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The reader who submitted this describes how police showed up after receiving a report that they were feeling suicidal and then “helped” by beating, tasing, and arresting them. As a result, they now stand accused of assault on a police officer, even though they maintain that the police officers involved hit them first (and are never shown hitting or attempting to hit the police in the video).

Date of Incident: February 21, 2016
Officer Involved: Officer Kyle Wilkerson
Department Involved: McKinney (TX) Police Department
Department Phone No.: (972) 547-2700

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I had been going through a divorce and really was down. Actually, I thought I was done. My brother found out from my ex that I was suicidal and called the cops on me.

I blacked out for most of this part of the story, but these are the parts I remember. The cop pulled me over in my driveway. He asked me to put my hands out of the car, which I did and proceeded to get out. He said I hear you need some help and I said no I’m good and tried to go inside. Then he grabbed my hand and I tried to pull away. The rest is in the video and somehow I have an assault on an officer charge pending.

The reasons I’m sharing this is since the video obviously shows I did not hit the officer, why should I have to pay for a lawyer to take care of this. I’m still trying to get on my feet from the divorce. Secondly, this has to stop. Police can not just do what they want. We need better godliness for that. What if I or that officer would have gotten hurt worse that night. What if by that officer treating me that way it pushed me that last little bit.

This is the second time Mckinney has been on video for this. How is it they are a number one city?

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