Home School Mom Kiarre Harris Buffalo Arrest
Home School Mom Kiarre Harris Buffalo Arrest
Kiarre Harris says she has been harassed and falsely charged with “educational neglect” by the City of Buffalo after she decided to home school her children.

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The following post was submitted by Matthew Albert, a lawyer who is representing Kiarre Harris. As Albert details within the post, Harris is a mother from Buffalo, NY who was not happy with the quality of education being provided by the public school system. As a result, she decided to home school her children.

According to Albert, this has resulted in Harris having her children removed by the Buffalo Child Protective Services. Although her children have since been returned, charges of “educational neglect” were also filed against her. Harris is due to begin trial on that charge today, Monday, December 11, 2017.

Albert and Harris maintain that the removal of her children and subsequent arrest are acts of harassment against Harris for her decision to home school her children and also to intimidate other parents who might also be considering such a move. You can support Harris by donating toward her legal fees by clicking this link: https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/Kiarre

This is one of the more incredible cases I have ever encountered. An educated, strong, and family oriented black woman, Kiarre Harris, realized she could teach her children far better than the dismal City of Buffalo School System. Many in the community also realized that their children had a good chance of receiving a better education with Kiarre and an extensive home schooling network composed of other like minded and educated parents.

With a large number of children and parents ready to embark on this bold and organic homeschooling movement, the City of Buffalo knew they had to do SOMETHING. However, providing a better quality of education for their students is something they had proven incapable of throughout the decades.

Kiarre Harris’ original Facebook video

Using their expansive network to incorporate CPS, the police, and the legal system to snatch up children…that they can do. And that is what they did. Harris’ children were taken from her. She was arrested. The progressive and innovative homeschooling experiment came to a screeching halt as a result of the brutal and powerful push-back from government bureaucracy.

Eventually, Ms. Harris retained me. Literally, through blood, sweat, and tears, including a near riot initiated by police at Family Court, we got Ms. Harris’ criminal charges dismissed so that her criminal record is still unblemished. We also got her children back and they resumed their home schooling. The family is once again whole and complete, the children thriving in their mother’s care. Still, the County wants its hooks in Ms. Harris…and refuses to let go. They will not let go of the CPS neglect petition, which again threatens this family’s well being. Trial starts Monday. In family court, one is not entitled to a jury of their peers.

Ms. Harris’ and her family’s fate hangs in the balance of one judge’s decision. In a country that often ignores drug addicted and deadbeat mothers and their children until it’s too late…empowered homeschooling mothers are at risk of losing their babies

– Matthew Albert

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