Somehow yet another Bad Apple was able to hide his rotteness from all the Good Cops working with him every day until he attained the rank of sheriff. However, the secret is finally out for Sheriff Cody L. Morris of Stanton County, Kansas.

Morris is accused of assaulting a “family member” named Kristy Morris (presumably his wife or girlfriend), restraining her against her will, and the criminal damaging of property. Although not many details have been released, according to the arrest report embedded below, the property damage consisted of Sheriff Morris smashing up a bunch of plates and dishes.

Via the Green City Telegram:

Stanton County Sheriff Cody Morris was arrested Aug. 28 on an allegation of domestic violence.

According to Kansas Bureau of Investigation special agent Bruce Miller, Stanton County Sheriff’s deputies arrested Morris, 604 W. Grant St., Johnson City, at 8:30 p.m. Aug. 28 at his residence.

According to Miller, Morris was taken to the Grant County Jail in Ulysses, where he was held on $1,000 bail.

Grant County Sheriff Lance Babcock said Morris posted bail within 24 hours of his arrest and was released.

Employees of the Stanton County Sheriff’s Office declined to comment about the arrest Thursday and referred all questions to the KBI, which is handling the investigation to avoid a conflict of interest.

“The local officers did the initial arrest on the alleged incident. Then they requested our assistance, since it was the sheriff,” Miller said.

Miller said the case is being handled by the Kansas Attorney General’s office at the request of the Stanton County Attorney’s office.

Click on image to enlarge it and read the complaint.
Click on image to enlarge it and read the complaint.

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