada for 45 years, Henderson Police Department is the biggest GANG in the U.S. they do what they want, when they want, to whomever they want and get away with it EVERY TIME!! No wonder people are starting to fight back and shoot cops, I dont blame, hope I never get on a jury for something like that cause I will say citizen is NOT GUILTY. You have absolutely NO RIGHTS OF ANY KIND in henderson, Nevda.

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