While some of Nevada Cop Block’s members were attending a Food Not Bombs Las Vegas picnic on Saturday Oct. 8th, they noticed a man talking to LVMPD police near the entrance of the a local Vons supermarket, located at Twain and Maryland Pkwy. The very frustrated man was explaining to two the Metro officers that he had recently reported a break in at his house and that his camera was stolen during that break in.

Apparently, that day he saw an ad on Craigslist in which the thief was selling his camera and he had set up a meeting at a Taco Bell in the same parking lot as the Vons. The detectives he had reported the break in to didn’t show up for that meeting and he ended up having to buy his own camera back, which you can see in his hand in the video.

Then when he saw two Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department officers he ran over to tell them about the thieves, who were still at the Taco Bell at the time. Instead of going over to arrest the thieves and get his money back, they scolded him for “doing it himself” and told him to call the detectives. In the meantime, the thief escaped and drove off with the man’s money.

At the end of the video, he stops after being asked to discuss what just happened. He then explains that he had received no help from the detectives he reported the robbery to and (obviously) no help from the two cops he had just spoken too, either.

Robberies are fairly common and it can be very difficult to find the thieves involved or locate the stolen items, so the fact that they didn’t initially institute a citywide search is pretty understandable. However, when the victim of that crime does that investigation himself and presents you with both of those pieces of information, one would think it’s not unreasonable for them to help them retrieve their property safely and even punish someone guilty of a real crime.

It certainly is not reasonable for the Heroes driving around with “protect and serve” written on the side of their expensive tax funded vehicles to blow that victim off and even scold them for locating the person responsible for stealing their property.

Way to “partner with the community.”

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