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This is a long video so I am including a listing of “key points” that was included within the description of the video on Youtube:

  • 13:47 The DC lies about my filming being illegal and asks me about an offence without cautioning me!
  • 16:37 The Immigration Officer states that I am wrong, he has misunderstood and thought I was referring to him when I was referring to the Detective Constable!
  • 18:00 The Immigration Officer loses his temper and assaults me.
  • 19:00 The Immigration Officer accuses me of assaulting twice.
  • 21:00 I move the Detective Constable’s arm down as he has previously removed my phone from my possession and I believed that he would do the same thing again.
  • 21:57 The DC and IO leave.

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Date Of Incident: January 27th 2017
Officers Involved: Detective Constable 12136 and Immigration Officer 14195
Department Involved: Norfolk Constabulary
Department Telephone No.: +441953424242
Department Facebook Page: Norfolk Constabulary on FB
Department Twitter Account: @NorfolkPolice

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I decided to get the bus to Norwich International Airport Park and Ride site from Thickthorn Park and Ride site. I then walked around Norwich International Airport and eventually arrived at the airport’s business terminal (Saxonair). I do admit that I was trespassing, but I had not entered the actual aerodrome and therefore had committed no offense. At the worst I had committed the civil tort of trespass.

I was then approached by some private security goons who noticed my presence near the terminal. One of the goons asked me to remain with them until a Police officer arrived. After about 10 minutes, a Police officer namely Detective Constable 12136 and an Immigration Officer 14195 from the Home Office arrived. I was then ordered off the private property by one of the goons and left the property. I then remained with both officers whilst they spoke to me and decided to point the camera at 14195 to record his image. I also read his collar number out to the camera at which point he then extended his arm and instructed me very aggressively to put the camera down. I refused to comply at which point 14195 removed the camera from my hand. At no point was I arrested or cautioned as per the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984.

For your information, the caution which I am referring to is “You do not have to say anything, but it may harm your defense if you do not mention when questioned something which you later rely on in court. Anything you do say may be given in evidence.”

I then warned 14195 to step and back and lower his arm on multiple occasions. I then lowered his arm myself at which point he shouted “THAT’S ASSAULT”. He again reached his arm out and believing that he may go for my camera I again lowered it. He then shouted “THAT’S ASSAULT TWICE”. I then stepped back and was grabbed by 12136 to prevent me from leaving. 14195 remained where he was and 12136 followed me. He continued the interview and asked me what I was doing whilst he and 14195 played good cop, bad cop.

Both 12136 and 14195 decided to walk away and 12136 called a senior officer to discuss what happened. 12136 eventually then spoke to me again whilst 14195 remained where he was. 12136 then asked me if I was OK to find my way and “do you have anywhere to go.” He also asked me “not to go anywhere near Saxonair”. 12136 then left and I also went on my way.

To clarify, my actions were not assault as under section 3 Criminal Law Act 1967 it is lawful to use reasonable force to prevent a crime. I also would like to add that at the time I used force on the officers, they were not acting within the course of their duties and even if I was guilty of assault, I was therefore not guilty of assaulting a constable in the course of his duty. For the same reason I was not guilty of assaulting an immigration officer in the course of his duty.

– Marcus D Potter

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