The following post was shared with the CopBlock Network by  Ken Seale, via the Submissions Page. It consists of a letter he has sent to several media and political figures regarding an incident he was involved with and abuses he maintains were committed by Detective Jarrett Morris of the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Office while Morris was serving a search warrant at his residence.

Date of Incident: October 21, 2016
Officer Involved: Detective Jarrett Morris
Department Involved: Santa Barbara (CA) Sheriff’s Office
Department Phone No.: (805) 934-6150

Complaint sent to Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Office. Individual has since been hospitalized for a seizure that occurred days after the warrant service. No prior history of seizures exists and it is important to note that Ken was not accused of any crime or being served with an arrest warrant. This was simply a SEARCH WARRANT.

October 25, 2016
RE: Detective Jarrett Morris
Warrant Service on 10/21/2016
CC: KCOY / KSBY / Santa Maria Times
Lompoc Record / Noozhawk
Rep. Lois Capps & Rep. K. H. “Katcho” Achadjian

I am Ken Seale, a 66 year old, disabled man. The following are specific complaints with the aforementioned warrant service, it is my request that each issue be addressed individually.

Excessive Force

  • Sat on ground outside police vehicle for over an hour, handcuffed.
  • Threatened with being shot by snipers

Cruel and Unusual Punishment

  • Sat on ground outside police vehicle for over an hour, handcuffed.
  • The manner the warrant was carried out is blatant punishment. i.e. “I don’t want to have to involve others in your family…” – Detective Morris 05/04/2016


  • Niece refused consent to search of my home.
  • It was conveyed that Detective Morris acted in this excessive manner because my niece didn’t bring him out to my property: i.e. “Your niece left us with no other choice..”

Deliberate Humiliation

  • Demanded to remove shirt, crawl through rocks and dog feces. I informed them of my knee problems, they demanded I crawl over the rocks and dog feces (about 20 ft.) anyway. I was unable to stand and they had to assist me up afterward.

Elder Abuse/Injury

  • Physical injuries sustained from Detective Morris’ excessive force and deliberate humiliation tactics include: unseen back pain, new knee pain, and sustained moderate wrist pain and bruising as well as substantial fear.
  • Back and knee pain so severe that I am unable to stand for more than 5 minutes at a time, pain goes down shin.

Witch Hunt

  • If there is a solid case, why is Detective Morris digging in such a malicious and deliberately harassing manner?

Malicious Prosecution

  • All evidence supports the information the “suspect” provided i.e. the truth, so why the perpetual prosecution?
  • Unnecessary abuse of power, authority and scope

Unlawful Seizure of LEGAL Firearms

  • A citizen does not have to prove they are sane, the Government has to prove the contrary. Unless Detective Morris is also a mental healthcare physician, this seizure of the firearms was unlawful. I agreed they could call a counselor ONLY so I could tell counselor that my mental state is well, but he turned my agreement on me and confiscated guns for “my safety” and never even called counselor.

Use of Unreliable, Likely CRIMINAL, Informant

  • Manipulation of Evidence
  • Lying About Probable Cause
  • This is evident because their information is wrong AGAIN and AGAIN
  • How many warrants does a Detective Morris get to execute on false and manipulated evidence?

Lying in a Search Warrant Affidavit

  • If the information given to Detective Morris were true, there would be supporting evidence.
  • Detective Morris is fixated on this case and is hyping up false evidence. He is creating a reality which does not exist.


I would furthermore like to request that a third party look into Detective Morris’ “evidence”. Detective Morris is a loose cannon, he is abusing his authority with no accountability and it is harming innocent people. He is likely falsifying reports and search warrants as well. Time will tell.

– K. Seale
Thank you for bringing light to corrupt, tyrant cops!

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