Per the Youtube description:

“John Oliver discusses the systems in place to investigate and hold police officers accountable for misconduct.”

This video put out by the HBO comedy/news satire show “Last Week Tonight,” hosted by comedian John Oliver, has been out for a minute and has been seen over five million times already on Youtube alone. However, it should be seen by everyone else on this planet. So, I’m posting it here and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Although it is fairly long at just under twenty minutes, Oliver makes quite a few points about the “systems in place” to hold police officers accountable during the video. As has been pointed out here at the CopBlock Network time and time and time and time again, those systems are incredibly ineffective and oftentimes are in reality a part of the problem in the first place.

Since police are allowed to judge themselves and usually dependent on the mythical “Good Cop” to hold those “Bad Applesmaking the other one percent of the department look bad accountable, it’s set up for failure from the start. And the worst kept secret on this and several other planets is that if they aren’t set up intentionally to facilitate that “failure” they are manipulated by police “leadership” to ensure that, at worst, police receive a very minor slap on the wrist for acts of misconduct, rather than any sort of legitimate and true punishment.

That holds true regardless of how obvious and even deadly that misconduct might be. In fact, corruption is effectively rewarded in many cases and across police departments nationwide. The tolerance and even encouragement of criminal behavior by cops, including things that would get a normal citizen a lengthy prison sentence if they committed such crimes, has spawned an outright gang culture within police departments.

Additionally, much like the well documented tactics of the Catholic Church, even when that slap on the wrist extends to a police officer actually being fired, they are simply able to move to another department, many times even within the same city, and continue abusing and preying upon citizens. In fact, it’s such a common act that there’s a name for it: “Gypsy Cops.”

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