The following post and video was shared with the CopBlock Network by Charles M. Waters, via the Cop Block Submissions Page.

Along with the video description, Charles states:

I would love if everyone could spread, embed, and post my video. I am also trying to get a crowd funding campaign going to pay for my attorney, to take this fight to THEM.

Date of incident: March 27th, 2016
Officers Involved: Officer Newbury,  Badge #147; Officer Kirchner, Badge # 131; Officer Madson, Badge #85
Department Involved: Coon Rapids Police Department
Phone No.: (763) 767-6481
Address: 11155 Robinson Dr NW, Coon Rapids, MN 55433

I never participate in “receipt verification”, and previously have never had a problem. I have a real issue (apparently due to autism) with my privacy and property, and never felt OK with having to submit anything I own to “inspection”. I feel that if a store wishes to treat paying customers like assumed criminals, they have no business being in business.

So on this date, I had already given my receipt four times to three different people just to get my merchandise. I showed my receipt AND proof I actually picked up my merchandise, to the gate guard. He insisted I open my trunk, but I refused. He said “You could have anything you want in that trunk”, to which I asked if he had any evidence I took anything I did not pay for.

They refused to open the gate, so I called police as I was being falsely imprisoned at this point. Police arrived, and although I was the complainant, they only spoke with the manager of the store. Then they demanded I open my trunk. I refused. They said they would get a warrant, I invited them to do so.

Instead, they searched me, THEN handcuffed me and placed me in a squad car. I was told that they would just leave me there and I would not be let out until I complied with a search they could not get a warrant for. Then they went after my wife, told her neither of us would leave “today” until she opened the trunk. She reluctantly complied, out of fear they would do the same to her.

Whatever you may think of what I should or should not do with respect to opening my trunk, these facts remain:

  1. I had not committed any crime, nor had I even been ACCUSED of one.
  2. I was the one calling to report a crime that Menards was, in fact, committing against ME, and all the elements of that crime were readily apparent to officers.
  3. They said they would get a warrant, but they knew they could NOT.
  4. Knowing that they could not get a warrant, they caused deliberate harm to compel us to do something they could not lawfully accomplish.
  5. Upon being proven innocent, of a crime no one accused, I was deliberately assaulted without any cause or reason.

The Chief of Police has said in so many words his officers actions were appropriate and within the confines of the Constitution.
They can literally just cuff you and put you in a squad car, and threaten to keep you and your wife from your children indefinitely, when they can’t get a warrant. They can “compel” you to “comply”.

Here is where you can tell the arresting officer how you feel.
Coon Rapids Police Department

And feel free to review the police derp-artment here:
Coon Rapids Police Department – Reviews

– Charles M. Waters

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