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Update (4:43am EST): A fourth suspect is reported dead of a self inflicted gunshot. “Suspiscious devices” discovered in parking garage where standoff happened.

Update (3:45am EST): A fifth cop has died.

Update (2:47am EST): Mark Hughes, man identified as “person of interest” had no connection to shooters. Complained that he could have been shot, was lied to about them having photos of him shooting a gun during interrogation, and received no apology or public declaration that he was innocent.  (See video within twitter post embedded below.)

Update (1:22am EST): Bystander video released of cop being shot by one of the suspects. (Embedded at top of post.)

Update: Reportedly Two gunman have now been captured and the “person of interest” has turned himself in.

Details are a little unclear right now, but there has been a shooting at an anti-police brutality protest in Dallas. At first it was reported that two cops were shot, but that has since been changed to 11 cops being shot and four of them having been killed.

Apparently there were at least two shooters and possibly three, who shot at police from a distance sniper style. Based on videos taken at the time of the shooting, they were armed with rifles, which sounded like semi-automatic fire and at least one was wearing body armor.

Reportedly, one was “neutralized” while the another (the one with body armor) is currently involved in a standoff with other police at the scene. A third has been identified as a “person of interest,” although it’s not yet clear what his status is.

Video of cop being shot on street:

Man named as “person of interest” not connected to shootings:

Below is a statement from the Dallas Police Department Via Twitter:

Below are videos and related social media posts compiled by the website BreakingNewsBlast.com:

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