The following post was sent in by Patrick Neptune, via the submissions page. Within the post he details a ongoing dispute he has been involved in with Officer Philip Lanoue of the Miramar (FL) Police Department and, apparently, Lanoue’s mother. This is actually an update of a previous post Neptune submitted related to the original harassment by Officer Lanoue and his mother, Lilian Lanoue.

As explained in the article linked at the bottom and the original post submitted by Neptune in 2014, this dispute began after Neptune questioned Officer Lanoue about why he cut him off as they were both entering the gated community in which they both live. When confronted about his driving etiquette, Lanoue responded by giving Neptune a ticket for not wearing his seat belt, even though Neptune maintains he was parked at the time.

Date of Incident(s): April 1, 2013 and August 2014
Officer Involved: Officer Philip Lanoue
Department Involved: Miramar Police Department
Department Phone Number: (954) 602-4400
Department Address: 3064 N. Commerce Parkway Miramar, FL 33025

On April 1, 2013, I was illegally detained and issued a traffic ticket for not wearing a seat belt WHILE PARKED, by Officer Philip Lanoue of the Miramar Police Department.

Officer Lanoue then called his mother, Lilian Lanoue, to inform her that I had been disrespectful to him after he issued me the ticket. You ask, how I know that?? Within 20 minutes of arriving home, Lilian Lanoue, the mother of Officer Lanoue, WHO IS NOT in law enforcement, called my home, yelling and screaming at me for being disrespectful to her son. I hung up the phone.

Several Minutes later, she called again, this time yelling and screaming at my mother, informing her that her son, Officer Philip Lanoue had issued me a traffic citation, that I had been disrespectful to her son, AND DEMANDING to speak to my father, who at the time was 93 years old, my mother 82. I am OVER the age of 55, and a grandfather. My father wasn’t home at the time.

Two hours later, she called for a THIRD time, yelling and screaming at my father, age 93, that I had been disrespectful to her son, Officer Philip Lanoue. After she called a third time, Officer Lanoue himself contacted my parents, yelling and screaming at them, that I had been disrespectful to him after issuance of the citation.

I originally posted about the incident in this forum back on February 3, 2014.
Titled: Bullying: A Family Affair

In August 2014, Officer Philip Lanoue filed for a restraining order against me, requesting the court to issue an injunction to stop me from posting online regarding Officer Lanoue and about the incident of April 1, 2013. His main exhibit against me was the posting on CopBlock of February 3, 2014 to include all the responding comments to my post. The judge GRANTED the injunction.

I felt that the injunction VIOLATED my Civil Rights. So, I filed an appeal in the matter. Nova law Library is near my home, right next to the Miami Dolphins practice facility. I spent well over 100 hours researching and preparing my own appeal.

In Neptune V. Lanoue 4D14-3133, the Fourth District Court of Appeal ruled that the conditions preventing me from posting on the internet were UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!

On November 24, 2015 the Sun Sentinel published a story titled Speech Rights upheld written by Brian Ballou. In his story, the writer mentions the CopBlock posting.

Neptune, 58, launched a resentful letter-writing campaign against Lanoue, sending letters to his house, to his supervisors and to several elected officials. Neptune also blasted Lanoue on the social media website, which uses the slogan, “badges don’t grant extra rights.”

Lanoue obtained a stalking injunction in Broward Circuit Court against Neptune that in part prohibited him from spouting off against Lanoue on social media. But last week, the Fourth District Court of Appeal threw out that portion of the injunction, calling it unconstitutional because it infringes on Neptune’s freedom of speech.

The appellate court ruled that the Circuit Court injunction is too broad and must be narrowed to “purely private matters causing substantial emotional distress to the officer or his family and serving no legitimate purpose.”

Neptune says that given the court’s ruling, he may post additional comments about Lanoue, perhaps on Facebook.

I plan to file a lawsuit against both the officer and his mother for HARASSMENT and the City of Miramar for violations of my civil rights.

– Patrick Neptune

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