The video above and the description contained in the following post was shared with the CopBlock Network by Marcus Potter, via the Submissions Page.

In the video, Marcus is filming an incident in which he says a group of cops from the London Metropolitan Police are using force against someone they arresting. Soon he is interfered with by someone that feels it is their “duty” protect the police from having their violent behavior exposed and who soon (not surprisingly for Cop-Lovers) exhibits their own aggressive and threatening behavior.

Of course, one of the mantras of the Cop-lover is that police are such Heroes that they would even protect the rights of those who criticize them. However, as is shown in this and every other instance in which they’ve had an opportunity to exhibit that heroic behavior they do nothing of the sort and oftentimes actually do the opposite.

Instead of telling the person assaulting this man for simply and legally filming them to back off, they play the “I see nothing!” game. Then later, when Marcus swears back at the person, they suddenly spring into action, physically restraining him “for his own safety” and asking him what his problem is.

Date of Incident: July 16, 2016
Officers Involved: Police Constable 227GD Ahmed, Police Sergeant 18GD, PC 450GD Wilkins
Department Involved: London Metropolitan Police
Department Phone No.: +442072301212

I was standing peacefully filming an incident in which cops were roughing an arrested person up. I crossed the road and it became all the more apparent to the arresting officers that I was filming. At that point, they then ceased with the use of force and began giving him first aid.

A man stood in front of me to stop me from filming. I stepped away to avoid him, but he followed me saying, “don’t film that shit.” I calmly replied that I am well within my rights to do so. He proceeded to insult me, touch me, and swear continuously.

Officers then thanked him for his actions. When I politely told him to go away, he ignored that request. I approached the two police officers, PC 450GD Wilkins and PS 18GD to inform them of the fact. PS 18GD was the officer who engaged with me. She told me that she couldn’t do anything because she didn’t witness it. She then refused to provide her name or other details on request and walked away.

I also walked away and the male again began swearing at me, at which point I told him to go away again. He refused to do so and I swore back at him. I was then accused of “winding him up” and asked by PC 227GD Ahmed “What is your problem?” – to which I reply that I haven’t got a problem apart from autism, which this fucking cunt has an issue with. PC Ahmed then grabbed me by my left arm and came close to pushing me against a wall and PS 18GD also grabbed me by my right arm.

PS 18GD started talking to me, explaining that she has only restrained me for my own safety and asking me if I am going to calm down. I replied that I will as long as this cunt (the man who was harassing me earlier) leaves me alone, to which PC Wilkins replies that he has gone and that “I’ve told him to go.” PC Ahmed also says that he has gone, at which point both him and PS 18GD let go of me. PC Ahmed immediately walked away and PS 18GD shook her head at me before turning around.

Neither officer showed any concern for my welfare after assaulting me and they soon got in their van and drove off without asking me if I wanted to make a complaint about the man who was harassing me earlier.

– Marcus Potter

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