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Date of Incident: November 20, 2016
Officers Involved: Police Community Support Officers Luke Upcott 7326 and Gary May 7191; Police Constables Leigh 1907 and Browne 2449
Department Involved: Cambridgeshire Constabulary
Department Telephone No.: +441480456111
Department Twitter Account: @cambscops

On the 20th of November 2016, I was assaulted by a Police Community Support Officer, namely PCSO Luke Upcott 7326. I did not initially believe Upcott to be a real PCSO and asked another male PCSO, namely PCSO Gary May 7191, who was standing next to him, to produce his identification and designation cards, which May is required to do under force policy. May refused to produce either card and I then asked Luke Upcott to produce his identification and designation cards in accordance with this requirement.

As Luke Upcott was exercising his powers, he was also under an obligation to produce these two cards under the Police Reform Act 2002. However, Luke Upcott did not show me either card. Luke Upcott also took my phone out of my hand, then once he returned it to me called me a “PATHETIC YOUNG MAN”. I then walked away from both PCSOs Upcott and May.

I was told by Luke Upcott that I was not at this point detained, but that a police officer (who I now know to be Police Constable Leigh Browne) had been called and that Browne was on his way to come and speak to me. I walked some distance, at which point Luke Upcott then decided to detain me by force. Luke Upcott grabbed hold of my right arm causing extreme pain.

I then informed Upcott that I would be calling the police. I removed my mobile phone from my pocket and dialed 999. When I got through to the operator, she asked me which service I required. I asked her to put me through to the police and she put me through to the Cambridgeshire Constabulary Contact and Control Room (CCR). I explained what had happened to the call taker, who explained that I would need to dial 101 to report my complaint, as it was not an emergency police matter.

I then asked to speak to a police officer, but the call taker hung up on me. After a few minutes, the operator asked whether I had finished my call to the police, to which I replied that I had not. The operator then put me back through to the police and I spoke to a call taker in the CCR. I explained to him that I had been stopped by a two people dressed as PCSOs and two people dressed as police officers who I believed to be possible impostors. I gave all of their collar numbers. After prompting by myself and a conversation between the call taker and Luke Upcott, the call taker then confirmed that all four people were genuine Cambridgeshire Constabulary staff.

At this point, he then requested my name, which I refused to give and he said “goodbye.” I too said “goodbye” before hanging up the phone. I then spoke to PC Leigh Browne and asked that he arrest Luke Upcott, to which he replied that he would not arrest one of his colleagues “RIGHT NOW”. I asked him if I could report that I had been assaulted by Luke Upcott to which he replied that he would not be able to do so and that if I wanted to report an assault I would have to ring 101. I had a brief conversation with PC Browne before he left and continued to follow him back to Parkside Police Station in Cambridge.

In addition to assaulting me, I also believe that Luke Upcott committed an offense of “making a statement or doing an act calculated falsely to suggest that he had powers as a designated or accredited person or as an accredited inspector that exceeded the powers he actually had” contrary to Section 46 of the Police Reform Act 2002. This is because according to a member of Cambridgeshire Constabulary staff, PCSOs based in the county of Cambridgeshire do not have any power to use force. This is a fact that I have ascertained on the internet by searching for the powers of PCSOs employed as Cambridgeshire Constabulary staff. This was also stated in a letter sent by their Freedom of Information Department to someone who asked them what powers their PCSOs have.

– Marcus D Potter

This is the aftermath of the incident: Cambridgeshire Police Constables 1907 Leigh Browne and 2449 return to Parkside Police Station

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