The video above and the description included below were shared with the CopBlock Network by Timothy Wagner, via the Submissions Page.

In the video Timothy submitted, he is stopped and illegally detained by a Michigan State Police trooper (it’s hard to hear in the video, but his name sounds like “Dupontz” he has now been identified as Kris Douponce – see update below) while waiting for a ride to work near his house. According to the officer illegally accosting him, the justification for this detention is that he seems suspicious because he is standing near the road and looked at him as he passed by. Apparently, (once again according to the trooper making the stop) this is a sign of criminal behavior.

In addition, while in the process of harassing someone standing on their own private property and not committing any crime whatsoever, the trooper conducts an illegal seizure of his wallet by grabbing it from him and then illegally searches it to find out his identity after Timothy has exercised his Constitutional right to remain silent. Since this trooper has no legal right to detain him, Timothy is in no way obligated to provide his identity to the trooper.

The trooper uses the excuse that he’s just doing his job to justify his illegal actions. He also claims that he has the right to stop anyone “until I determine you aren’t doing anything illegal.” In reality, he is obligated to have a reasonable belief that someone has committed a crime or are about to commit a crime in order to stop them. During the video, Timothy states that he is going to file a complaint against this trooper for his improper behavior. Hopefully, he did or will be doing so soon.

Date of Incident: June 24, 2016 (2:34 pm)
Officer Involved: Trooper Kris Douponce – Badge #1486 – Car #5423
Department involved: Michigan State Police
Department Facebook Page: Michigan State Police on Facebook
Department Twitter Profile: Michigan State Police on Twitter
Department Instagram Account: Michigan State Police on Instagram
Department YouTube Account: Michigan State Police on YouTube
Department Phone No.: (269) 657-6081

It was a warm and  sunny June afternoon on a Friday. I was waiting at the end of my private drive for my ride to work. At that point,  I noticed a state boy (sic) pass by and so I looked at him. Moments later, I saw he was headed back my way. Then he continued until he turned onto my drive.

The YouTube video included shows what happened from that point. My Fourth Amendment rights were violated, supposedly because I was being suspicious by standing next to the road.

I felt helpless in this situation. Also, I was scared and confused…

– Timothy Wagner

Michigan State Police Trooper Kris Douponce
Award Winning Michigan State Police Trooper Kris Douponce (second from the left)

Update: After this post was originally published it was suggested within the comments that the police officer seen in the video violating Mr. Wagner’s rights is Michigan State Police Trooper Kris Douponce. I later confirmed via the photo included to the right that it is in fact him.

Trooper Douponce is a 22 year veteran of the MSP and apparently a highly decorated member of the department. In that photo (found on Facebook), you can see him being given the “Officer of the Year” award in 2012.

It kinda makes you wonder how the other cops within the Michigan State Police behave toward citizens, when their “Officer of the Year” so blatantly and without displaying even the most common level of respect violates the rights of a man who had done absolutely nothing except stand on his own property waiting for a ride to work.

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