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In this video, Patrick goes down to the Dallas Police Department employee parking area and observes that several vehicles owned by officers don’t have front license plates, including one that doesn’t have one on either the front of back. The reason he states that he is doing so is because he recently got a citation for not having a front license plate and wants to highlight the hypocrisy of the police not enforcing those same laws on the officers working for the department.

As he is walking around filming, a police officer (who Patrick forgot to ask for a name) pulls into the parking lot. Patrick approaches that officer and begins to ask him about why he isn’t enforcing the same law regarding front license plates that was cited for against the cops who own these cars. After a bit of back and forth about the lifesaving importance of flashlights to cops and Patrick’s concerns that he might be assaulted with it, the officer uses the excuse that none of the vehicles in the Dallas Police Department parking lot are moving and therefore aren’t currently breaking the law.

Almost on cue, as the officer is stating that, the engine of the SUV, which has no plates at all, starts up and the Good Cop inside it begins driving out of the parking lot. So, of course the officer Patrick had been speaking to, along with a second officer that had pulled in behind him, went over and ticketed the unregistered SUV now that it was “in motion.” Right?

(SPOILER – Not a chance.)

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Date of Incident: December 28, 2016
Department Involved: Dallas Police Department
Department Facebook Page: Dallas PD
Department Twitter Account: @DallasPD
Department YouTube Channel: Dallas Police Dept.
Department Phone No.: (214) 671-3001

I had a concern about why I got a ticket for not having a front license plate recently and wanted to talk to a Dallas police officer about why he didn’t give vehicles that belong to officers tickets for the same offense that I was ticketed for. While I was in the process of filming him, a vehicle with no front or back license plate pulled out of the police parking lot and drove off in front of him. He did nothing because it was another officer, but if it was a citizen like me or you they would pull us over in a heartbeat and suspect you’ve got a bomb in the back. Even if the cops didn’t have a bomb in the back, it’s still illegal to drive without plates.

– Patrick Roth
CopBlock Oklahoma

On this video, I exposed these criminals for:

  1. Not doing their job
    – and –
  2. Giving cops special treatment, thereby granting them extra rights – Badges Don’t Grant Extra Rights

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