This video was submitted by Norman Sabel, via the Submission Page.

Date of Incident: June 24, 2013
Officers Involved: Officer Adam Eatia #226, Officer William Kraus #1540, San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon, Assistant DA Thomas Ostly, and the SFPD command staff
Department Involved: San Francisco Police Department


San Francisco Police Gun DrawnOn 6/24/2013 I was arrested and charged with felony assault and battery on an officer and resisting arrest. The complaining party also made a citizen’s arrest for trespassing and vandalism. The DA engaged in a malicious prosecution for over 800 days.

On 9/8/2015, the date set for trial, they dismissed all charges because the only real evidence they had was a video provided by the complaining party. It clearly indicated that I was attacked by a known abuser of citizens, Officer Adam Eatia #226 and that Officer William Kraus #1540 allowed this to occur. I was able to avoid serious injury and Kraus did not attempt to control Eatia until he observed that Eatia had lost control of his collapsible baton. Officer Eatia claimed an injury that allowed Officer Kraus to write the report. This was done to protect Eatia from signing the false report and protect him from possible perjury charge.

San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon made a statement to KGO Vic Lee on 6/28/2013 that indicates his personal involvement in the 800 days of malicious prosecution and cover up of the illegal actions of the officers of the SFPD. The reporting officers refused to appear or cooperate with the DA. I refused to be intimidated by them and did not agree to plead guilty to anything.

I am actively looking for an attorney to sue them for their obvious and blatant violation of my civil rights.
The video is taken from the video recorded by the complaining party and obtained from the DA. It is not edited other than insertions of comments and portions of the SFPD General Orders regarding use of force.

Norman Sabel

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Get more knowledge at the CB Library

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