Three Baltimore police officers have been suspended and charged with assaulting a juvenile as a result of an incident that happened one year ago on January 14th, 2015. Officers Duane Williams Jr., Bijay Ranabhat, and Lonnie White Jr. face various charges in the assault, which reportedly took place at Sinai Hospital.

Exact details of the nature of the attack or the victim’s identity have not been released at this time.

Via the Baltimore Sun:

Officer Duane Williams Jr., a seven-year veteran assigned to the Northwest District, was charged with second-degree child abuse, second-degree assault and misconduct in office, police said. He has been suspended without pay.

Officer Bijay Ranabhat, a two-year veteran, was charged with misconduct in office and suspended with pay.

Officer Lonnie White Jr., who has been with the department for two years, was charged with perjury and misconduct in office and suspended with pay.

Police said the assault occurred Jan. 14, 2015. Further details were not released, and court records were not immediately available.

Prosecutors have declined to comment, citing the pending cases.

The department’s internal affairs division was notified of the incident last January, police said.

An indictment against two of the officers was handed up Wednesday, police said; the other officer was charged on a criminal summons.

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Of the three, Ofc. Duane Williams Jr. was the only not given a paid vacation. So the obvious implication of that is that he’s the one that did most, if not all, of the assaulting of someone young enough to justify a child abuse charge. Judging by the perjury charge, I’d speculate that Ofc. Lonnie White Jr. is a Good Cop who merely stood by while Williams beat his underage victim and then attempted to cover it up for him. We’ll just have to wait until the next episode to find out exactly how Ofc. Bijay Ranabhat fits into the puzzle. (Rest assured, we’ll fill you in on the details as they become available.)

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