The post below was submitted by John Williams, via the Submissions Page. This particular case deals with an illegal detention (based on supposedly following too close to a nonexistent car) and profiling of out of state vehicles as part of the War on (Some) Drugs.

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Date of Incident: November 17, 2015
Officer Involved: Oklahoma State Trooper C. Rohr Badge# 344 Troop SO
Department Involved: Oklahoma Highway Patrol (Clinton, OK)
Contact Number: (580) 323-2424

I was driving to a doctor’s appointment in Clinton, Oklahoma doing the speed limit when all of a sudden a state trooper was behind me with his lights on! He came up to the car and informed me I was “following too closely,” but no one was actually in front of me at the time! Then he told me I needed to step out of the car and join him in his!

We were in the car for ten minutes and consisting of extensive questioning. Afterwards, he wrote me a warning and said have a nice day! However, after I exited the vehicle he exited his vehicle too and asked me can I talk to you? I told him I had an appointment and needed to be on my way! He immediately told me I was being detained and began grabbing my arm and throwing me to the ground, injuring my wrist and ankle in the process!

My vehicle has Colorado plates and this is the only reason they chose me, because I had not done anything to be stopped! After I was thrown on the ground my vehicle was searched with a drug dog and they found a very small amount of marijuana and charged me with possession and obstruction! I was Targeted and assaulted by this officer for having Colorado plates. Even though I was cooperative and respectful, I was still treated with violence! I was told if I didn’t like what he did I could move to a different country because this is his country.

– John Williams

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