A Henderson, Nevada woman has claimed in a lawsuit that she was unlawfully held in jail for six months. Vanessa Kelley’s estranged spouse, Audrey Young, had accused her of attempted murder and she was jailed under the pretense of those charges being investigated. However, at the time the attack supposedly took place, Kelley was at the Clark County Family Court filing for a restraining order against Young. Her presence at the Family Court could have easily been confirmed by reviewing the surveillance video there.

Instead, police held Kelley alternatively at the Henderson Detention Center and the Clark County Detention Center (CCDC) in Las Vegas. Even though police were aware of her contention that she was at the courthouse at the time, they failed to investigate those claims. As a result, she remained in jail for six months as they conducted their investigation of the charge against her of attempted murder with a deadly weapon.

Via the Las Vegas Review Journal:

The document alleges Henderson police Detectives Mark Hosaka and Chad Mitchell lacked probable cause to arrest Kelley, whose criminal case later was dismissed.

According to the lawsuit, the detectives “had an affirmative constitutional obligation to obtain the exculpatory evidence” but chose not to comply with those obligations.

Defendants in the lawsuit include the city of Henderson, Hosaka and Mitchell.

“Had the defendants investigated the matter in a constitutionally adequate fashion, they would have found that Audrey Young suffers from severe psychological issues,” the complaint alleges.

Kelley’s lawsuit also states that she was denied her medications and proper medical care “for her serious medical needs” during the time that she was wrongfully imprisoned.

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