As you probably heard and read a thousand times already, yesterday was “Back to the Future Day,” due to October 21, 2015 being the day when Michael J. Fox’s character, Marty McFly arrived after traveling to the future in the second movie. If you’re familiar with the movies, you will also be familiar with Goldie Wilson, the one main character who is black. In the original movie, he is shown being treated as black people typically were in 1955, but then he works really hard and due to that and the societal changes during the Civil Rights Era, he ends up being the mayor of Hill Valley, the fictional California community where Back to the Future is set.

Mayor Goldie WilsonIn honor of “Back to the Future Day,” a YouTube comedy team, named “F-Comedy,” released a video entitled “Black to the Future.” In the video, 1950’s era Goldie is sent to 2015 in the DeLorean looking for Marty, in order to return him to 1985 and then return to the 1950’s. During his search, he begins to see how much everything has changed since 1955. He no longer has to enter a diner via the black entrance and can even sit right at the counter once inside. Then he sees on the TV that a black man is president. In his excitement, he decides he is staying in 2015 and rushes outside waving his arms around to celebrate. That’s when a cop sees the walkie-talkie he’s been using to communicate with Doc Brown in his hand, thinks it’s a gun, and demonstrates that some things haven’t changed that much after all.

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