The video and description included within this post was shared with the Cop Block Network by Marcus Potter, via the Submissions Page. Marcus has previously submitted videos of himself filming the police in London and the negative reactions that they have had toward him. Those earlier posts can be found here.

In this particular video, Marcus is initially confronted by a female police officer while filming outside the Whitehall, London police station. After he refuses to speak to her, she calls for another (male) police officer. That officer, PC David Gibbs, soon arrives and also confronts Mr. Potter, telling him not to film him.

Eventually, PC Gibbs hits Marcus’ camera causing it to stop recording, before he restarts it. He then is assaulted by a emplyee at the police headquarters. In addition, the original female police officer soon emerges from the headquarters armed with a semi-automatic rifle, which tells you just how much the London police fear being filmed.

Date of Incident: June 27, 2016
Officers Involved: PC David Gibbs 2004, PC 284 and Police Sgt. Boyce 2154
Department Involved: Ministry of Defence Police

I was video recording the main MOD building in Whitehall, London and a female Ministry of Defence (MOD) Police officer, PC 284 who was standing in front of it. She briefly questioned me and informed me that she is not allowed to be filmed. I refused to speak to her, at which point she radioed for another MOD Police officer, PC David Gibbs 2004 to come and speak to me.

He and PC 284 approached me and whilst doing so asked if I was alright a few times, to which I replied that I was. He then asked me to “please don’t point that at me.” I replied that I would not stop filming or point the camera away from him.

At this point, he then forcibly knocked my camera phone out of my hand and switched it off. Fortunately, I was holding onto it indirectly via its case. Because of this I was able to easily pick it up and no damage was caused to it.

I then moved the camera down, but continued filming PC Gibbs. I informed him what I was doing. In spite of that, he repeatedly asked me what I was doing. I then informed him that I would not be saying anything further to him.

At this point, PC Gibbs and PC 284 walked away from me and PC Gibbs went back into the building. I then moved the camera to show the position of the bollards so that my viewers could see that I was not standing on MOD property, but was in fact standing on a public footpath.

I continued filming for a few minutes and at some point a man who worked in the building approached me, got his mobile phone out from his pocket and took a photograph of me before telling me to “fuck off”.

I refused and he was then spoken to by PC 284 about his behaviour. He then walked away from her. PC 284 then said to him “sir” in order to signal his attention. He ignored her and then approached me before simultaneously throwing a punch to my stomach and saying to me “fuck off dickhead”.

The officer then approached him and asked him to walk back into the building with her. He obliged and was at no point arrested. As if that weren’t bad enough I remember overhearing a comment that he made to PC 284, specifically that he had a child to collect from school.

Two civilians then confronted me and the second one threatened to get the police. PC Gibbs returned, this time armed with a sub-machine gun. Eventually, Police Sergeant Boyce 2154 from the MOD came out of the building, PS Boyce approached and carried out a stop and account on me. I used this as an opportunity to report the second assault before going on my way.

– Marcus Potter

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