The following post was shared with the CopBlock Network by someone using the psuedonym “Clark County Criminal Cops,” via the Submissions PageClark County Criminal Cops is a website that monitors police abuses within the Southern Nevada area.

This particular post was originally published on their site under the title “Edward Little – Where We Learn the First Rule of Murder ‘Be a Cop.'” The post details a 2010 case in which an off-duty police officer from the Las Vegas Suburb of Henderson, NV, shot the husband of the woman whom he was having an affair with.

It also discusses the conflicting evidence that points to the shooting of Ruslan Zhgenti being a case of murder, rather than self defense, as Officer Edward Little claimed. In addition, this post discusses the relative quickness with which the “investigation” into the shooting was closed and how that creates doubts about whether any genuine investigation took place at all.

Edward Little – Where We Learn the First Rule of Murder “Be a Cop”

Ruslan Zhgenti knew his marriage was in trouble. For several months he had suspected his wife, Sabina Iskenderova, of having an affair. Still, the 38-year-old Russian immigrant still had hopes of reconciliation. And even if that wasn’t possible, he was determined to be a good father to his son, who was just about to turn three.

In order to avoid his wife’s volatile temper and often violent outbursts, Zhgenti decided to move out of the home the couple owned on the quiet Via Sarafina Drive in Seven Hills, an upscale development south of Las Vegas. Despite spending his nights elsewhere, Zhgenti would come and go freely from the two-story stucco home he and his wife purchased in 2001.

On September 18th, 2010, Zhgenti pulled his late-model Toyota sport utility vehicle in the driveway just after 1 a.m. He entered the home as he had done almost daily since he and his wife separated, using his own key. The exact details of what happened next remain unclear, but we do know that when Zhgenti entered the bedroom he had until recently shared with his wife, she was there with her lover. Moments later, Zhgenti lay dead on the floor of his bedroom, his wife’s new lover holding the smoking gun.

While some might recognize this age-old tale of a cheating wife enlisting her new lover in a murderous plan to kill her husband, authorities didn’t see it that way. Despite several neighbors and family members telling police Zhgenti had unrestricted access to his home, the police believed what the cheating wife and her lover, himself a married man, told them: ” Zhegenti surprised them when he suddenly charged into the bedroom his gun drawn, enraged, intent on killing both his wife and the man in bed with her.”

Yet, despite Little’s claims he was surprised by his lover’s husband suddenly appearing in the room, gun drawn, Iskenderova told police her new man was able to reach for his personal firearm, he conveniently had with him, pull it from the holster, release the safety and fire four shots into the cuckhold before Zhefenti, with gun in hand, was able to fire a single shot.

If you are wondering why the police who responded to this tragic scene believed the dirty duos’ story so completely, accepted it as gospel truth so much that neither was even taken into custody for questioning. The answer is simple. The cheating wife’s cheating lover was off-duty Henderson Police Officer Edward Little.

Little, who had only been on the force for two years, was taken at his word that he acted in self-defense and the case was closed in a matter of days.

According to, Little is still employed with the HPD at a cost to taxpayers of more than $70,000 a year. (Over $129,000 as 2015 – Editor)

– Clark County Criminal Cops


  1. I smell a police union hiding in that story somewhere.

  2. This is why, as a conservative I support not only make adultery in licensed marriages a felony, but abolishing the right of self-defense during the commission of a felony. No matter how the victim of your crime acts, any force you use against them ought to be considered a violent crime with full criminal intent to injure them.

  3. Mike T, I hope that first part is a joke. But common law should cover the second part. By the very nature of being in the commission of a crime you have already given up any claim to self defense, we don’t need a law to cover what is already self evident.

  4. This infuriates me! I live in Las Vegas and I remember how controversial this incident was. People took sides but most (reasonable) people were skeptical of the cheating spouses version of what happened. I am no homicide detective but I do know that when a spouse is murdered one of first questions police want answered is if anyone was having an affair. Ruslan Zhgenti was gunned down in his own home and Henderson PD accepted the word of two PROVEN LIARS, Officer Little and Mrs. Zhgenti. Even though the case is officially closed I will keep hoping that one day these trashy losers will be held accountable for their crime.

  5. I’m not kidding about the adultery angle. I think the cop and the wife should go to prison for having an affair on a man recognized as the lawful wife. If you want to cite common law, you might be shocked to find how decidedly unlibertarian common law was about adultery. Catching your spouse in flagrante used to be grounds for a “provocation to murder” defense if you snapped and killed them.

    In modern America, it’s highly likely that had this poor guy survived, he could have been paralyzed and still on the hook for alimony and child support. Not to mention probably kicked out of his own home and with a restraining order that would likely make it nigh impossible to own a gun for self-defense in many jurisdictions.

    As to the second part, common law is not entirely relevant here. If you shoot someone trying to jack your car, you are a felon in most jurisdictions by statute which overrides common law. That’s but one example.

  6. * lawful husband

    Damn, I need more coffee!

    I arrived at that realization after having a hard look at the reality of how marriage and divorce work in the US. As long as most people want the state heavily involved, I see no reason to give them the liberty to cheat. This is especially true since prenuptial agreements are frequently torn up by judges on a whim no matter how fair they are.

  7. As suspect as I would typically be just because a cop was involved, there is no mention of if the husband was, in fact, armed. Because if he was, I have no problem believing he charged in the room wanting to put a scare into somebody. And if he really didn’t mean to shoot anybody, and was just waving the gun around, then yes, the cop had plenty of time to grab his gun and shoot.

    As far as the felony / adultery mix, I think that goes a bit far. There are far too many instances in which there might be mitigating circumstances.

    Aside from the fact that I no longer believe the average cop should be armed off duty at all, and only in specific circumstances while on duty, I don’t know that this is a cut and dry case of a wrongful shooting.

  8. I guess someone knew how to use a pistol and someone didn’t…case closed, or maybe its because its an issue of self defense, and private citizens can defend themselves, but police can’t?

    Seems he thought he was the only one bringing a gun. Meh, unless there’s some other missing tidbit of information, this is a non-incident.

  9. @Common Sense…The missing tidbit is any evidence that Zhgenti was actually armed that night. The only people who say he had a gun are the two known liars. The adulterers lied on a daily basis in order to keep their affair secret. The lied that night when they told investigators their was a restraining order against the husband. The liars lied at every turn, but when it came to killing Zhgenti you find them credible?

    I ask you this simple question. Would you feel the same way if it was Little’s wife having the affair with Zhgenti. If Zhgenti had killed and Henderson Police officer in the officer’s home and claimed it was self-defense with nothing more than his word to back up his story, would you consider that a non-incident?

  10. Common Sense,
    THANK YOU! Without posts like yours blaming the victims and excusing away the police at every turn, we civilians would have to work harder to convince our fellow citizens how corrupt the system is and how NO ONE inside the system should be trusted in any way.

  11. Perhaps the wife just like the cop better, you know, then her lame husband…and it seems he shot better too.

  12. Of course the lying murderous whore liked the cop better. They had more in common. Or perhaps the tramp pulled a “Body Heat” on Little. Either way it doesn’t change the fact they got away with murder

  13. Naturally, the cop can’t defend himself but private citizens can? Take out the cop references and you would praise him for protecting the life of a woman and himself. He came to the bedroom with a pistol and the better man won, the cop – ha ha ha

  14. Common, cops can defend themselves, but the shouldn’t be allowed to lay in wait and ambush and kill a man in his own bedroom. There is not a shred of evidence that Zhegenti was armed. Not a shred of evidence to support the claims of the dishonest adulterers that Zhegenti was a threat. But there is evidence that contradicts many parts of their story. Why do you believe the lying liars who have just been caught lying?

  15. Common, cops can defend themselves, but the shouldn’t be allowed to lay in wait and ambush and kill a man in his own bedroom. There is not a shred of evidence that Zhegenti was armed. Not a shred of evidence to support the claims of the dishonest adulterers that Zhegenti was a threat. But there is evidence that contradicts many parts of their story. Why do you believe the lying liars who have just been caught lying

  16. Naturally, the cop can’t defend himself but private citizens can? Take out the cop references and you would praise him for protecting the life of a woman and himself.

    I for one, would not. A man caught in flagrante with another man’s wife has no moral right of self-defense against her husband. As a social conservative, I’d love to see this cheating pig get deep fried in ol’smokey for what he did to this poor guy.

  17. “Yet, despite Little’s claims he was surprised by his lover’s husband sudden appearance in the room, gun drawn, Iskenderova told police her new man was able to reach for his personal firearm, he conveniently had with him, pull it from the holster, release the safety and fire four shots into the cockhold before Zhefenti, with gun in hand, was able to fire a single shot.”

    “…Police said Little was visiting Sabina Iskenderova at her home on Via Sarafina Drive, near Seven Hills Drive and Sunridge Heights Parkway, at 1:15 a.m. when her estranged husband arrived, carrying one of two handguns he owned. Although Iskenderova and Zhgenti jointly owned the house, he was living elsewhere at the time, police said.

    Little, a North Las Vegas resident, shot and killed Zhgenti with a handgun that was not his duty weapon after Zhgenti “confronted” them with his own gun, police said….”

    they both had pistols…

  18. CommonSense…Once again there is no evidence to support this. Police said he had a weapon, but they weren’t there when Little killed Ruslan. They decided to just accept the adulterous couple’s account as fact, even though many parts of their statements have been proven false.

    So I’ll ask one more time, “Why do you believe the lying liars who have just been caught lying?”

  19. No evidence? What do you want? Maybe a spent casing? No, they could have fired that AFTER the murder and planted it! I bet she placed the gun in his hand, just like on TV, then wiped down her prints! Just like CSI!! Its a massive cover-up, just like OJ.

    whatever, done is done…

  20. I’ll tell you what I would like. I would like honesty from the the two adulterers. Why did they lie about the restraining order, Ruslan’s access to the house and their relationship? The self-defense law in Nevada requires the killer to prove he acted in self-defense. Without any physical evidence to back up their story, then their credibility is the only proof they have. Which brings us right back to the question you have so obviously avoided every time it was posed.

    “Why do you believe the lying liars who have just been caught lying?”

  21. Maybe the deceased knew the cop would be there, maybe he went there to kill the cop? You can run whatever skit you want, he entered the bedroom, perhaps the most intimate area of a home, armed with a pistol, was he there to show his wife his gun? He just wanted to ‘talk?’ perhaps reconciile? No, he was tired of the cop knocking the bottom out of HIS wife and he couldn’t take it, couldn’t take the fact that the cop was better then him, in and out of the bedroom probably. His wife made a choice and Mr Slowdraw couldn’t take it. The wife had a chance to point to the cop and scream, ‘you killed my husband’ but guess what, that didn’t happen did it. The local DA looked at the case, and found it justified. If it was anyone else, other then a cop, you’d praise one’s right to self defense, but mention the term cop, and holy shit, its a cabal, a conspriracy, to the highest level. The two articles, other then what’s posted here, said Mr Slowhand, was ‘carrying’ and ‘armed’ with a pistol. That’s all the evidence I’d need to turn someone into a strainer if they entered my bedroom. Maybe in your liberal, peace and love world, you have to be shot at, or pistol-whipped before you defend yourself, you know, turn the other cheek and hope that gunman doesn’t put one into your ear.

    Divorce laws are touchy, just because a name is on a title, doesn’t give someone ‘rights’ to walk in whenever. You preach about adultry and liars, are you new? Just wake up in the 21th century? 60% of all ‘oaths’ of marriage, those vows said before God, end in divorce, probably 1/2 as a result of adultry.

    Take your head out of your ass, if your really, and really want to prove me wrong, FOIA the police report – oh, wait, nevermind, that takes effort and you’ll just claim its a coverup. I’ll let you get back to blogging about how 9/11 was an inside job….

  22. Well you sure used alot of words to again avoid the central question. “Why do you believe the lying liars who have just been caught lying?” You clearly can’t come up with a single logical reason to believe these two liars.

    Clearly you have lost your grip on reality if you think that someone who demands justice is is living in a liberal world. The only liberals here are the cop and his liberal union. The same union that is the paying the DA you claim “looked at the case, and found it justified” six figures for part-time position. The facts are that any death that involves on cop in Las Vegas must go through an open hearing called a Coroner’s Inquest. But the Henderson police department never sent the case to the DA’s office for review, and the DA never asked for it.

    And you are not just wrong, but disingenious to assume we would praise the shooter for murdering a man in his bedroom if the shooter wasn’t a cop. You wouldn’t stand for a man being killed in his own home. And, oddly enough, the DA’s officer pursued charges against other men when it was discovered they were in a relationship with their victim’s spouse.

  23. That cunt will pay one day. Cops are known for their violent tempers and penchant for spousal abuse. She’s a fucking idiot if she believes the man who murdered her husband in cold blood would never turn on her. Infidelity and murder do not form a strong marital foundation.

    I hope the cop gets gutshot and dies puking shit and blood in an alley. But I hope he kills her first.

  24. The union doesn’t pay the DA, property taxes or a mileage does. And no, the cop wasn’t working, a private citizen in a private dwelling defending himself and a woman so there was no Inquest. Again, bitch all you want 86, it’s open and shut, well it’s more like (door flies open) “You whore! I’ll kill you both!” but Me Slowdraw fumbles with the safety but guess who doesn’t fumble. (click) – safety off – “boom, boom, boom, boom” — goodnight..

    Who knows, maybe she planted the gun on him, but a 2 year rookie doesn’t seem all that skilled at pulling off a cover up. Then again, maybe hes really really smart. Maybe they did it for loads of insurance money, just like on TV. Maybe they will make a Lifetime movie about it 86, and you can watch, saying “See! See!”. Either way, there is only 2 people living that know the truth.

  25. Actually, more of an adulterous piece of shit. But I expect no better from a cop. Fucking someone else’s wife in the current husband’s own home while you yourself are married seems just about the exact place I would expect to find a cop: Somewhere on the moral spectrum somewhere slightly below crack whore, just slightly above pedophile.

    And the cops rushing to his defense? Priceless.

  26. Don’t worry, Lack of Sense. Nobody here would be interested in your wife. None of us are into bestiality.

  27. @CommonSense….”The union doesn’t pay the DA, property taxes or a mileage does..” Well that shows how little you know. Our DA left office early in his term to go work part time with the PPA for six figures a year. And Coroner’s inquests have been held when people die at the hands of off-duty officers at least four times in the past 20 years.

    It’s pretty clear the only reason you believe what the cheating cop says happened that night is because of your sworn devotion to the church if LE. There is no way a rational person would believe the lying liars who have just been caught lying?

  28. lol, nice one lake, almost got a laugh, your getting better..

    I could care less who’s fucking who, the issue is self defense, take Zimmerman in FLA, currently the most wanted man in the nation, was it self defense? Was there a struggle? A jury will decided..maybe, if he’s charged…and you talk of a jury of 12? You think you can convince 12 people it wasn’t self defense? Its a 50/50 shot.

    And even in this case, your suddenly the morality police?

    “….Durdyev said police have told him his brother was shot four times, including once in the head, after he pointed a gun at Little but did not fire at the officer.

    The department treated the incident as an off-duty one. Henderson Police Officer’s Association President Gary Hargis said Monday that Little was not provided with union representation after the incident because it was deemed he was off-duty…”

  29. Lets see…

    In 2003, officer Robert Johnson, who was volunteering at a fireworks stand with his wife, shot an armed robber after the suspect pointed a gun at them. Johnson was not in uniform and didn’t identify himself as an officer.

    In 1999, officer Dennis Devitte shot and killed a man who walked into Mr. D’s bar and started shooting patrons, including the officer. Devitte was not in uniform and didn’t identify himself as an officer.

    In 1995, officer Merl Sage intervened in a man raping a woman across the street from Sage’s house. The suspect lunged at Sage, and Sage shot twice. Sage didn’t identify himself as an officer and was not in uniform.

    In 1993, multiple officers who had been celebrating a birthday tackled a purse-snatcher outside a bar. The man stopped breathing and died.

    Wow, your right, let them rape and steal…4 times, 20 years…oh, the horror….the horror. Seems to me, 3 seem justified right off the bat.

  30. I could care less who’s fucking who, the issue is self defense

    If you get caught fucking another man’s wife, you have no moral claim to self-defense. Adultery is a fundamental attack on the institution of marriage and the family and one of the most heinous acts that anyone can commit. Those who commit it are right up there with rapists in terms of the level of punishment they deserve.

  31. Sure thing Mike, I see some pagans and atheists, all working on Sunday, go stone them…Oh and they wore garments of more then one fabric…

  32. Cops are not moral actors. The rush to defend an adulterous piece of shit like him clearly shows which side they fall out on. Cops are not like normal people. They take all of the terrible elements of society, bloodlust, love of violence, willingness to lie and cheat, and then add a license to kill. This guy who murdered his lover’ husband from his own bed while fucking his wife, leaving his own wife at home at 1am, is just a shining example of cop morality.

    I can’t even tolerate being in line next to one at the grocery store. They exude a foulness you fear might rub off.

    Again, I hope he dies in agony, alone and unmourned. I hope her children reject her in her old age and she dies alone. Fuck both of them and their vile little murder plot.

  33. Quick story about comeuppance. I was at a VA hospital during training. There was a man dying in the attached hospice ward of advanced pancreatic cancer, narcotics barely controlling the pain and knowing all he wanted was the release of death. But he had no advanced directive (I.e. let me die paperwork). So keep him alive was the order.

    Finally they tracked down his ex-wife, the only even quasi relative. When asked if he could be allowed to slip away, her response,

    “I want you to keep him alive as long as possible. I want him to suffer like I did”.

    Needless to say, we had to get a ruling from the ethics board, not her. But it is easy to imagine how much of a bastard he must have been, even if he looked harmless, lying semi comatose. To inspire such cold loathing was kind of awe inspiring, in a horrible way.

    The moral of the story. The best way to avoid dying alone and unloved is to avoid doing that which will lead to you dying alone and unloved. That cop will die alone and unloved. So will Miss Cunty.

  34. I get it, you can’t answer the question without exposing how deeply compromised you values have become. You can try and hide it behind an air of self righteousness but we can all smell the shame you are carrying.

  35. @common sense…Why won’t you answer the question? Why should anyone believe the lying liars who had JUST BEEN CAUGHT lying again? If the killer hadn’t been a cop, the lies he had just told would have been used against him and he would have been arrested. And because self-defense is an affirmative defense, he would have had to PROVE his innocence. Edward Little got away with murder.

  36. No, I think you are wrong. I think the cop who has the screen name “Common Sense” is actually proud that the cop was able to get away with murdering his adulterous lover’s husband. It reinforces his image that cops can do anything and get away with it. And since the same system they inhabit judges their guilt or innocence, he is usually right. There was never even a small chance that this cop would be held to account, no matter how obviously indefensible the situation (in another man’s house and in another man’s wife at 1am, with your wife and child at home, only corroborating witness is your adulterous lover).

    Sometimes the only hope for justice is a meth head, or a horrible car accident, or inoperable cancer. These people, and their defenders, a completely morally bankrupt. But the system is so rigged, that moral bankruptcy is defended, even lauded, by the very people we should be able to hold to a higher standard. Barring a change in the system, I can only hope that they get theirs in as bad a way possible.

    And we can also know, as citizens, if we see a cop in trouble, he is the moral brother of Officer Little, and act accordingly.

  37. Cheer up, fellow citizens. The Governor of Indiana signed the right to resist into law. Even if the law is flawed, it has significant meaning. It means politicians are pandering to a majority who no longer trust cops. 3-1 majorities do not vote for laws that are not demanded by their constituencies. People demanded the right to defend themselves against cops. That law was the demarcation point: Republicans are no longer pro-cop. Democrats have never been pro-cop.

    There is now one thing, at least in Indiana, both parties agree on: They don’t trust cops. And with stories like the one above, and cops like “Common Sense” spouting off in his defense, can anyone blame them, or us?

  38. You are correct, the cop should have let the limp dick husband slay her in bed, after all, he just wanted her back, and the pistol was to make sure she stayed with just him. The article said she was sort of a bitch, why would he want her back? Weak willed, no self confidence perhaps, but im sure the pistol would ensure she chose correctly. I know I always carry a pistol when I talk to women. After he killed her, then you all could rally around him like an honor killing. I read that 40% of all divorces are a result of adultery, seems you will all be busy stoning men and women, clear your schedule. Maybe you just can’t face the fact that in her mind, she chose the cop and not her husband.

    You can’t face the fact that it was justified, as we’re, on their face the other killings over the 20 yrs as 86 stated. Bitch all you want. Dems may not favor the police, but they favor unions. Reps may not like unions but they favor authority. When its all said and done, there will always be public police unions and cops. Indiana’s decision means nothing, but spin away, nothing will change in some dramatic way. The pendulum swings abit to the left and then a bit to the right.

    Self defense is still alive and well in this case and if the ‘killer’ wasn’t a cop, Copblock wouldnt even post the story.

  39. And Common Sense reveals he is just another left-wing authoritarian by bringing up some hysterical bullshit about stonings and honor killings while excusing adultery.

  40. @The_Lakewood_4_are_burning_in_Hell…..I agree with you. CS doesn’t believe Little’s claim of self defense any more than we do. He is proud that another cop got away with murder and I think he wants to flaunt that fact but he doesn’t quite have the balls to do it.

  41. Thank you very much, for helping me demonstrate how pathetic the cheating duo’s story was. Your sarcastic observation “I know I always carry a pistol when I talk to women” exposes the massive hole in the couples story. Given Little had already mounted the Slavic whore, he no longer needed his gun to close the deal. So, why did he have it that night? Since you realize how bringing a gun into that house is evidence of an ulterior motive, I pretty sure that you have enough dignity not to suddenly flip-flop and admit that Little and the tramp had a plan that night.

    But then you might not have even that much character. That would be a little sad, but not as sad as how transparent you are when you make all those “limp dick” comments. They really do betray you. Even though I have made it clear the Russian whore picked the cop and together they plotted to kill her husband, you are so entrenched in your cop mythology that you can’t get past assuming this is all about jealousy that the harlot chose a cop. Not only is that not surprising its rather expected that two people void of moral boundaries would find each other.

    There is not a shred of evidence the husband had a gun with him that night, but there is strong evidence that he didn’t. he reason he purchased two guns in the first place was a his and her kind of deal. And when his family cleared out his belongings from where he was living at the time they found his gun there. Of course

    All you have to do is watch the video of their son’s birthday just a few days before and you can see she was playing her husband in much the same way she played Little into killing for her. I do admire your loyalty. The way you can just ignore every verifiable fact that contradicts the fantasy Little and his whore tried to sell to the public. They lied about being surprised by Ruslan, since the neighbors told police Ruslan stopped by every night at the same time. Although Ruslan was surely surprised that the harlot and her paramour were present, since neither of the two parked their vehicle in front of the house as they had every other night. Ruslan was walking in to what he must have thought was an empty house.

    Then they lied about a restraining order being in place against the husband.They lied to their families and that brings us right back to what scares you the most. Telling us….”Why you believe the lying liars who have just been caught lying?”


  42. What can I say? Sounds like Ms. Iskenderova is living her new life in America for all its worth, and really knows what it’s all about. Native born ladies couldn’t have done any better.

  43. Amazingly enough, an Army officer in the same situation, even acquitted of murder would face loss of career and expulsion from the service for adultery.

    Again, this is why comparisons between soldiers and cops make me queasy. The UCMJ forbids adultery, and you can also get crushed for “conduct unbecoming an officer”. The adultery would fall into that category. Violation of honor and honest conduct are looked on poorly. Dishonorable behavior is not condoned by soldiers, it is encouraged by cops.

    If this was acceptable behavior, what would “conduct unbecoming a police officer” be? Sodomizing underage orphans while snorting coke and shooting babies?

    Never conflate cop and soldier. You piss off soldiers and give cops way too much credit. As far as I am concerned, if Little is still a cop, then his department has no problem with his actions. They are normal, honorable cop behavior. Remember that when the time comes. You cannot EVER trust a cop. This incident is proof positive.

  44. ha ha ha, you just can’t let it go 86, yep, it was a massive conspiracy. The 2 yr rookie was well educated on TJ Hooker and CSI reruns on how to make the story fit. Sad, a murder walks the street, and there’s nothing you can do about. Sorta like OJ, oh well. I have read now 5 articles about the story, all state Mr Limpdick was either ‘armed’ or ‘carrying’ a pistol when he entered the bedroom. Why? Meh, doesn’t matter, you weren’t there and neither was I. You can make whatever assumptions you want. 3 people knew what happened that night, 2 are alive to tell it, and Mr Limpy isn’t one of them. Score one for the 2nd Amendment. Mabye in 10 years it will be on a TV movie on Lifetime and you can say “I was right!”

  45. Notice our local cop rep avoiding my comments. Can’t answer them.

  46. CS: talk about showing your true colors!

  47. I love your posts Lakewood! Keep it going brother.

  48. I avoid your comments cause they are boring…

  49. It does get boring to be defeated at every turn. You know that well.

    Defend the amoral fucknozel again. I like to see you normalize vile behavior when a cop does it. You know you want to.

  50. Andy,

    You think “Common” is a prison guard, a reserve “depedy” or some sort of pseudocop wannabe? I’ll bet one of the three.

  51. I think he is a pseudocop wanna be, so basically a prison guard, or a reserve officer. Being a wanna be cop has got to be the most pathetic thing ever. Way to go common.

  52. Neighborhood watch captain.

  53. Common, I offer a sincere thanks for your comments here, because they demonstrate more than anything else the core problems with those indoctrinated into the church of law enforcement. Your inability to deal with how your own views expose the inconsistencies with officer Little and his whore girlfriend’s statement. You make it clear that bringing a gun to meet with his slut on the side was not something even you would have done. So what do you do, continue to repeat the one thing that can not be substantiated, that Ruslan had a gun that night. But do you explain at all why you choose to believe the Lying Little or his gutter-trash girlfriend. Nope.

    You merely repeat the tired old mantra, “I have read now 5 articles about the story, all state Mr Limpdick was either ‘armed’ or ‘carrying’ a pistol when he entered the bedroom. Why?” I, unlike you, have the sack to answer that question. You haven’t read a single article that said Ruslan “was either ‘armed’ or ‘carrying’ a pistol.” You might have read 5 stories that state Little and The Tramp CLAIMED that he had a gun, but I guarantee you haven’t read a single article that states for a fact he was armed. And I can also guarantee you haven’t read a single article that referred to the status of his phallus. That’s all on you. You’re the only one obsessed with this dead man’s penis.

    The only real argument you have is that with only 2 years on the job Little didn’t have the experience to pull this off. “The 2 yr rookie was well educated on TJ Hooker and CSI reruns on how to magke the story fit.” First off I wouldn’t think even the most pathetic person in the world would watch TJ Hooker. Second, HIS STORY DOESN’T FIT. Not a single word of it could be corroborated and 98% of it has been proven false. But when the cops care more about protecting their own than the protecting the community they don’t look at things like the truthfulness of the statement. When the DA is more concerned with his the six figure job the police union has offered him than he is about justice, he will believe whatever the cash tells him to.

    While a “a murder walks the street,” your naive to assume there’s “nothing you can do about.” There is not statue of limitations on murder and their’s a new DA in office who is much more interested in doing the right thing than his predecessor, and the HPD is in the midst of a major overhaul as both the chief of police and city manager resigned in the midst of another police scandal.

    So go ahead and believe “the lying liars who have just been caught lying?” because I know their time is short. As evidenced by his decision to abandoned his loving wife for the arms of diseased Russian whore, Little doesn’t make the best choices and he will eventually make one that his buddy cops can’t help him cover up.

  54. Well said. Common the Prison Guard has left the thread. Game, set, match.

  55. Not really, I had better things to do on a Friday night but thanks for asking. I will get 86 some ball bearings and he can fume over strawberry ice cream…

  56. Strawberries with the ice cream, if that is a Caine Mutiny reference. And, as you’ll remember, the officers going against Caine looked like assholes in the end.

  57. Well with that well worded, highly researched retort, I guess it was just like Eric Little Said. When facts fail, the ignorant have only insults.

  58. I tend to agree, I’ve posted figure and numbers that, as of yet, no one on this page has ever been able to refute, but in turn, some call me a prison guard.

    Comical, comical just as this website is most of the time and the liberals who support it.

  59. Crossing Guard. Security Guard. Something like that.

    Cut and paste does not an airtight argument make. Especially when most of your arguments start with a mile wide assumption (assuming most complaints have no merit…).

    No, you are just a cop fetishizer with a penchant for Wikipedia paste jobs. Do don’t even delete the little bracketed numbers to conceal your not terribly credible source. Wikipedia does not need refutation.

  60. @Fakewood…

    ha ha ha, even you can’t refute them…Since you are ‘active duty’ and have nothing do since there is no ‘war’ – spend sometime, look at my numbers and refute them. I make them easy, for high school educated army of one, such as yourself, to dig them up and work on them…unless of course you have some Green Beret, SOG, black ops mission to prepare for…

  61. What facts or figure have you cited? Other than the unsupported fabrication of the several other articles you supposedly read, you have offered nothing to support the underlying question, which has been asked over and over again, but to which you have been too cowardly to answer.

    Everything else is smoke and mirrors. Anything else is an admission of your defeat.

    So once again I ask…”Why do you believe the lying liars who have just been caught lying?”

  62. Annually there are 30,000 search warrants executed per year of all types, narcotics, weapons, searches for stolen property etc. 1200 police shootings (people hit, not hit, where bullets fired) per year equals 0.04%.

    I derived 1200 from the number of total FBI reported officer involved shooting leading to death (400) then averaged it against the LA County Sheriff who did an excellent study on shootings in their department. 50 police shootings last year, 1/2 were hit, 1/2 were not. Of those hit, approximately 1/3 were killed. 1200 seemed logical for his comment. (The numbers were actually 406 and 51 respectively but I rounded them for calculations)

    NYPD 34500, NYC 8100000 equals police vs population ratio of 0.004%
    Kneene NH PD 38, Kneene NH 24400 equals police vs population ratio of 0.001% (doesn’t sound like a police state to me)

    Police kill 400 people per year. 30,000 search warrants eqauls 0.013% if everyone one of ALL police shootings took place during the execution of just search warrants.

    Police have 1200 shooting per year (on average). As an assumption, there are 100 million police contacts with the population per year. That’s all calls to 911, traffic stops, search warrants, vol. contacts, everything, in every city, county, covering 50 states with 17000 police departments. That equals 0.000012%

    Chance of a police department having a officer involved shooting 0.07% (1200/17000)

    Police misconduct complaints of all types…there is no national clearing house for complaints. One site cited 6600 complaints over 2010. I only assume thats from news releases, internet searches, etc. Matched against ALL police contacts – 0.000066%. Perhaps is 6600 is low. Lets go to 250,000/yr. When matched against ALL police contacts equals 0.0025%. Lets say 250,000 complaints against just the DOJ/FBI stats for ALL national arrests, just reported arrests was 14 million last year. 0.017% (The website listed 1500 uses of excessive force from the original 6600 but using 1500 against total police contacts is also, low in my opinion and not considered)

    Federal civil suits? Annaully there are 25-35,000 per year against the police. Use 30,000 and you get the name percentages as above.

    Lets say there are 750,000 police (I think there are around 850,000 but taking off some for supervisors, detectives, animal control – the non-patrol officers equates to 750,000) Match against 30,000 lawsuits you get 0.04% of a police officer facing a civil suit.

    Using numbers from the FBI, percentage of typical police officer being killed by a felonious act is 0.00009% (71 firearms death 2010 / 750,000) 53,000 reported assaults towards police from 550,000 total officers from reporting 11000 agencies equals 0.096% 26% of those 53,000 needing medical attention.

    The average citizen kills legally 64% as many citizens as the police do (261/406 in 2010).

    US population 304,000,000 vs 400 police shooting involving in death to the suspect? 0.00000132%.

    You are more likely to be killed by a relative, during a robbery, or by a juvenile gang member then by the police (FBI stats). There is on average, one fatal police shooting per day nationwide. There is one murder in Los Angeles city per day. NYC has 1.5 murders per day.

    Clearly, the numbers show that while police misconduct exists and is sometimes shocking, it is a tiny fraction of all police intactions with the general population.

    You’re just jealous, people like cops more then they like you…

  63. More THAN. Criminy, you torture the English language like an NYPD detective with a rectally inserted mop handle.

  64. Once again a pretty long post that does everything but answer the central question…””Why do you believe the lying liars who have just been caught lying?”

    What I find most interesting in your stats, and I haven’t yet confirmed your math are the following nuggets. And I would love to see where you cam up with the figure of “Police have 1200 shooting per year (on average).”

    1.You are more likely to be killed by a relative,

    2. In any given police interaction the suspect is 1000 times far more likely to be killed than the cop 0.07% vs 0.00009%.

    So if a family member is more likely to be involved in your death, and if a cop/citizen interaction is more likely to see the cop dead, then statistically the wife, acting in consort with the cop, are more likely to have committed murder.

    I appreciate the statistical confirmation.

  65. I’m sure the sources of these “stats” couldn’t possibly have had any reason to spin them or leave out relevant data, not to mention everything that isn’t reported, whether that be through fear of retaliation or an officer’s own misconduct. No need to refute stats whose sources can’t be relied upon.

    “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.”

  66. Men will kill their girlfriends’/lovers’ husbands, especially out of jealousy. Sounds like another murdered cuckold case by a wife’s manstress similar to that of Rusty Sneiderman of Dunwoody, GA.

  67. Hey comment sence, you mention the police report. Guess what, I have it. I read it many times. And you are wrong in every shit you have said.

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