The video and description within this post were shared with the CopBlock Network by Miles Miller Thompson, via the Submissions Page.

Thompson describes in the post what happened prior to the video showing a man identified in the description as “Jimmy P” being arrested by officers from the Buffalo Police Department. In addition, describes the demeanor and behavior of the Buffalo police officers who arrested Jimmy after telling a bunch of adults they had to go home, presumably because the cops had decided it was past their bed time. That demeanor is also pretty evident in the video itself.

During the time they are arresting Jimmy, the sergeant states, “you’re acting very disorderly tonight.” That is, of course, cop speak for “you said something to us that we didn’t like, so we’re going to use one of our throw away charges to teach you a lesson by arresting you even though you didn’t commit any actual crime.”

All of the officers involved also refused to identify themselves, although you can see the name tag of the female officer, L. McGrath, during the video. One of the other officers, none of whom are wearing name tags states that his name is “Lieutenant Cop.”

Date of Incident: September 9, 2016
Officers Involved: Officer L. McGrath, “Lieutenant Cop”
Department Involved: Buffalo Police Department
Department Phone No.: (716) 851-4444
Internal Affairs Phone No.: (716) 851-4557

The young man in the video with the glasses and long blonde hair was at Jim Steak-Out after returning from a club. As he got finished conducting business, he was standing in the gated storefront area. There was also a crowed in front of the restaurant that had food.

A Buffalo police sergeant yelled to the crowd that they had to get out of here and that it was time to go. This was at 3:16am.

The crowd standing on the street initially paid the officer no attention. So, he repeated himself and started to yell louder. At that point, everyone started to walk away. In the process of walking away, the young man with the blonde hair and glasses yelled back saying, “we are eating our, food leave us alone.” After that, he continued to say other things.

As the young man was walking down the street, the cop made a u-turn without turning on his emergency signals. He then grabbed the young man and put him in handcuffs without telling him what he was being arrested for. The young man also stated that he did not consent to any searches or seizures.

I need help to spread de-escalation training to officers around the United States. Because in this particular incident it did not have to go as far as they took it.

– Miles Miller Thompson

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