The video above was shared with the CopBlock Network by Joshua Cordova, via the Submissions Page.

The video shows an incident Joshua was involved with in which he was illegally detained by members of the Philadelphia Police Department. Apparently, the reason for this detention was that he was sitting in his car on a city street. According to Joshua he was simply watching a movie on his cell phone.

Although they claim that they received calls regarding the fact that he was (legally) sitting in a car, during the video the officers involved readily admit that Joshua is not committing a crime. Therefore, they have no legal reason to demand that he identify himself or even so much as tell them what state he lives in. Interestingly, at one point in the video one of the officers also admits to not knowing the Constitution.

Eventually, Joshua is arrested, although they apparently did so in order to try and have him committed to some sort of mental health program. It’s not clear from the video what, if any, charges Joshua received as a result of his “crime” of watching a movie in his car on a city street.

Date of Incident: November 14, 2016
Officer Involved: PO Belvaine
Department Involved: Philadelphia Police Department
Facebook Profile: Philly Police
Twitter Account: @PhillyPolice
Youtube Channel: Philadelphia Police
Instagram Account:
Philly Police
Department Phone No.:
(215) 686-3350

While sitting in my parked car, I was approached by two Philadelphia police officers who proceeded to illegally detain me without articulating any crime that I was suspected of committing. They stole my car and tried to have me committed. Apparently, they didn’t hurt me enough for a lawsuit, though.

– Joshua Cordova


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