Deputy Travis Sebring definitely has to be the front runner for Police Officer of the Year with this entry into the “Most Inappropriate Crime Spree” portion of the annual Bad Apple Pageant and Parade.

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A Meeker County sheriff’s deputy charged with stealing from the county law enforcement center and courthouse has resigned, the sheriff’s office announced Thursday.

Travis Sebring appeared in court Thursday facing four felonies, including three counts of drug possession and one count of theft. A criminal complaint against Sebring says he stole multiple times from a drop box for excess prescription drugs, stole two large garbage bags full of toys from a county Christmas toy drive, and also stole a wooden chair from a government building.

According to the complaint:

Chief Deputy Dan Miller saw Sebring, who was off-duty at the time, digging through the drug drop box on Nov. 25. The drop box is meant for members of the public to drop off excess prescription drugs for proper disposal, and as a deputy Sebring had a key to the box. Sheriff Brian Cruze then reviewed video surveillance of the area where the box is located and saw a pattern of Sebring digging in the box, taking out a bag, leaving view of the camera, and then returning and placing the bag back in the box.

On Dec. 19, Cruze reviewed video of Sebring walking through the basement of the courthouse carrying two full garbage bags. The basement was full of toys donated for a program providing toys to families in need of holiday assistance. Sebring took the bags into his squad car and left with them at the end of his shift, the complaint states.

On Jan. 2, Cruze viewed video of Sebring taking a wooden chair from the courthouse and placing it in his squad vehicle before ending his shift and leaving with the chair.

On Tuesday, sheriff’s investigators placed two bottles of a controlled substance in a plastic bag and left it in the drop box. Around 30 minutes later, Sebring took the bag from the box, and he later returned it empty, the complaint states. When investigators approached him, he admitted he had been stealing from the box for up to a year for personal use. He also admitted he took toys from the toy drive and gave them to family members. And he said he had taken the chair and it was currently in his garage.

Authorities searched his home and found several toys, the chair, and more than 100 prescription medication tablets.

Admittedly, it’s early in the year and some cops are able to get well below the typical and expected levels of scumbag limbo almost as if they’ve been formally trained to do so. However, it’s hard to see someone beat getting drugged up on stolen drugs, while literally stealing toys from children. (At Christmas, no less.) The wooden chair thing is a bit confusing, but I’m assuming that counts toward some sort of tie-breaker or bonus points on the Bizarro World Point Scale. So, he’s got that extra cushion inside his bag of stolen toys, as well. (You saw what I did here.)

I suppose there’s always room for a dark horse to play spoiler, but it’s hard to even envision that happening at this point. Well played Former Deputy Sebring!

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