The following post was shared with the CopBlock Network by Joshua Blumenschein, via the Submissions Page.

Within his post, Joshua discusses an incident in which he was playing Pokemon Go in the parking lot of a Jefferson’s Restaurant in Jacksonville, AL., which apparently is a prime location to catch certain types of Pokemon. After a short time of doing so, he was approached by Officer Martin of the Jacksonville Police Department, who used the excuse that he has a burned out headlight to find out why he was sitting in the parking lot.

Instead of just doing that or even just giving him a citation for the headlight, Officer Martin acted very aggressive toward Joshua and requested a bunch of his fellow gang members to come out and help harass him. Then when Joshua states that he won’t sign the ticket because they are blinding him with their flashlights and he can’t see to read it, Officer Martin exclaims, “good,” indicating that he was looking for an excuse to arrest Joshua. After that, Joshua is violently pulled from the car and arrested.

Joshua has also indicated that he intends to pursue this matter further, stating:

“I am planning on taking this to other press sources and filing charges and/or a lawsuit.”

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Date of Incident: October 27, 2016 around 0100
Officers Involved: Officer Martin – Badge # 136, as well as at least 4 or 5 unidentified officers
Department Involved: Jacksonville (AL) Police Department
Department Phone Number: (256) 435-6448
Department Address: 116 Ladiga St SE, Jacksonville, AL 36265
Department Facebook Page: Jacksonville Police Department

I got off work in Atlanta, GA, drove roughly two hours, then stopped in the Jefferson’s parking lot to catch a Magikarp and a Gastly on Pokemon Go. That area is a nest for water Pokemon due to the creek/ditch. I was pulling forward slowly to search the far side for more Pokemon when I saw flashing lights. I stopped and Officer Martin get out of the cop car.

I slowly opened my door saying “the window doesn’t roll down”.

Martin said, “I need to see your Driver’s License” in a very agressive tone.

I replied, “Is there a problem?”

Martin (being rude and aggressive): “If there wasn’t a problem, I wouldn’t have stopped you”

I handed him my license and waited. Another cop scanned my car with his flashlight and then four or five more cop cars pulled up. I got worried and bored and started live streaming on Facebook Live. The twenty minute clip can be seen here: Facebook Live Video of Arrest.

Martin continued to be unorthodox. I had locked my door and did not feel safe opening it. I was threatened by another officer with going to jail if I did not open it. I dis and Martin was still being rude. He wanted me to sign the two citations, yet was shining his light in my eyes. I refused and within five seconds was dragged out of my car.

  • pokemon-arrest-injuriesThey read me NO rights.
  • Handcuffed me, bent my glasses, and broke my watch.
  • Put me in the police car.
  • They searched my car and trunk. (With all my cosplay gear in it, lol)
  • Proccessed me and put me in a cell, then took me out of the cell and put me in the “drunk tank” holding cell.
  • Gave me NO blanket. I was super cold, but took a nap.
  • Got up and started walking around feeling claustrophobic until they came and let me out.
  • Found out you can get arrested for refusing to sign a ticket (it is the electronic ones that don’t need signed)
  • My car was impounded. (i.e. ~$150)
  • Got four “unsecured appearance bonds:” Obstruction windshield (w/e)
    Headlight out (legit had the light to fix it)
    Resisting Arrest (I was YELLING “I am not resisting”)
    Obstructing Government Operations (how?)
    Total bonds $1600 (w/e that means)
  • Still got the two “citations” (i.e. tickets)
  • I had to walk home with a dead phone and no house keys as they were towed with my car.
  • After examining myself in the miror, I found that I have many injuries on my left side from my ankle to my ear.

– Joshua Blumenschein

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