On Friday (Oct. 9, 2015), it was announced that the family of Walter Scott had reached a settlement agreement with “the City of North Charleston” for $6.5 million. What that really means is the citizens of a community have once again been forced to pay for the crimes of a Killer Cop after the on camera murder (see second video below) of Scott by Michael Slager on April 4th of this year. Scott had originally been pulled over because a brake light on his car was burnt out. That brake light in the upper back of his rear window wasn’t actually legally required.

Slager, of course is still awaiting trial for Scott’s murder. He remains behind bars after having been denied bail by Judge Clifton Newman, who (rightly) declared that Slager “would constitute an unreasonable danger to the community” if he were allowed to post bond.

The family has stated that the settlement, which was the largest settlement ever agreed to within the state of South Carolina, would be used to care for Walter Scott’s four children. In addition, a portion of the settlement would be donated to Red Cross disaster relief efforts. large parts of South Carolina have recently been effected by severe rain and heavy flooding that has destroyed residents’ homes and other property and resulted in deaths in some areas.


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