The video and description below were received anonymously, via’s Submission page. Along with the submitted content they included this statement:

“I liked you guys on my Facebook page a while ago and I think it helped, because I felt I wasn’t alone.”

Please share this content to bring attention to the situation and the abuses being perpetrated in Rockford Illinois.

Date of Incident: August 30 or 31, 2014
Department Involved: Rockford Illinois Police Department
Contact Number: (815) 966-2900

I also have pictures, but I have to find them. A therapist told me I have PTSD due to the situation in this video, but I’m finally coming back to normal now. I know you guys see a lot of different videos and hear from people in different situations and I was hoping someone would give me some input to my situation that seems to be holding me back. The police chief in my city has stepped down and has had multiple complaints. I am a store owner that has went from having a store front to being in a flea market, because I haven’t been left alone.

I know the people that were outside my store and the police used that as a justification to go into my store looking for guns and drugs, but didn’t find anything. Everything went from bicycle cops being called to people outside my store to having over 40-50 squad cars dispatched from different parts of town and different towns in less than a few minutes.

I had a lawyer from my city and he tried to get me to take a felony. Now I’m on probation and anybody that has met me knows I’m not violent or anything of that nature. I feel like I’m being held in this state against my will. We’re less than a hundred miles from Chicago and I feel like anyone in the surrounding area is not looking out for me, lawyers included. I don’t know what to do.

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