South Carolina Coronor Drunk Chase GunDash Cam video has been released showing a South Carolina coroner ignoring commands by Summerville police to drop his weapon for a full 13 seconds and not being shot 137 times (or even once) for it. Dorchester County Coroner Chris Nisbet had pulled a gun on his neighbor after engaging in drunken pursuit that he claims was prompted by his having witnessed the neighbor threaten a repo man with a gun. That neighbor, Leroy Fulton, denies that he had threatened the man trying to repossess his truck with a gun, although the the repo man stated that he had. Fulton was later found not to be in possession of a gun.

According to the Post and Courier, South Carolina Coroners are elected officials who on occasion can potentially take over the duties of county sheriffs, although it’s highly unusual for them to make arrests or respond to police calls. At the time of the dispute involving the repo man, Nesbit was hanging out on his porch and drinking beer in his pajamas. In spite of having consumed alcohol, he drove his county issued SUV after Fulton, which was outfitted with white overhead lights.

Nesbit then cut Fulton off with his SUV, forcing him to stop. He then got out brandishing his .380 pistol. Soon after, seven officers with the Summerville Police Department arrived (the video starts there). Despite numerous commands, it took 13 seconds before Nesbit “reluctantly” placed his firearm on the ground. The police report states Nesbit, who was still wearing pajama bottoms and a “tattered” shirt, smelled of alcohol. In spite, of that he was never tested for impairment.

In addition, it is a felony to use a firearm when drinking alcohol. However, Nesbit was not charged or cited. In fact, the police returned his gun to him and allowed him to drive back home. Reportedly, the State Law Enforcement Division (SLED) is currently conducting an investigation into the incident.

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  1. Isn’t OC legal? Clearly the police were improper in ordering someone to relinquish their 2nd Amendment rights, especially someone on the verge of making an arrest. You should be organizing a protest against the Summerville PD for denying him his right to self defense and the liberty to carry his legal owned, licensed and possessed handgun.

    Seems there are three witnesses to Nisbet having a pistol and discarding it. Never fear, SLED is here.

    1. You can open carry, but not in your hand, genius.

      1. its a joke huckleberry.

    2. CS:
      I was thinking the same thing.
      But I also thought….REPOmen…..POSs for the most part.

      1. Think about all the impressionable people that read these stories and comments and never post. I only have to influence a few, and there’s millions like me to push our agenda. I’m not sure you know what true evil is yet.

    3. A drunk driving gun-wielding corner, you can bet that if he lived near me I would kill him. Then they let him drive himself home, gotta love the south.

    4. A drunk driving gun-wielding corner, you can bet that if he lived near me I would kill him. Then they let him drive himself home, gotta love the south.

  2. the guy should have tackled him and put the hurt on him

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