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Within the description included below, Fallon describes how Officer Matt Eden, of the Lyndhurst Police Department in Ohio, responded to being flipped off. In spite of it having been ruled numerous times within every level of the judiciary, including the U.S. Supreme court, a legal action protected by the First Amendment’s right to Freedom of Speech, Officer Eden decided to retaliate against Fallon for it.

In doing so, Fallon maintains that Eden had to make a U-turn, speed, and run several stop signs (without his lights or sirens on) to catch up to him. The video shows the ensuing confrontation, during which another officer and Eden’s supervisor, Sgt. Greg Traci were also called to the scene and Fallon was threatened with arrest if he didn’t provide his ID. Sgt. Traci’s response to Fallon’s contention that Officer Eden had lied about him speeding and request for evidence was that Fallon should just accept the ticket and contest it in court.

Date of Incident: October 10, 2016
Officers Involved: Sergeant Greg Traci – Badge #107, Officer Matt Eden – Badge #014, Officer David Boss – Badge #006
Department Involved: Lyndhurst (Ohio) Police Department
Department Facebook Page: Lyndhurst Police Dept.
Department Phone No.: (440) 473-5116

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I turned onto Winchester from Mayfield and had gone about 50ft on Winchester from  Mayfield when I flipped Officer Eden off while he was heading north into the intersection at a red light.

There were .2 miles in between us when I stopped at the Haverford Dr. intersection and that’s when he was able to turn around at the Sunoco to head back South in my direction.

It is about 430ft from Haverford Dr. to Beacon Ave. where Eden came flying up behind me and then had to slow down drastically to stay at pace with me heading south on Winchester.

It’s .2 miles from Beacon Ave. to Bluebell Dr. and another .2 miles from Bluebell Dr. to where Officer Eden activated his emergency lights to pull me over and where I came to a complete stop, in between 1848 and 1856 Winchester Rd. right in front of the green waist high post.

Within the .2 miles after Bluebell Dr., I was able to come to three complete stops and waited three seconds before I proceeded south on Winchester to go to work. (Stop signs on Winchester are located at Chickadee Ln., Meadow Wood blvd., and Golfway Ln.)

My vehicle is an 08 Honda Civic Si sedan with a 6-speed manual transmission. I stayed at 28mph in 3rd gear, between 2.5-2.7rpms

Officer Eden insists that his department can and will run stop signs with no emergency lights. He also admitted in the video to turning around because I flipped him off, but claims I then sped up to get away from him.

I was also fired because of this event.

Why would someone run from a cop, let alone speed away from one that they had watched turn around and head back into the direction that they were heading?

– Dominic Fallon

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