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I live in South Coffeyville, OK and in light of their recent weed bust and subsequent bragging on Facebook I felt compelled to write to you fine people at Cop Block.

This fishing technique is done on a daily basis. We are a small town of around 700 people last I checked and we employ nine police officers, six of whom are on patrol every Friday and Saturday night. On numerous occasions, I have driven down highway 169 that runs through town and have witnessed all six police cars in separate traffic stops at once. One was even in the parking lot of the convenience store and as I went in he finished his stop, pulled up to the highway, and immediately flipped on his lights and started another stop. This happens every weekend.

South Coffeyville Police Dept Road PiratesThey just recently built a casino on the south side of town and they will sit on the other side of the highway on the railroads property and just wait for people to leave.

I know this because I am employed with the railroad and have turned them in several times for being on railroad property, but yet they still do it.

I have heard of numerous accounts from friends and people on Facebook about how they will pull you over for a dim, yes just dim, tag light and ask to search your vehicle. When you refuse they will run the drug dog by your car and always say that he “hit” on something and use that as justification to illegally search vehicles. I myself have had my vehicle searched before for being pulled over for a headlight out and they of course found nothing but confiscated a softball bat I had in the back.

There was an incident about two months ago where two individuals were drunk and target shooting their 9 mm handgun in their back yard at 2am (yes, I know completely stupid) and when the officer arrived they ran inside their house. They were arrested for shooting at a police officer even though they never fired towards him or even when he was on scene.

There are countless stories from countless people where they have abused their power and it would be nice if we could get some help from you guys in getting our rights back in this town and stop them from extorting money from us to pay for their new police cruisers they buy every year. Your help in educating the people of this town of their rights would be greatly appreciated, this abuse has to stop. Thank you

Note: I put no on being publicly attributed because I know the cops in South Coffeyville and they know me (because it’s a small town, not that I’ve ever been arrested by them) and would harass me if they knew I sent this in.

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