This video was received via an anonymous submission at the “submit a story” page. Along with the video, the person submitted this description:

Dashcam-Footage-of-Brownsville-Police-Shooting“In a dashcam video released on September 2nd by the Brownsville Police Department, it is clear that Officer Rolando Trujillo Jr. was not in danger, yet he shot and killed Jose Roman Rodriguez. As the police officer conducted a traffic stop, a passenger fled on foot, while the driver remained inside the vehicle. Once Trujillo approached the car, the driver put the vehicle in drive and the car moved forward slowly. Trujillo then fired into the car, killing Rodriguez.”

The video is obviously very reminiscent of the Sam Dubose murder, in which Officer Ray Tensing, a University of Cincinnati Campus Police Officer, shot Dubose even though he didn’t pose any immediate danger to Tensing, while he was trying to drive away from a traffic stop. In fact, it’s even more obvious in this video that Officer Trujillo is in no real danger of being harmed by the car driving away.

line-bannerDate of Incident: July 17, 2015
Officer Involved in Incident: Officer Rolando Trujillo Jr.
Police Department Involved: Brownsville Police Department
Phone Number: (956) 548-7000


Local Media Coverage of Shooting:

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