The following post and accompanying videos were shared with the CopBlock Network by a man named Tony, who did not want to give his last name, via the Submissions Page.

According to the description, police attempted to force their way into Tony’s house because his phone had died and his ex, who wanted to speak to their son, was unable to reach him for an hour. In an attempt to do so, Officer Gordy had blocked the door from closing with her foot.

The officers from the Coral Springs Police Department wanted to perform a welfare check and speak to his son, even though Tony maintains that the ex had not made any sort of specific complaint about a possible danger to his son, outside of being unable to reach them by phone. In addition, his son and the ex were at that time talking on the phone, therefore even that issue had already been resolved.

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Date Of Incident: November 25, 2016
Department Involved: Coral Springs (FL) Police Department
Officers Involved: Officer Gordy Badge #945, Officer Crawford Badge #753, and Sergeant Hubbard Badge #788
Department Facebook Profile: Coral Springs Police
Department Twitter Account: @CoralSpringsPD
Department Youtube Channel: Coral Springs Police

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I missed a phone call from my ex. She reported that to the police. My phone was dead. By the time they arrived, she was on the phone talking to my son, which was the purpose of her initial call. Though she is an unreasonable person, I’m used to it, and I was mainly alarmed at how the cops responded to a reported missed phone call. Officer Gordy thought she could enter my home and inspect my son. She stuck her foot in my door when I attempted to close it and held it there until her supervisor arrived.

– Tony

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