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Date Of Incident: November 16, 2016
Officers Involved: Police Community Support Officer Bethany Slaughter 8548
Department Involved: Norfolk Constabulary
Department Telephone No.: +441953424242
Department Facebook Page: Norfolk Constabulary on FB
Department Twitter Account: @NorfolkPolice

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On the 16th of November 2016,  the Crown Prosecution Service made an application to vary my Criminal Behaviour Order by adding extra terms and making the existing ones more stringent. One of the witness statements was written by a Police Community Support Officer from the Norwich Operational Partnership Team, namely PCSO 8548 Bethany Slaughter and accused me of adding “fascist soundtracks” to one of my videos which is called “PC Hicks Calls For Backup”, namely the “Star Spangled Banner” and a song called “Cowardly Assault.”

PCSO 8548’s witness statement then said that I also make “regular comparisons of police to Nazis (which I don’t dispute) and then the statement quoted lines (which I am alleged to have said) from a psychiatric report and said that “I, and I imagine a large amount of people, find the likening of police officers (who are also members of the public) to Nazis and other fascist regimes, incredibly offensive and inappropriate.”

– Marcus D Potter

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This is the version that had the song “Cowardly Assault” enclosed:

This is the version with the “Star Spangled Banner” played in the background:

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