In Pittsburgh, a SWAT team went to the wrong apartment (something that happens all too often these days) and, after smashing their door down and abusing a couple and their four small children, informed them that it was all their fault, because they didn’t have an apartment number on their door.

Among other things, they were according to AP:

  • Rousted out of bed at 6:00 by angry, heavily armed men.
  • Forced outdoors into the snow in below freezing temperatures.
  • Confined within the back of an unheated truck. They were given nothing to protect them from the cold until twenty minutes later and that was just a blanket.
  • Once they were finally released by their captors, the children, who were between and 15 months and 8 years old at the time were forced to walk barefoot through the snow in 20 degree weather. (Cue the grandpa walking to school jokes.)
  • Then the cops were kind enough to give them a number they could call to (eventually) get their door fixed.
  • Instead of saying sorry or expressing any sort “we fucked up bad” sort of sentiment, the friendly neighborhood cops explained that it was all their fault for not having an apartment number on their door (no word on whether that will be included with the new door), because police shouldn’t be expected to check and make sure they’re at the right apartment/house before they come storming through the door to terrorize innocent little children.

Wrong House SWAT Raid WerkmeisterOn the upside, none of the children made a furtive gesture or had to reach for their waistband to pull their pants up. So nobody was mistaken for an armed midget and shot 137 times. Also, they apparently didn’t have a dog. So, nobody had to fear for their life and execute it in front of the children, because it wagged its tail in their general direction.

Not surprisingly, the children are now “wary and timid around police.”

SWAT Wrong Address PittsburghTabatha Werkmeister and Grinage Wilson, the residents of that apartment, along with the four young children, have now filed a lawsuit against the City of Pittsburgh and the Pittsburgh Police Department seeking unspecified. Contrary to what the police told them that day in January of 2014, they feel that the police have an obligation to ensure they are at the right address prior to smashing someone’s door down and kidnapping people from their own homes in the dead of winter.

Werkmeister’s attorney, Margaret Coleman, took that argument even further stating two issues she has with the cops conclusion that her clients were the ones at fault:

“One is that they’re using the SWAT team much too frequently. In 2013, they used this paramilitary force more than 250 times against civilians,” Coleman told the AP. “The second (problem) is, when you’re going to use the kind of overwhelming force that’s designed to terrorize and overwhelm people, you have to make sure you’re using it against the right people.”

To be fair, that does seem sorta reasonable. I know cops are busy writing tickets and stuff to generate revenue most of the day, but looking up the location of a place you’re going to potentially burn the face off of a child at that day probably isn’t too much to ask.

Of course, if you don’t want a heavily armed gang smashing your door down in the middle of the night and terrorizing your young, innocent children why don’t you try not living in a neighborhood where someone may potentially break a law? And tell your kids to quit being thugs out there on the monkey bars during recess.

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  1. The responsibility for avoiding mistakes belong to the cops, who are choosing to do everything commando style. If you aren’t sure, don’t smash your way in. Innocent people were harmed, and could have been killed. All over spec ops wannabes playing soldier.

    T , you guys have the same sense of responsibility as voluntarist. You think at most that like minded individuals are who you should answer to. Like Rad, your entire breed resents any rules or criticism.
    It isn’t just their screw up, it is the consistent nation wide shitty attitude cops have regarding their mistakes and harm to the innocent.

    But congratulations. More people who know nothing of cop block now know how child like all cops are at being responsible. Think they’ll forget it?

    1. And like a lot of the problems we face with today’s police, it would be so, so easy to fix. Make the cops personally liable if they bust into the wrong apartment. If somebody ends up hurt or killed, they’re on the hook for that as well. I freaking well guarantee that every cop involved in the raid will make sure the address is correct. Currently they have no reason to use caution. They aren’t held responsible for mistakes, so none of them give a fuck.

      1. They’d also be less likely to use raids. Most raids are just boys with toys.

        At least fire the fuckups. Watch the team commander get the boot, and the rest will learn it isn’t a game.

      2. That is very true and I agree 100%, but personal liability will NEVER happen. Who the fuck would insure these tards? nobody, that’s who. The business model of insuring cops would fail right out of the gate.

  2. Oh, t, what the he’ll gives with pushing people out into the weather without proper protection? Is it just fun? They are in custody, and you’re responsible for the conditions you hold them in.

    But you don’t have a sense of your responsibility, do you?

    1. Because the cops thought they were drug dealers. And cops don’t give a crap about drug dealers rights. Or admitting it when they are wrong.

      1. I don’t exactly give a crap about drug dealers rights myself. But that is kind of the point of rights. Rights don’t exist to protect criminals from their just deserts. They exist to protect the innocent from government excess. Because a cop being ‘sure’ doesn’t mean he is correct.

    2. Goof…I already told you…your dignity is not our problem…when will you get it….Oh never.

        1. Dude he isnt a cop. Hes a looser. Just ignore him. He is either trolling as a cop to try to build more anger against police or he is being ironic.

  3. Did they look to see if any of the surrounding apartments had numbers? Contact the property manager and obtain a map or floorplan to confirm they had the right apartment? Conduct even the slightest bit of due diligence to confirm they had the right residence?

    *shakes Magic 8-Ball*

    “All signs point to no.”

    1. They know they will not be held accountable, so they just don’t care. It’s time for people to start blowing these pieces of shit away on sight. Find the nearest one and end them until there are none left.

    2. I am pretty sure that most cities have a floor plan of multi-family dwellings and apartment / condo numbers filed with the fire department. It is usually the law to have that on record and up to date. These fags know that. But it would take time out of their “eating donuts” time to look it up.

  4. LET IT BE KNOWN as of December 1, 2014, under the court
    decision of August 25, 2014 that convicted the United States Corporation and
    their officers of fraud, extortion, human trafficking, involuntary servitude,
    murder, high treason, and crimes against humanity, all corporate governmental,
    judicial and enforcement powers and authority are revoked and nullified and all
    such personnel are hereby ordered to immediately STAND DOWN.

    Any further corporate governmental intervention
    into any matter regarding any activity in any of the several states related to the Respublica of Earth, United States of
    America is now considered a Breach of the Peace.

    LET IT BE FURTHER KNOWN that anyone disregarding
    this ORDER is considered personally liable for acts leading criminality against the People and faces immediate arrest
    and detainment by the Court of Ages, Earth District Natural Law Peace Officers deputized by the Court which
    includes all militia and National Guard.

  5. cops should have just shot the whole family in fear of their safety.. then there would be no witnesses to their minor error. (JC and T philosophy )

  6. cops should have just shot the whole family in fear of their safety.. then there would be no witnesses to their minor error. (JC and T philosophy )

      1. really? why? I’m so disappointed and will greatly miss his rational comments. (BTW sarcasm is best when people actually believe you’re being sincere…lol)

        1. Let’s just say a little birdie told me. ;)

          1. wouldn’t it be ironic that he was beaten, tased and shot by his own kind…lol

          2. I would absolutely lose it laughing if he ended up as a story on this site.

          3. ROTFLMFAO

          4. you serious DPGP?

          5. I don’t know what happened to him, he went missing 8 or 9 days ago. Either he’s in jail, dead, or on vacation where he doesn’t have access to the Internet. I don’t think he can keep himself from posting, so he must be somewhere where he can’t post.

    1. But dumbass what has the family did wrong that made you think they deserved to be shot by the police? Please explain that dipshit

      1. they are fuck wads like you that deserve to die because the cops say so. so who’s the dumbass???? fuckers like you that think you’re better than our lordmaster’s in uniform.

  7. Good thing they didn’t have a dog…it would be dead.

    Never trust police.

  8. people put steel doors on your house if you have glass in any of your doors your screwed if you put new doors on reinforce the jam with a piece of steel before you trim it out put some sort of bar, 2×4, pipe to go across the door ,this will give you plenty of time to get the coffee going and the shotgun’s out of the corner .if you can afford it get the clear securty plastic thats go’s on the windows no flash bangs make them work for it

  9. that the general anti with police it never there fault they are never wrong and it many many marriage with cops have ended because of that attitude that they are never wrong even when they are totally legal wrong. i mean it just like the man when the cam in early morning full blamed out assault weapons without any info on who they actually were. The owner woke up and shot them thing they were nightrider i men the cops were asking for trouble to climb into bathroom window early morning in full black out gear without telling the home owner in anyway the were actually police. iIt just radio to hold that home owner responable for shooting blacked out an full armed men under cover swatt team, who were crawling in early miring through this mans bathroom window the same way a real robber would do it. The guy is sitting in jail for charges for it as well. Also the man did not know and feared they wr arbors so right there the charges are already false charges and it just how corrupt our crime justice system not just at pool e love but at DA love and even crust judges who envfroce and allow ridicil charges for mureder to home owner who had grown large men fully in balk with assault weapons climbing through his window in the early morning with no knock warrant. That cation is reasonable explain and the mans hod have never been charged with any type of crime charge for shooting the cops who decided to act so files in entering this mans home.

      1. Not that sure you an ask wives of police officer they say they are never wrong you can never be right and it just something you learn to accept/

  10. Much of this nonsense is about funding, use it or lose it. So they gotta go out and do some raids. Pure and simple. I had to call 911 about 10 years ago because I was choking to death, I almost died. The cop lectured me that my house numbers should be by the front door and not the garage. True story.

    1. Wanna bet the real target of the SWAT raid now disposed of the evidence?

  11. Too bad the lady didn’t have a weapon because those cop’s deserved to be picked off for terrorizing this family,

  12. Also am i hearing this right? NO JC Lately? :)

    1. I mean am i reading this right lol

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