Date of Incident: September 22, 2015
Officer Involved: Officer Salas #315 – Second Unnamed Officer Badge #320
Department Involved: Mesilla Marshal’s Office (Las Cruces, NM)
Phone Number: (575) 524-3262
Address: 2670 Calle De Santiago, Mesilla, NM 88046


This video was submitted by Mike of “Schmike Media”via the Submit Page.

I was actually in Las Cruces, NM today when I saw two Mesilla Police cars parked at a car wash and the two officers across the street searching the shrubbery at a local insurance office. I walked over to document the incident. These are the events that transpired. Once they saw me filming them, they walked over to harass or try to intimidate me. Even though they admitted I was not being detained, they still demanded that I give them my ID.


I went to the Mesilla Marshal’s Office to place a complaint on Salas #315. I was arrested for failure to identify and refusing to turn off “recorder”, even though I told them my first name. My camera was seized, so I don’t have any footage of the encounter. If I get it back I’ll post it. Of course I’ll keep everyone posted on what happens.

I checked the code the officer (Badge #320) used, which he wrote as: “Concealing Identity” code # 9.10.250.


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