The video and commentary included below was submitted by Youtube user “Carrollton Speed Tax,” via the Submissions page. According to the description included on the video, citations in Carrollton increased 20% in 2014, but the city (population) only grew 1%. This video shows one way that was likely achieved. Preying on visitors from Lewisville, Coppell, Addison, and Dallas.

Officers Involved:

  • Dallas: 1) Officer Fulcher. 2) Officer Kaiser (passenger) and Rookie Officer Johnson? (driver)
  • Lewisville: 1) Officer Jason Wylie (right) unknown (left). 2) Officer Robb
  • Addison: Officer Brion Vannucci and Officer Mark Costello

Department Involved: Carrollton Police Department
Contact Information: Mayor Matthew Marchant 972-466-3166

The City of Carrollton, TX has become known as a speed trap city. The fact that the city is not exactly known as a welcoming city surely has a great deal to do with visitor not coming to the city to spend money.

We have documented many questionable tactics the Carrollton Police Department has incorporated in their pursuit of more revenue, but this one shows that they aren’t afraid to go inside other cities in that pursuit. You will see that they even send out the city’s SWAT officers to run a speed trap as people enter from neighboring cities. This is the kind of thing that drives people and corporate America away in droves.

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