This video was submitted by an anonymous reader, via the Submissions page.

Date of Incident: 10/13/2015
Officer Involved: Refused to identify
Department Involved: Cottonwood Height (UT) Police Department
Contact Number: (801) 944-7100

According to the description on the video:

CHPD was making an arrest several miles outside of their city. I began filming. The officer threatened to pull his gun, shined his lights into the camera and said he does not have to give his name. This department is widely known as corrupt, this illustrates them well.

I called Cottonwood Heights PD and asked the name of the officer that drives the car with tag #516972. Lt. Askworth acknowledged he needed to identify but then was evasive and rude while refusing to give the thugs name for the complaint. This cop threatened me with his gun…Everywhere, Everyday :(

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