The following content was received from Justin Battle, via the Submission Page. It details harassment and acts of corruption that he maintains he has been the target of as the result of a relationship with the daughter of a public official in Illinois, which that official disapproves of. It has been edited for punctuation and spelling, but otherwise is being posted as it was received.


To whom it may concern,

My name is Justin Battle, and I have been subjected to several civil rights violations by law enforcement in the state of Illinois. I’m deeply concerned that my life and my freedom are in jeopardy. I’m under constant surveillance by the Illinois State Police, along with the assistance of the Springfield Police Dept. and the Sangamon County Sheriff’s Dept. They have made two attempts to do bodily harm to my person. In the first attempt, I was physically assaulted. In the second attempt, a man attempted to lure me into a dark alley.

Obviously, I have no means to defend myself against the long arm of the law. Therefore I have worked tirelessly to get someone to assist me in this matter. The problem is that all of my efforts have been impeded by the Illinois State Police. Every attempt that I’ve made to get the assistance of a civil rights attorney has failed, due to the exceptional ability of the Illinois State Police to disseminate misinformation about me. The Illinois State Police have also used my criminal history and misinformation to dissuade any potential advocate from taking me seriously.

The reality is that I haven’t been charged or convicted of a felony since 2006, and I have been off parole since 2014. I have drastically changed my life over the years. Unfortunately, the law enforcement officials in my community have decided that my past indiscretions will not be forgiven.

The reason why the Illinois State Police and other local law enforcement departments are committed to my demise is centered on two realities. First, I’m a black male who is dating the white daughter of a firefighter. My girlfriend’s father (Greg Kingston) is a lieutenant in the Urbana Fire Dept., and he has expressed his disdain for me throughout our relationship.

Once his daughter and I moved in together, I noticed I was receiving a lot of negative attention by local law enforcement officers. However, I also noticed that all of the negative attention I was receiving occurred when she wasn’t in the vicinity. That’s how I was quickly able to conclude that Mr. Kingston has been involved in the planned orchestration of my demise.

The only reason why I’m still in good health is due to the unwillingness of police to do bodily harm to me when I’m in the presence of my girlfriend, which has forced me to live a reclusive lifestyle. This lifestyle is only possible because I work in the same building that I reside in, which extremely limits the opportunity of the police to harass me or to do bodily harm to me.

The Illinois State Police has combated that by misleading my employer into believing that I’m of poor character, thus making my current work environment very hostile. This isn’t the only incident of my employer being given misinformation about me. I suppose law enforcement has concluded that if I’m unable to retain employment then I will resort to illegal means to provide for myself, which I will never do.

The second reason why I have endured even more negative attention by law enforcement is due to some contract work I did for a consulting firm in the spring of 2015. I was hired as a policy analyst, and my primary responsibility was to research and analyze state legislation. This position required me to frequently attend legislative committee meetings in the Illinois State Capital. Once I started attending these meetings I noticed that the Illinois State Police stepped up their efforts to monitor all of my activities. From that point on, I couldn’t leave my home without being followed by the Illinois State Police.

In my youth I lived a lifestyle of a criminal, and I didn’t have much concern for the well-being of others. I was misguided, foolish, and angry which resulted in me committing a variety of crimes. My criminal activities caught-up with me on several occasions, thus my extensive criminal history.

After spending nearly all of my twenties in prison, it took me some time to adjust to normal life in the free world. I made a few poor decisions early on, but I have made drastic changes since my release. The police have no legitimate reason to keep me under surveillance, enter my home without warrants, monitor my internet activities, listen to my phone conversations, disseminate misinformation about me, prevent me from gaining employment, or most importantly orchestrate incidents in which my health is in jeopardy.

I don’t believe for a second that I can completely prevent these things from continuing to happen, however I must put a spotlight on these covert misconducts by the police. I cannot achieve anything without the assistance of an advocate who has a history of fighting against government entities that believe they’re above the law. Please help me, my life is in danger.

P.S. I have evidence to verify my claims


Justin Battle

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