Florida Cop's Wife Caught on Video Stealing Gifts From Neighbor
Florida Cop's Wife Caught on Video Stealing Gifts From Neighbor
Dana Hager, the wife of a Florida cop, was caught on surveillance footage stealing Christmas presents from the front porch of a neighbor, who was also a police officer’s wife.

Last week, a Haines City (Florida) Police sergeant’s wife decided to do a little early Christmas shopping

Normally, that would be the start of a nice, heartwarming holiday story that all the CopSuckers out there could warm their hands and feet to while repeating to themselves the mantra that “not all cops are bad” and chanting “it’s just a few bad apples” to each other while desperately trying to keep their eyes closed to the almost daily release of yet another police murder video.

However, this story takes a bit of a Grinch-like turn (pre-enlarged heart) when Dana Hager decided to do her shopping on her neighbors’ porch, instead of standing in line at one of the traditional stores. (Take that consumerism!)

Via the Daily Mail:

Dana Hager, 42, from Lakeland, was seen on security footage brazenly strolling up to the front door and taking two large brown USPS packages which contained presents for the family’s toddler.

Hager, who is married to Haines City Police Srgt Kevin Hager, 40, then calmly walked back to her car which was parked across the street, loaded in the boxes, and drove away.

Hager was arrested on Monday and admitted stealing the Christmas gifts which she claimed she had returned earlier that day because she had ‘started feeling bad about taking the items’.

She has been charged with unarmed burglary of an occupied dwelling, petty theft and violation of probation.

The fun doesn’t stop there, though. Hager’s victim was another cop’s wife and their infant child, whom the presents were actually intended for. Plus, Hager was already on probation at the time for shoplifting from a Kohl’s department store. Sheriff Grady Judd was shocked (I tell ya!) by the whole thing.
‘The fact that Hager took the packages off of a neighbor’s front porch is shocking,’ Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd told ABC News today in a statement.

‘The fact that she is the wife of a law enforcement officer is even more shocking.’

Judd told The Bradenton Herald: ‘You know I wanted to say, ‘What are you doing girl?”

‘Here’s a law enforcement officer’s wife that’s going to the next street over and stealing off of the porch of another law enforcement officer’s wife. Huh? You kidding me?’.

 In another parallel to the Grinch fable, Hager claims to have returned the gifts later after feeling bad about about stealing from a small child. Of course, Hager’s moral epiphany came once she realized that the video of her crime had been posted to a police wives’ Facebook group and she would probably get caught since a bunch of them would be able to identify her (which they did). So yeah, actually kind of a different thing altogether.

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