Kelly W. Patterson. editor and local activist, shortly after a hit and run "accident."
Kelly W. Patterson. editor and longtime local activist, shortly after a hit and run “accident.”

A Week of Oddly-Timed “Coincidences”

Two months ago, on March 5th, I was struck by a hit and run driver while walking in downtown Las Vegas. Anybody that’s familiar with Las Vegas traffic knows that in itself isn’t exactly an unusual event. However, a string of incredibly oddly timed and interconnected events surrounding my own incident, including another local activist being hit by a car the previous day, have made many within the local activist community wonder if there wasn’t more to it than just a random car “accident.” In fact, some have even classified it as an assassination attempt by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

Personally, I’m putting this out there because I feel that it’s important that people know about it and that there be a public record of it. Because of my injuries, which included a broken back, and the medication that I was taking for those injuries, it did take me a while to get this written, but once again, I think it is important to get this on the record. Not unlike other issues involving Cop Block related activities, when those activities make you a target, visibility and transparency are important not just to ensure accountability but to provide protection for those involved. I really don’t want to see any other “coincidences” happen to any of my friends or other activists within the Las Vegas area and making it public makes it difficult for it to happen again without people connecting the dots.

This account is rather long, but I don’t think I could have condensed it much more and still shown all the various connections and commonalities between the incidents of the week in question and the past two years that establish the possible motives and “likely suspects.” To make things a a little easier to follow, I did create a timeline that lays out most of those connections in a visual manner, which you can find a thumbnail to below.

A Timeline of Events Surrounding the Week of Oddly Timed “Coincidences”

Click for a larger, more readable version
Click for a larger, more readable version

That week actually consisted of four separate incidents involving members or associates of Nevada Cop Block and the Sunset Activist Collective (a local activist group that several members of NV Cop Block also belong to). All four of those involved members with ties to anti-police brutality activism, in general, and protests using chalk, in particular. That detail is fairly significant because last August the LVMPD dedicated an entire task force and two months of their time to investigate, charge, and arrest four people (the “Sunset 4“), including myself, for conducting chalk protests relating to police killings in the Las Vegas area and the lack of accountability for questionable shootings or even several that amount to outright murder.

When the cops in Las Vegas kill people their ONLY "punishment" is paid leave.
When the cops in Las Vegas kill people their ONLY “punishment” is paid leave.

The first of these incidents, on March 4th, 2014, was when one of the “Sunset 4” arrestees was stopped by Metro police for the rather arbitrary reasoning of supposedly following the car in front of her too closely. To further complicate this incident, just prior to the stop, she had dropped off Ballentine, who had also been among those of us arrested in August of 2013, prior to being stopped.

During the stop, the cops brought up the fact that she had been arrested for chalking and questioned her about her involvement in protesting. At the time, it was considered harassing, but because it was the first incident, it was assumed that they had just noticed the arrest on her record and wasn’t widely believed to be a targeted act.

Later that same evening, the second incident took place, this time involving local activist Jen Harney, who had organized a widely publicized protest shortly after the chalking arrests. Similar to my own incident, while crossing the street downtown she was hit by a car. Later, it was determined that the person driving the car she was hit by was not only an ex-cop, but that he currently works for a company that sells weapons and equipment to police departments.

The very next night, on March 5th, I was walking to the bank down Charleston near Las Vegas Blvd. As I (legally) crossed 8th street, a car made a right turn off of Charleston, ran into me, and kept going. During the collision, I suffered a concussion, and as is often the case in accidents, I don’t remember much beyond the initial point where I saw the car was going to hit me. However, I do have some hazy memories of afterwards and I’m pretty certain that the car didn’t make any effort to stop at all.

Finally, the last incident happened two days later on March 7th, 2014, during a “First Friday” art festival, which is held every month in downtown Las Vegas. Once again, this involved Jen, who was holding the official grand opening for a gallery and art supply store she owns. Late in the evening, a group of uniformed LVMPD officers came to the store.

While there, they displayed no actual interest in shopping, but instead stood together outside looking through the window. Soon after, they approached the doorway and again just stood watching as Jen’s partner, who is not particularly involved in activism, spoke to some customers. She asked them if there was anything she could help them with and subsequently asked them if they would like her to give them a tour of the gallery. They refused both those requests and continued for some time behaving in a way that made her feel very “freaked out” and intimidated, in general.

The Connections

Metro Doesn't Like When people Bring Attention to All Those Murders
Metro Doesn’t Like When People Bring Attention to All Those Murders

As previously stated, taken separately none these incidents are particularly unusual in Las Vegas. Even those clearly involving intimidation and harassment are pretty standard behavior for Las Vegas area police departments. While it gets a little more suspicious, even the two incidents involving people being run down by cars within less than 24 hours could conceivably just be wild coincidences. However, taken as a whole and factoring in all the common connections paints these as a rather unlikely and most oddly timed set of “coincidences.”

First of all, as has already been pointed out, all four of the incidents involved someone with both a connection to anti-police brutality protests and the previous chalking arrests. Secondly, three of those four incidents involved obvious, direct, and provable connections to the police and even to the LVMPD. The lone exception to that is the hit and run against me, in which the driver has not been identified. Thirdly, the limited time frame itself casts suspicion on the randomness of these events. All four of these incidents happened within a 96 hour period and three of the four took place within 24 hours of each other.

Expanding beyond that, there are even more common connections than those simple, obvious ones. On February 14th, 2014 officers from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) abused and subsequently murdered a man after cyclists called 911 to report that he was attempting to flag people down and appeared to be in need of assistance by Red Rock Canyon, just north of Las Vegas, and instead of offering that assistance they sent police to arrest him. In response, members of Nevada Cop Block conducted a protest involving chalking at the headquarters of the Nevada Highway Patrol, which had also had an employee present at the shooting, a few days later.

This particular protest took place roughly two weeks prior to the beginning of the four incidents. In addition, an undercover police officer in an unmarked vehicle was parked across from the NHP headquarters when those taking apart arrived, even though it hadn’t been announced publicly until about thirty minutes before it was scheduled to take place. This clearly shows that the police are still closely monitoring (the justification for those earlier illegal arrests involved surveillance by the LVMPD, both online and in person, which was detailed in the arrest reports) the activities of NVCB and the Sunset Activist Collective.

Yet another “coincidence” is that these incidents all took place during the week prior to the second Saturday of the month. This is significant because “Second Saturdays” are the days on which the regular monthly anti-police brutality protests that lead to the arrests for writing things the cops didn’t like with chalk are typically held. And a protest at the headquarters of the BLM was in fact scheduled for that day, although it was postponed by one day (see below) due to the four incidents that week.

The Motives and Previous Examples of Retaliation

Arrested for drawing with Chalk
Arrested for drawing with Chalk

There are no shortage of clear motives for Las Vegas police to go after members of Nevada Cop Block and the Sunset Activist Collective. Members, both individually and as a group, have a long history of being very active within local grassroots organizations. This has often involved acts of civil disobedience and many times has involved direct criticism of the police and their historical lack of accountability. After the murder of Stanley Gibson in December of 2011, a regular, sustained pattern of such protests began.

Metro showed their willingness to engage in retaliation and intimidation against those who would dare to criticize them and their policies by engaging in a targeted and concerted effort to justify arresting us on trumped up charges. Not only did they attempt to characterize drawing with chalk as a graffiti crime, but they also threw in the old standby for “stacking” charges of conspiring to commit the non-crime. In order to do so, they created an actual task force dedicated to investigating, charging, and arresting some people writing stuff with chalk. Also, as detailed in the police arrest reports, they engaged in surveillance of those they wished to arrest. This included monitoring of online and social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc), as well as actual, physical surveillance.

Additionally, even the bogus graffiti charges only allowed for a citation to be issued, which the city had already refused to prosecute, unless the “damage” caused amounted to more than $250. So, in order to arrest the “Sunset 4” they had to convince the county District Attorney to actually prosecute it and they had to inflate the clean-up costs for something that throwing a little water on would remove. All of that (once again) was for some people writing stuff with chalk on sidewalks.

Not surprisingly, there was a rather large uproar within the community once the ridiculousness of the charges and the outrageous $1550 clean up bill was made public. This led to the charges being dropped shortly after and was yet another in a long string of embarrassing incidents that would eventually lead to Clark County Sheriff Gillespie announcing that he would not be running for office again in the upcoming election. The story also got picked up by the AP and received national press coverage, which had the inverse effect of shining a bright light on all the questionable killings and complete lack of accountability toward them that we had been protesting in the first place and which they were trying to intimidate us into not bringing attention to.

Political Prisoners
Political Prisoners

Those arrests were, of course, not the first time Metro has abused their authority or retaliated against someone. In a pretty well publicized incident, they came to the house of the widow of a man they murdered and held her brother hostage until she agreed to allow them to search that house in an (unsuccessful) attempt to find a weapon or some other incriminating evidence to justify their killing of him. Another well known case involves a woman who was arrested while appearing in Family Court after she reported having been sexually assaulted by one of the marshals working at the court. Similarly, a Las Vegas Constable was recently placed under investigation for stalking and sexually harassing a woman and then shooting her dog when she refused his advances. In yet another case, the lawyer for a group of bikers involved in a harassment lawsuit against Metro was himself arrested.

The LVMPD doesn’t limit themselves to retaliating against and harassing everyday citizens, either. It was recently reported by a former Metro captain that the top brass within the LVMPD held an internal meeting to coordinate an effort to dig up dirt on Clark County Commission Chairman Steve Sisolak. The reason that they wanted to do so was in order to discredit him after he opposed a proposal to raise Las Vegas area sales taxes to finance the hiring of additional cops (more on that later).

Why Would They Come After Me Specifically?

Pointing at Gillespie

This is something that people not familiar with local police issues and the people involved in those issues might ask. One of the more obvious reasons why I would be chosen is a simple matter of convenience. I’m pretty well known around town for being an avid bike rider and prior to being injured I rode on the average about three hundred miles a week between commuting and recreational group rides. So, if you were going to pick someone to target with a car “accident,” picking the guy who’s on a bike in traffic at least two or three hours every day is a pretty easy choice to make.

However, anyone familiar with Nevada Cop Block‘s and my own actions over the past two years probably already has a pretty good idea of the deeper reasons. I founded shortly after Officer Jesus Arevalo, who was at that time an employee of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police department, murdered (on video) a friend of mine from high school, named Stanley Gibson, on December 12, 2011. While I had been involved for quite a while in activism and anti-governmental abuse issues locally and informally with Cop Block on a national level, this unnecessary, and in my opinion intentional, killing of an innocent, unarmed person that I actually knew made things personal for me.

During the arrest that has already been discussed there were several indicators that things soon became personal toward me for the cops, as well. Not only were several references made to Cop Block or “that Cop Block guy” by people during our booking, but I personally overheard a phone call (once again during booking) in which one of the members of the task force they created to arrest us stated “we got Kelly.” The fact that he mentioned me by name shows that there was some effort to target me personally. (I was actually rather pleased that they displayed such an awareness of Cop Block, since I think it’s important that they know we’re watching them and it showed that we were doing an effective job.)

At the same time, the LVMPD and their lobbyists within the Clark County government were busy undoing reforms that had been created to address the glaring lack of accountability that the much criticized Coroner’s Inquest process allowed. They were, in fact, working to replace those reforms with a new system for reviewing police fatalities that was even worse and less transparent than the original Coroner’s Inquests that had failed to hold even one single cop accountable for shooting someone, even when that person was unarmed and/or completely innocent in the entire history of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Departments' Pathetic History of "Accountability"
The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Departments’ Pathetic History of “Accountability”

Knowing that they intended to ensure Stanley Gibson would join Erik Scott, Trevon Cole, Orlando Barlow, and Henry Rowe on the long list of people blatantly murdered by local police for which no accountability would be afforded or even pursued. I and others involved with Nevada Cop Block and the Sunset Activist Collective began staging demonstrations against the circumvention of the inquest reforms and police brutality, in general. This soon evolved into regularly scheduled protests held every “Second Saturday” of the month and came to include writing with chalk as a regular method of exposing police abuses and paying tribute to their victims.

This continued for about nine months before police first tried to intimidate us by issuing us citations for writing on sidewalks with chalk that is specifically sold for the purpose of writing on sidewalks. While those bogus tickets were never even filed, they set into motion the chain of events that led to the even more bogus arrests about two months later. That in turn led to even more embarrassment for Metro after public outrage at the ridiculousness of the charges and inflated clean up costs required to justify them led to those charges being quickly dropped.

MoreCopsFlyerShortly after that, Sheriff Gillespie announced amidst an almost constant barrage of scandals involving the LVMPD that he would no longer be seeking reelection for the next term, but that he would instead be putting his full efforts into passing the “More Cops” tax, which would increase the county sales taxes in order to fund the hiring of additional cops, and that getting it passed would be considered his legacy as sheriff.

Lines Out the Door Against "More Cops"
Lines Out the Door Against “More Cops”

I don’t normally get very involved in the formal political process because it usually amounts to nothing more than a waste of time and resources that could be better spent elsewhere. However, partly because of my desire to connect with and support some very cool people and groups that had supported me while I was in jail and partly because it presented me with an opportunity to bring even more public attention to Metro’s abuses and personally confront those enabling and even encouraging it, such as Sheriff Gillespie and Las Vegas Police Union spokesman Chris Collins, I did become very involved in the fight against the More Cops tax.

Although they kept trying to bring it back hoping to outlast the opposition, ultimately Sheriff Gillespie’s “signature proposal” was defeated and in the process those that spoke out against it were able to bring a lot of attention to the waste and abuses within the LVMPD. Our “graffiti” arrests and the inflated clean up costs used to justify them, were often cited as examples of both those things. During the first time I spoke against the tax, a picture of me pointing at Sheriff Gillespie and calling his decision to refuse a recommendation to fire a cop that had shot an unarmed man because he thought his hat was a gun disgraceful was posted in the local paper as part of the coverage of the Commission’s vote against it.

Also by chance, during the public comments for the final vote a few months later, when the tax was ultimately defeated (until the next sheriff gets into office and brings it back), I actually ended up at the podium at the same time Chris Collins, head of the Las Vegas Police Protective Association – the police union – and was able to reference a previous comment he had made that all the money being wasted and all the people being wrongfully killed “had nothing to do” with the More Cops tax.


That'd be great Metro
That’d be great Metro

Those two instances of public defiance of the two biggest mob bosses in the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, along with the ongoing protests and the public embarrassment caused by their previous attempts to bully us into stopping with citations and arrests, would by themselves be enough motive for someone to want to send a message to members of Nevada Cop Block and the Sunset Activist Collective and to want to personally retaliate and try to intimidate me. As was shown by their plan to discredit Clark County Commission Chairman Sisolak, the defeat of the tax increase that was so coveted was enough to make them want to strike back at those involved in opposing it.

Furthermore, their attempts to have us arrested and jailed for four years (contrary to the single year that was widely reported, we actually potentially faced one year for each of the four charges against us) for drawing on a side walk with something that would take a couple minutes to clean up with some water and a broom (and in fact didn’t need to be cleaned up unless someone didn’t want people reading the things written about them), shows their vindictiveness toward us.

Even with all of those reasons to potentially want to go after NVCopBlock in general and myself in particular, it might still seem a bit farfetched that they would actually try to assassinate me with a car. In fact, I hadn’t been on the look for that sort of tactic and wasn’t entirely convinced it was the case until after the “First Friday” incident, simply because it’s so incredibly easy for Las Vegas area police to get away with murder that I always figured if they wanted to come after us they would just shoot at us.

This Offer Still Stands
This Offer Still Stands

However, within the past few days a story surfaced in which a Muslim that the FBI was trying to pressure into becoming an informant actually recorded a federal agent warning him that he “might get hit by a car.” So it’s not exactly a foreign concept to them.

For decades, law enforcement agencies have employed “COINTELPRO” type programs to intimidate, falsely imprison, disrupt, and even kill activists and members of activist groups. On a federal level, the FBI used such tactics against MLK, Malcolm X, Jerry Rubin, Fred Hampton (who was drugged by a police informant and then murdered by Chicago police in his sleep), and even Albert Einstein, based primarily on their political activities and perceived threat to the power that those in authority at the time held. On a side note, while I don’t actually suspect that the Feds were involved in our incidents, someone self-identifying as a member of military intelligence did show up to our chalking actions at the Regional Injustice Center, one of the actions for which we were later arrested.

The “Aftermath” – AKA: Did It Work?

Not gonna Stop
Not Gonna Stop

If that question is taken literally, then it did almost work. As a result of the hit and run, I suffered a pretty severe concussion, a very badly bruised shoulder, and worst of all a compression fracture to my spine (which necessitated the ridiculously uncomfortable brace in the picture at the top of this article that I had to wear nonstop, including while sleeping, for an entire week). While I’m much better and at this point it’s just a matter of some residual pain, I am still recovering from that broken back two months later. I’m also quite certain that had I been hit even a fraction of a second earlier and been more to the center of the car, rather than toward the right corner, I probably would have been killed rather than injured.

However, since I wasn’t killed, the answer is an unequivocal no. If anything it makes me more determined to expose them for the criminals they truly are. Not only did they not intimidate me into stopping, the “Second Saturday” protest that we had scheduled to bring attention to D’Andre Berghardt Jr., the person the BLM murdered out by Red Rock Canyon in February, 2014, went on as planned with just a one day postponement to Sunday. Personally, I think that the fact they felt they needed to take me out just shows that what we’ve been doing is working and getting to them. Plus, I think we owe it to the people that have been murdered in the past without any justice or accountability to keep at it.

Although, both the arrests and the recent incidents have actually caused some of the people who originally came to our demonstrations to back off, the LVMPD and other Las Vegas area police departments can count on the fact that I won’t be going away anytime soon and nothing they do will ever be enough to intimidate or scare me away from demanding true accountability from them.

Still chalking

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  1. Here’s an incomplete list of just some of the dirty tricks that dishonest police officers have been known to use on those who dare to stand up to them:

    * Simple death threats against you or your family.

    * Using their junkie informants to damage your property, like smashing your car windshield.

    * Throwing used motor oil on your lawn.

    * Planting crack or meth on your person or property, or just showing you some in an attempt to scare you.

    * Filing false charges against you with the DA.

    * Having brother officers stop and run the plate of EVERY SINGLE CAR that visits your house.

    * Writing bogus parking tickets (called “flyers”) and tearing up your copy so they can arrest you and beat the @*&% out of you, then claim YOU assaulted THEM.

    * Filing false complaints about you, your house, your friends, your work and anyone you do business with at any city agency that will harass you on their behalf.

    * Going through your garbage to look for information to use against you.

    * Photographing you and your friends to intimidate you.

    * Refusing to take reports of crimes against you.

    * Refusing to follow up on complaints.

    * Harassing calls at all hours.

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    1. Author

      It’s pretty short on opinion, except a very small amount in the conclusion, which is what a conclusion generally consists. It does have quite a lot of very necessary information. If it’s too much of a chore for you to read something, then we’ll manage without you.

  4. I told Pete about this when he was visiting the land commonly known as arkansas. He was unaware and I could not find the original story that led me to believe this was an assassination attempt by the lvmp (not capped for lack of respect). Thanks for writing a follow up, now I know I did read something about this and I wasn’t just confusing incidents around the country, lol. Knowing how many incidents there are around the country you can easily understand how one could get confused especially when they can’t find the original story! So yea, I thought I had made a mistake mentioning it to Pete, so thanks for validating, chalking, riding, speaking and doing!
    I feel better knowing that I wasn’t passing on gossip or rumors or false stories!!

    BE well.

    1. Author


      Pete called me and said somebody in Arkansas had told him about it. I appreciate you sharing the word. This is actually the first blog post I’ve done about it. I did post about it on Facebook after a lot of people that heard about it asked me and I wanted to just address it all at once. I would assume that’s were you saw it originally. At the time that i posted about it originally, I was actually a little skeptical about being an intentional act. It was other people that kept questioning if it was just something random. It was really after the “First Friday” incident when I went from “I don’t have any proof they did it, but I wouldn’t be surprised” to “I still can’t really prove it, but this is way too much to be a coincidence.”

      Anyway, thanks again and have a great.

  5. Right on, brother. I am so proud of you.

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    1. Author

      Yeah, I can’t demand people do something they are afraid of doing and people have to access their own acceptable level of risk. However, if everyone stood up and worked together, they wouldn’t be able intimidate people.

      Thanks for your well wishes.

  7. Burghardt fought with multiple cops and then attempted to either steal a cruiser and/or arm himself with the AR that was inside (watch the video).

    A free will decision that cost him his life. He was unbalanced.

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            That’s on you guy….your issue to deal,with. I will do that which I should…what I’ve sworn to do….to protect people from you if I can.

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            Another shows what I believe to be the author….K N E E L I N G at the curb…..writing on the sidewalk with C H I L D R E N S chalk.
            I didn’t:
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          13. can you respond with something other than pretend and gobbledygook really it shows no cars in those pictures and an adult knows how to get out of the way so why is this person driving that way and why are you trying to defend it you were still trying to defend a hit-and-run driver and you call yourself a cop

          14. Ummmmm…clearly this so called “adult” didn’t know how to get out of the way of a car and hence…they got hit. Duh.

          15. Is it not your job to go after hit and run drivers? Does the pedestrian still have the right away in this strange county you seem to be from? Omg t what planet are you on to be a cop and endorse hit and run as a legal act as long as it is a person with long hair. And fits your version of profiling. Does your department know about your online comment? I bet a judge would love to have these comments in his court room to show your mindset to a jury… now officer what is your badge number and department? I demand it.. put up and follow the law or stop making false claims…your comments are under the color of law and if you believe it don’t make a difference then proof up and give your proper credetails.

          16. Guy…what are you smoking?

            Can you not SEE the pretty pictures the the author attached to his story? I make up nothing…there they are….standing, kneeling…writing on the pavement…in he middle of the street.

            As for the rest of that little rant…
            What hate?
            What concern about online content?
            What are you talking about “under color of law?

            You are truly the new king of the idiots.

          17. Huh? You had made the comments about the traffic.. show me the cars zooming by or waiting in the pics. Once more looks more like side walks to me.. still no concern that there is a hit and run driver out there either. So you have little reading comprehention huh. Show me the traffic. And your badge number and name and the jurisdiction you are working for officer. Or shut it down.. your not a cop. Just wannabe. Otherwise you would follow the law. You have been owned by your own comment. I would love to stand in front of a jury and you were the states witness claiming lawful actions. I would show them how you think on these posts and own you again . Be care full I am not the one that trained the activist you would next face in court. That’s how I can tell your not a cop. A officer would have more respect then you do.

          18. What more can I say.

            You guys always demand video and pictures.
            This author posts pictures of himself and his friends writing on the pavement in the middle of the street and you can’t even see that.
            If don’t aren’t bright enough to know that cars travel in the street….well,that’s in you there “special counsel”

            I appreciate that you have finally stopped with that lie and I also am happy that you have stopped trying to confuse people by misquoting/misusing Federal statues when they don’t in anyway apply. I can’t however stop referring to you as “special counsel” as that is among the largest lies ever seen here on Cop Block……and that’s beating out all of the edited videos.

          19. I see you have given up claiming to be a police officer. As for my claims I can stand by them. You still have posted no facts or laws show I g federal laws don’t apply . So with out any fact, law, or cause your personal attacks on those who post here are without merrit but you still serve a purpose to point out the most important things by trying to distract from them

          20. You can add me to that.

          21. “I think I can safely,speak for myself, 31, and Common…”

            LoL! A little obvious there, no?

          22. if you always oppose what i say then does that make you a lier?

          23. You know centurion/ mouse is trying to yank your chain.

          24. Its always amazing what they come up with. I remember reading some conspiracy article about how it was a DEW (direct energy weapon) that brought them down.

          25. You are completely retarded…..

          26. From you its. Cool.

          27. You are completely out of insults.

          28. opps see link above. my comp stores more then a single copy of things didnt notice

          29. ls it fun up-voting your own posts or what?

          30. myth busters fell flat on thier face.. nobody wanted to talk about a shaped charge. lol see the great thermite debate on youtube

          31. that wasn’t myth busters, It was popular mechanics consulting with know experts!

          32. I provided a link

          33. Support your position with science, like I have. Popular provided a link and a list of who was talked to and provided information. Read the section about the buildings and the science behind fires and how it did happen and why. The issue of melted steel is explained by fire experts. People who made a living dealing with this sort of stuff. Not a group of people who’s credentials can’t be verified!

          34. i think someone from MIT would do but your asking for someone that would like to keep their job to speak out. what about the firefighters interviewed and the witnesses? but if you want something tangable here you go. not hard to find and after you see this each can be easy to verify yourself. no better of authority then that needed

          35. How about this simple take on WTC 7 and how the firefighters were not surprised it collapsed.

          36. or this:

            I like how they explained there were no sounds indicating a controlled explosion as there would have been. Video of firefighters near a collapsing tower and guess what, no controlled explosion sounds!

          37. You know that centurion mouse is brainwashed, right?

          38. but why dont you take national geographic and myth busters word for it?

          39. That wasn’t mythbusters.

          40. You didn’t even watch the introduction then.. and it is no wonder your such an expert. But anyone else watching it will know right away that mythbusters was included. But you just refuse to even look at the evidence … how is it you expect to debunk anything? Why are you here? No really anyone clicking on the link and watching it would find nothing to argue about. But you will by only not watching it.. man your word is so credible.

          41. Are you saying that the man in charge of security at the towers happened to be Bush’s brother and the holder of the patent of super thermite. Is a alien?

            Still haven’t watched it huh.. if something does not match the official claim it don’t exist ? Well what a insight you have given us to your posts.

          42. My link is just as much bullshit as yours, so there.

          43. Lol you are a true ignoramus.

          44. enough about 911 thou i cuss people for staying on topic this is not the right place

          45. I agree, enough about 9/11!

          46. ok 2 last questions for you just because you posted several vids against my 2

            simple really

            why did national geographic and myth buster produce documentary to prove something can not cut metal when national geographic ran stories years before showing its use not only in demolition but under water uses as well?

            why did they clearly lie and try to convince people thermite could do no such thing?

          47. hahah says the guy without the Ph.D in Physics.

            Common, you wouldn’t think 9/11 was an inside job if Bush and Cheyney made an announcement and admitted to it. You would still defend them saying, “They’re not mentally fit to speak! Silence them!”

            “seriously, you have some low-grade mental retardation.”

            Wow, that just screams “credibility.”

            What a joke of a rebuttal. Kick rocks, CS.

          48. 9/11 was not an inside job.. but lord did you ask for it, boy did you have it coming, and baby was it a beauty of a smack to your conservative right-wingers who thought they were almighty and untouchable and then went overseas to discover they are neither home nor abroad, they were brought down to earth, finally.

        2. Where i live every american right winger staying in our hotels is reported by the doormen and bellhops to the crackhead gangs … now, who’s stupid?

    2. This is a well written, documented article. You won’t be able to push it a side and discredit the facts so easily. Keep up the good fight Kelly.

  8. Common: Please tell me you didn’t read through all of that crap?!?
    What an over inflated sense of self this guy has. Pssst … Hey buddy….yeah, you the long haired doper guy…. Yeah you…..nobody really cares about your “activating” (again…that’s what activists do right…they activate?). You are what is called a public nuisance….and the public all hate you. You think you are Savin the world….but at the end of the day, you likely got hit because you were acting like an idiot in the street and it took are hard lesson for you to figure out that a 200 lbs man looses to a 3000 lbs car every time. Just saying

    1. what a colorful rebuttal to the facts.. so you think there is no saving the world then. but you want to be a cop? weird values explains alot of nonsense we get from police all the time.. rant on there t.. you do great pointing out what every one needs to know even if your not the one saying it

      1. Oh please….what “facts” are you speaking if there “special counsel”?

        And most people….other than wishing there was world peace and that they made more money…don’t think the world needs saving. And certainly not here in the US.

        But hey….I’ll play along. What “weird values” are you speaking of?

        1. The common ones that your parents should have been resposable to teach you… but I’m not bitter about it.. you have made a good amount of progress. Except your way off topic again. I am not the topic neither are you.. so let’s stop being distracted OK I am still waiting for you to post something that shows when all persons in america is no longer sovereign citizenS

          1. So tell me dude…what “weird values” do I have?

        2. Oh please….what “facts” are you speaking if there “special counsel”?

          if you look at the question it is the lack of them from your comments i was referring to

          1. Again with you….
            You throw out that I hold to “weird values”….but yet you can list none..

            You are nothing but a bad joke. Every time you come up with your crap…and are asked a question about it….you go down like a $5 crack whore,

            As for the topic:
            Doper guy and his friends go playing traffic (as for a fact…see the pictures contained within the article) and got hit by cars What a shocking development. Busy street + idiots playing in street = hit by car. That is the extent of the “facts”. He of course blames the police….without any proof….or even a logical reason.

            Oh….as for your last sentence like construct in the comment below about sovereign citizens….what? Try English .

          2. weird that a cop would spew this drudge.

  9. All that just to say “I don’t know who hit me. I’ll just blame the cops!” Alrighty then.
    Oh yeah… don’t forget to donate!

    1. Notice there is an absence of a police/crash report.

      1. That’s pretty normal. All hype and no substance.

  10. You are experiencing organized stalking. The US government and police agencies often use Stasi tactics that include wiretapping, computer hacking, setting up accidents, and creating “coincidences” that will wreck your life. Totalitarian governments used these same tactics against political dissidents.If you want a manual on these tactics go to Google and type “True Justice – Field Operations Manual.” It is a form of community policing.

  11. Bottom line? From the outside looking in you Americans have the worst police-state in the free world, and on top of that, more idiots supporting them than any of other country in the -entire- world. Begs the question my friends, if i piss in your faces, are you going to open wide?! i think when it come to right-wing conservative Americans, yes, they will indeed swallow my urine if I were wearing a law-enforcement badge.

  12. Great conspiracy theory jackwad, I’m sure you have quite the collection of tinfoil hats to go along with this BS.

    1. Author

      Thanks Douche Nozzle. I’m sure you have quite the collection of one sentence thoughts bouncing around your little head.

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