This post and the video above were shared with the CopBlock Network anonymously by a reader who prefers to use the pseudonym “Carrollton Speed Tax,” via the Submissions page.

It shows why people should never talk to the police even if they act nice and offer to put sugar on top of stuff. In the end, even if they are good at acting friendly in the process, they are talking to you in order to gather evidence and find a reason to arrest you.

In this particular case, the person in the video was arrested for a “paraphernalia” charge. Such charges are incredibly broad and vague in what can be considered a prohibited item and subjective to the officers involved. Plus, they’re pure bullshit in the first place. The War on (Some) Drugs is predicated on victimless crimes and this is one “crime” that goes well beyond even that low bar.

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Date of Incident: February 28, 2016
Officers Involved: Officer Smith, Officer Bright, Officer Smyder & K9
Department Involved: Carrollton (TX) Police Department
Department Phone Number: (972) 466-3200
Department Facebook Page: CarrolltonTXPD

Some stops are more frustrating than others. When you see someone digging their own grave, and there’s nothing you can do about it, it’s painful.

This appears to be yet another fishing expedition by Carrollton cops using something trivial to check ID’s, and to find a reason to try to find a way to cage citizens. In this case, they took a BS excuse that they pulled out of a parking lot too fast (WTF is that?), and that was enough to set off a long, world class effort to arrest people.

They tried getting consent without really giving a reason. That failed. They got the K9 in there, and although it appeared to have a coerced “hit”, the dog couldn’t find anything. This probably would have been the end of it, but the simple police tool of being your “friend” and casual conversation was likely their undoing.

Dont Talk to CopsThe most painful thing about this stop is the sheer number of questions being lobbed out there by the cops, and the victims readily answered. The undoing seemed to come after the K9 seemed to fail to find anything. It would seem that this should be the end of the stop (they don’t have unlimited time). So Officer Smith casually asked what might make the dog “hit”, and it looks like the driver gave in……since, you know, it was just a friendly question.

Perp-WalkWith that simple answer, it looks like it went from speculation to admission of guilt. They could take as long as they want now. The rapid fire questioning continued, and they went into heavy search mode. TWO searches, a K9, and a field drug test later, all they had was paraphernalia. Instead of giving him a ticket, they chose to take him in.

Add to that, the cops provided no help to the female passenger, and sent her off into the cold March night alone to make a three hour walk home. Luckily, chivalry isn’t completely dead in Texas.

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