Ray Tensing pled not guilty today in a court appearance to murder charges in the fatal shooting of Sam Dubose during a traffic stop. Dubose had been stopped for not having a front license plate. (See below for the body cam videos.) Tensing has also been charged with the lesser crime of voluntary manslaughter.

According to ABC News:

Ray-Tensing-mug-and-Sam-DuboseA University of Cincinnati police officer who fatally shot a motorist during a traffic stop pleaded not guilty Thursday to murder charges and was ordered jailed on $1 million bond.

People in the courtroom audience erupted into cheers and clapped when officer Ray Tensing’s bond was set at $1 million, drawing the ire of Judge Megan Shanahan.

“Ladies and gentlemen! This is a courtroom,” the judge said sharply.

Tensing is also charged with voluntary manslaughter in the July 19 shooting of Samuel DuBose of Cincinnati, who was stopped for not having a front license plate.

Defense attorney Stewart Mathews said there are two sides to the case and that the much-viewed body camera video of the traffic stop can be interpreted differently from the prosecutor’s version.

He described Tensing as “very depressed” and “in shock,” adding that the officer felt “like he’s been run over by a train from the start of this case.”

Tensing, 25, was fired soon after he was indicted. He had been with the University of Cincinnati for more than a year after starting police work in 2011 in a Cincinnati suburb. He has a UC degree in criminal justice.

Click here for previous coverage of the Sam Dubose case.

The high bail amount, along the indictment itself is a rarity among cops who shoot people. All the attention focused on recent shootings, especially those of unarmed people and, in particular, minorities may have had some impact on that. Use of body cams by the University of Cincinnati police may have also played a big part in that. Obvious discrepancies between the body cam footage and the statements by other officers, as well as Tensing himself in the police report would have made it difficult for the police and district attorney to simply declare this murder justified.

According to the same article, the other officers, who made statements supporting Tensing’s account of the events, have been suspended during an internal investigation and the D.A. Joe Deters has called for the disbandment of the entire U of C campus police department:

Phillip Kidd and David Lindenschmidt are on leave while the university police department conducts an internal investigation, she said.

Body camera footage from the two officers was released Thursday. Kidd can be heard saying he saw Tensing being dragged. And in other footage, Lindenschmidt can be heard telling another officer that Tensing “went down, got tangled in the car and drew his gun and fired.”

In Lindenschmidt’s video, Tensing can be seen on the ground and then getting up. But there is no indication on the video of how of how he ended up on the ground.

Joe Deters, the prosecutor who brought the murder charge, told The Cincinnati Enquirer that both Kidd and Lindenschmidt testified before the grand jury that indicted Tensing.

Deters said the university should disband its department and turn over policing to the city.

It is, of course, paid leave – A.K.A. paid vacation. So some things don’t change, regardless. However, the tendency of police chiefs to automatically defend police officers accused of misconduct, even in deadly shootings, seems to be one of those things that is changing for the better:

“This officer was wrong,” Police Chief Jeffrey Blackwell said Wednesday, adding that officers “have to be held accountable” when they’re in the wrong.

UPDATE: He’s already managed to raise money for the $100k bond and has been released.


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  1. This is a RARE instance of a DA actually pressing charges against a cop. BUT…….there’s a few reasons why only in THIS instance a cop (may) face justice:
    A) Tensing is part of a private campus police force….not the DA’s own darling Cincinnati police.
    The DA would like the campus police shut down and replaced by his chummy Cincinatti police.
    B) With all the publicized police misconduct in and around Cincinatti, the DA is no doubt concerned about next fall’s re-election bid. He knows too many people are finally wise to his past ‘protection’ of the police forces under his control.
    DA’s LOVE the money and power of the position.

    That is the only reason why DA Joe Deters is suddenly an advocate for victims of police misconduct/murder.

    Don’t fall for it voters in Cincinatti. Joe Deters is NOT what he’s trying to make you think he is.

    1. Very good points. I hadn’t considered your point A about replacing the campus police with his own.

    2. while that may be happening, he’s actually doing his job. i honestly think he doesn’t want cincinnati to burn to the ground more than both of those points. i live in cincinnati. joe deters does not fuck around like most DAs. he’s not tough on anyone he works with? ask tracie hunter how that went when he called in a special prosecutor that wouldn’t do her favors. or the cincinnati cops that he has sent to jail.

      1. I hope you’re right…..and the fix is not in.

  2. He’s paid the 100k and is out on bond.

    1. He’s 25, and unless he had a whole hell of a lot of equity in a house, saved a whole lot of his salary, or had a trust fund he could convert, someone else paid that $100,000.
      Just pointing out the obvious, glaring mistake in “He’s paid”, and nothing you wouldn’t do about someone not a cop or cop-like.

      1. “Someones’ paid…”

        It seemed that from one account, donations were “pouring in” from across the land.

        1. Amazing isn’t it?
          Would this be an appropriate time to play the race card?

          1. I’m sure its in the deck.

          2. Well, you used it for Bland in Texas, so I’m sure it’s in your deck.

        2. The donations had to be from other cops or departments. They have millions in cash from civil forfeiture lying around so the 100K was peanuts.

  3. The more times I see this video, the madder it makes me.
    These cops have gotten away with so much for so long, that it becomes second nature for them to treat us citzens like animals.
    Thank you Supreme court for finding every which way till Sunday to shred our constitutional rights in favor of the police state. But I’m sure you judges don’t ever have to worry about the police pulling their shit on you……

  4. Who is this judge to tell people how to react? It is clear she does not represent the people and should not have been voted into her position. Her comment shows she is part of the problem. The whole system needs to start being held accountable. Not just police, but judges, prosecutors, DA’s, chiefs, and other elected officials. Also we as citizens have to be held accountable for getting real leaders who represent us into these positions of leadership.

    1. A BIG part of the problem lies with the local media for said officials. They (might) report something as serious as a death (such as this instant case), but they purposely refuse to report on the vast majority of misconduct by those officials…….those never seeing the light of day by the voters. The local media are slaves to the re-election wishes of those officials.

      Case in point.
      I sued a district attorney and police department (alleging the truth that the DA conspired with the police to conduct an illict search of my home…..with the goal of searching my BROTHER’S home).
      My brother used to live with me YEARS prior and then moved into his own home).

      I took this all the way to SCOTUS.

      The DA and police fabricated a search warrant with the lies that my brother ‘owned’ my home….and ‘often stayed with me’….Both lies which could be verified by a simple property records request at the local courthouse.
      In short, they searched my home…in order to search my BROTHER’S home.

      The DA was running for re-election.
      I HANDED my lawsut to the two newspapers as well as a television station covering my area.
      Guess what? They refused to report……making the bogus rulings by all the judges against my lawsuit all the way up the ladder to SCOTUS WELL HIDDEN from the public.
      The end result?
      The courts were able to screw me (to protect their fellow government officials)……and the DA won re-election…..nobody being the wiser.
      kitko v young

      I submit that the media is complicit in helping keep badly behaving officials……and will only throw an official under the bus when something very serious brings in OUTSIDE media attention.

      1. Indeed a bit of media attention can really turn the light on a case. It’s a shame it takes such extra effort and attention for them to even begin in getting anything correct.

        Thank you for sharing your experience. Interestingly enough I had an encounter with police just a few days ago in which I believe I was both illegally detained and forced and threatened to comply with an illegal seizure of my Texas ID. Texas is not a stop and identify state. Anyway I am going to be speaking with an attorney about filing a civil suit. I feel the case has a lot of potential as I have the whole encounter on video. In fact I will soon upload it to the site here once I edit out some of my personal info in the vid. That’s what’s brought me here really.

        Anyways yes I agree absolutely it’s sad the system cannot even begin to get things right on their own without outside pressure.

        Take care.

        1. Best wishes with your legal options.
          Having a recording hopefully will force the cops to settle. Posting the video here will certainly help.
          Everything is important when EVERY federal judge is secretly going to do his utmost to let the cop skate.

      2. NO. 3:10-189

        If it’s that one, it seems that you didn’t have much of a case.

        1. I would like to know who you are common sense. Every 8 or 9 months when I come on here for the last 4 years you have been on just degrading everything. Do you not have people to protect or are you so pathetic and have no life you troll this until it is dead? What is your name and city please tell me

          1. True:
            Why do you want to know who CS is? Because he’s an excellent researcher and exposes so many lies on this site with ease? Are you of the typical,CBer variety and you wish to harm him because he doesn’t agree with you?

          2. Maybe he was trying to dirty him. Knowing who CS is opens exposing him for any mistakes he may have made. From those mistakes…

            Dirtying is so bankrupt.

          3. Gern Blanston….maybe

          4. Oh come on, you’re Slartibartfast. Maker of worlds.

            Ouups, that’s t. You wouldn’t be the comely girl by chance? I so like comely girls.

        2. There’s much you cannot tell by JUDGES write for public consumption.
          For instance, the district attorney refused to provide…and LIED about the whereabouts of cell phones that “supposedly” connected my home in his deposition in the civil case. That evidence in his county’s posession was key to proving the DA and cops fabricated probable cause.

          After my civil case, I had my brother sign over the cell phones to me and filed a 2nd petition to return property ( i had filed the 1st one during my civil case but the judge refused it….telling me to file it in the county for which the property was seized).
          So i filed that petition a few months ago in my county….and guess what?
          Suddenly the DA defendent in my civil case files his own motion to have the property destroyed/forfeited wth that same qst judge who told me to file the motion in MY county….. (the property the DA he said earlier in his deposition that he could not “get his hands on).

          His buddy judge in his county preempted the hearing I already had scheduled in my county with my county’s judge, and would not take testimoney nor allow the evidence to be examined to determine if it was indeed part of any crime. The DA ‘s buddy judge ruled illegally to destroy the evidence. He gave me just 5 days, but did’nt want to give me ANY time to appeal. Oh…and this judge’s court reporter lied in his transcripts about what occurred in this hearing.

          I just managed to get an appeal to the Pa. Superior court filed in time.

          I am now awaiting the ruling of that appeal.

          Something else for you to ponder. That DA threatened my 1st attorney with prosecution for my daring to file a suit against him. That attorney begged me (while crying) for me to drop the suit (he was under threat with the unlimited recources of the state).
          I refused and decided I had to go pro se than to trust an attorney who would only throw my case under threat. The TRUTH is coming.

        3. Nice call. Clearly they conspired against him because pro se in his mind shouldn’t have to rise to meeting the burden of “sufficient facts” to satisfy “elements” like lawyers must.

          And then I think of police reports that are full of those sufficient facts to meet those elements through the use of canned phrases that sometimes don’t hold up to scrutiny. Yet swallowed by so many.

          1. Ray:
            Are those the same lawyer that give a thousand different opinions about the same incident?

            Ha ha

          2. No. I like non-fiction.

    2. The jugde is the boss of the court. Her word is law and the court is her kingdom. You would do well not to critisize the jugde or maybe youll wind up in her court ansering for your disrespect

      1. Whatever. If the Judge shows respect, he/she will get respect in return.

        1. No for jugdes the respect goes one way. If you are in her court you must obey and kneel when instructed to. The jugde has earned societys’ respect through the years and sacrifice it took to become our jugde. You will respect to the jugde lest ye be jugded yourself

          1. What sacrifice did they make? Judges and police kneel to me lest they deal with my wrath. Have you ever seen me angry? You wouldn’t like it when I am angry. I have the means and the conviction to avenge any injustices levied against me or the people I care about.

      2. And no, her word is NOT law.

      3. You really ARE an asshole!

        1. The jugde will hear about this. You will show respect

    1. Yep….that POS will come up with ANY amount to avoid being anywhere near a big black man in a cage…..where Tensing cannot escape.
      He needs to go to jail……really badly.

    2. Someone hurt this pos down and shoot him on the street. Leave his body there to actually get ran over.

      Now is your chance. Your fellow countrymen are behind you

      1. shoot him in the head, just like he did.

        But don’t forget to claim you were dragged first.

    3. at least he’s not under suicide watch anymore – there’s nobody to stop him if he tries!

  5. i love how the cop is very depressed about this. is he depressed that he killed someone or his he sad that he didn’t get away with it like every other idiot cop

    1. Considering his nonchalant demeanor after shooting a man in the head at point blank range, I’d say it’s the latter.

  6. “Defense attorney Stewart Mathews described Tensing as “very depressed” and “in shock,” adding that
    the officer felt “like he’s been run over by a train from the start of this case.””

    I’ll bet the dead man would feel the same way, you piece of shit.

    You killed a man, but YOU’RE the victim? AHAHAHAHAHA, enjoy jail, you subhuman trash!

    1. I know right. Mr. Dubose isn’t getting to feel much of anything, let alone “depression” or “shock”. And Tensing says he’s felt “like” he’s been run over by a train. Well I wonder what Mr. Dubose would say he felt “like” about being shot in the head.

    2. Show some comppasion for the officer. The dead man feels nothing anymore, he is at peace, but the officer is a live and suffers for his laps in jugdment. Once the legal formality is out of the way the officer should be given an other chance to proove himself a officer every one can be prowd of

      1. Stop defending a murderer.

      2. hell no he just murdered somone.. he should never b allowed to touch a firearm again,

  7. Why does everyone ignore the fact that the criminal put his car in drive and attempted to flee from a police officer. Not caring if he ran him over in the process. What about the officers right to protect himself. The police do a job that very few people are willing to do, and they deserve our respect instead of being victimized and persecuted. Not to mention they are paid modestly. If you are insinuating that this 25 year old cop who went to school and obtained a criminal law degree intended to go out and kill someone that day, you are ignorant. He did the best he could in a difficult circumstance.

    1. No he didnt the cop touches his door unlawfully without any kind of explanation as to why. The guy got scared the cop got mad and shot him period. he wasn’t trying to run him over just trying not to get kidnapped over nothing. at no point did this cop have any right to force him out of his car not for a traffic stop. No plate ticket or warning not dead. Thats why. You want respect you earn it by not violating peoples rights and respect for the consittuion and the people you serve not demand it.

      1. The criminal put his car in drive in an attempt to run from a police officer during his investigation. Not caring if he ran him over in the process. The cop reached in to stop him from putting the car in drive, as you can clearly see in the video.

        1. The criminal is the cop. And you defend him. Who cares what criminal apologists like you think?

          1. He’s a criminal when he’s convicted. You aren’t a cop, by chance, because they believe they arrest criminals.

        2. You’re an idiot. Driving away from someone isn’t an attempt to run them over. You would do a better job defending Tensing if you didn’t lie in your comments.

          1. Driving away from someone who has their hands in your car trying to stop you from driving away. Is putting that person at risk of bodily harm. If he tried to drive away while Tensing was 10 feet away that’s another story. But he. accelerated while tensing was struggling with him inside the car. Watch the video it’s clearly visible what happened.

          2. “Driving away from someone who has their hands in your car trying to stop you from driving away.”

            If a private person walked up and put there hands on your wheel to stop you, I’m sure you’d recognize that as an act of aggression. If some random guy did that wouldn’t you try to get away? What’s different when a cop does it? He has the magic jewelry of authority from the cult of government? The cop put himself in harm’s way when he threatened and attacked this person. The gentleman was trying to flee the aggressor in defense of himself.

          3. First the man put the car in drive in an attempt to flee. The officer responded to that by reaching his hands in the car to try and stop him from hurting him or someone else by his reckless actions. This “gentleman” you speak of was trying to drive away from a police officer who was in the middle of a traffic stop. What if there had been a woman and her child crossing the street in front of them, or another car on the road. The perp wanted to avoid being arrested by driving away without any regards to the officers or anyone else’s safety.

          4. Did you see him look around for oncoming traffic before he tried to speed away? Hell no he didn’t.

          5. Did you see him look around for oncoming traffic before he tried to speed away? Hell no he didn’t.

          6. He was being attacked by a violent madman?!?!

          7. He was being attacked by a psycho homicidal criminal cop. His life was in danger. Fleeing was perfectly reasonable and necessary. Why should he have any regard for someone’s safety who is attacking him? Why shouldn’t he have killed the cop right there on the spot? The cop is an antisocial maniac; magic cult jewelry doesn’t change that reality.

          8. People like you should not be given the privilege of voting. You are the reason this country is as screwed up as it is. Please don’t have children.

          9. Lame effort. The cop was fine.

        3. FYi he wasnt’ a criminal. yes he has a past or might but at that moment he wasnt’ a criminal. and In ohio it’s illegal to kill someone fleeing for nothing more than a misdameanor or traffic ticket. cop had no business pulling his service revolver since it wasn’t a felon in flight but someone who got scared and tryed ot run. Look it up. FYI judge not lest thy be judged might want to learn from that.
          and incase you missed it cop lied in his report about being dragged video clearly shows that too.

        4. and investigation where? it was a traffic stop nothing more no investigation.

    2. Are you going to visit your thug boyfriend in jail? You can look at him through the glass and tell him how much you respect him for being a criminal into the dirty little phone.

    3. That pig deserved to get run over. So shut up. You blame the victim and support the criminal. You are scum and a piece of trash.

      1. He deserved to get run over why? He was simply trying to identify the person he pulled over. Even if you don’t agree with why you were stopped that doesn’t give you the right to put a cops life in danger. He put his car in drive and accelerated making it a deadly weapon. The cop had ever right to defend himself. Not to mention the cop was not rude and he didn’t escalate the situation or do anything to justify getting run over. He was just trying to do his job and he reacted to a threat against his life. The whole thing is tragic but the cop has no criminal intent he was trying to protect himself.

        1. The cop wasn’t defending anything. He was the aggressor in the situation. The moment the lights go on is a death threat. Pull over or they’ll escalate the level of force to make you comply. Up to and including kill you on the spot if they think it’s what it takes to get you to stop. That’s what the flashing lights mean. Just trying to do his job is meaningless. His “job” is to work as a professional enforcer for the government extortion mob/religious cult. All professional criminals are just doing their jobs when they commit crimes. People have a right to defend themselves from these violent mafiosi you religiously worship as messianic savior figures.

          “Even if you don’t agree with why you were stopped that doesn’t give you the right to put a cops life in danger.”

          Why should we accept this as true? Every time the cops pull someone over, they are threatening the target’s life. If the targets of the police street gang are in danger of being killed they have a reasonable fear of their own safety EVERY time. Why would they not have the right to self defense when facing a threat upon their own life?

          1. You have no right to deffend your self. The law is right and you are wrong. Compply or die

          2. t’s troll.

        2. The car is a deadly weapon if it’s aimed at the officer. It isn’t if the officer chooses to hold on, which he didn’t. He was standing to the side.

          Dubose failing to provide his birthdate has an issue from ORC 2921.29: “when requested
          by a law enforcement officer who reasonably suspects either of the following: (1)
          The person is committing, has committed, or is about to commit a criminal offense. The lack of a front plate doesn’t fall into that, and the action Dubose took fell after the question. And cop prescience is about as good as flipping a coin…

          “Not to mention the cop was not rude” not pertinent. ” do anything to justify getting run over.” he wasn’t, he was standing to the side. “He was just trying to do his job and he reacted to a threat against his life.” which is way he was fired, arrested, and charged, because police chiefs fire, and prosecutor’s charge, cops for just doing their job and reacting to a threat against their life.

          “The whole thing is tragic but the cop has no criminal intent he was trying to protect himself.” I sympathize, I’ve likely made the same argument for non-cops, but criminal intent and protecting himself is for a jury to decide. Now, being a skeptic, a cynic, and a pragmatist, if the prosecutor only brings a charge of murder (whatever level) without including lesser charges of manslaughter, the fix is in because, by you as an example of about 70-75% of Americans who hero worship, he won’t get convicted of murder. Cops are convicted of murder when it’s so blatant it can’t be ignored.

          1. I think it is pretty clear…..he will be convicted. Many people are fed up with police abuse.

          2. And many more either look away or can’t see it all. If you want a safe bet, he won’t be convicted of murder. Cops don’t murder unless it’s so egregious it can’t be ignored, and that usually has “off-duty” or “spouse” tied to it.

        3. Yout really are stupid, aren’t you? I mean, really stupid. He should have just backed up and let him go. He had his tag# and description of the vehicle, he could have radioed in the info and got him later.

    4. He didn’t try to run over the cop. He tried to flee a worst. The cop redefined the story.

      “The police do a job that very few people are willing to do, and they deserve our respect instead of being victimized and persecuted. Not to mention they are paid modestly.”

      Bull. If they can’t act professional, act with integrity, or police their own, they don’t deserve respect. Look at t always making as ass of himself and defending foul mouthed unprofessional cops. We aren’t people to them. Innocents get harmed by cops, and they don’t care.

      As for pay, modestly define by who? Many cops take home fine paychecks and bennies we can only dream of. And maybe what keeps some people from being cops is their culture of corruption. I don’t feel like hanging people who commit crimes and demand I play along. And that is cops, with their thin blue line mentality. Team Blue before integrity.
      Most people have tough jobs in one fashion or another. There aren’t any free rides.

      1. The median pay of $53k is slightly above the median household income (total pay and 1 or 2 workers in the household) for the nation at $52k. That $53k doesn’t include overtime, the worth of benefits, or pension. Nor does it take in the cost of living scale in the different states (that goes both ways of course).

        I’ve seen reports of Phoenix and Tucson police making 6 figures without being high up in management. Like supervisors and senior patrolmen.

        Yeah there is a problem of insularity in the culture.

    5. The police do a job that very few people are willing to do

      You’re an idiot. Millions of people have applied to be police officers. How is that “very few”?

      And you realize that their job is less deadly than being a garbage collector, right?

    6. In that moment that he drew his gun and fired he could have instead stood back and watched him go. The officer was never in any danger. Simple.

    7. I don’t see it being ignored. Fleeing isn’t an action that demands bullets except in rare cases. The officer was standing to the side of the car, so your “Not caring if he ran him over” is a special pleading.

      What I do see is the very system you likely applaud when it arrests, charges, tries, and convicts, has arrested and charged this officer. It’s the prosecutor’s narrative you have to deal with, the same narrative defense attorneys fight everyday.

      Here are two great quotes: “Defense attorney Stewart Mathews said there are two sides to the case
      and that the much-viewed body camera video of the traffic stop can be interpreted differently from the prosecutor’s version.” and “This officer was wrong,” Police Chief Jeffrey Blackwell said Wednesday, adding that officers “have to be held accountable” when they’re in the wrong.” The irony is that you are on the side of the defense attorney. How often do you find yourself there and why now?

      The rest of what you wrote was an appeal to emotion. Among other things.

  8. He was charged, Not convicted. It will be interesting to see how all this turns out. I doubt he will be prosecuted for murder.

    1. You’re an idiot. He’s already being prosecuted for murder.

      Did you mean that you doubt he will be convicted of murder, or that you doubt he will be put on trial for murder?

      1. How is he already being prosecuted for murder? The trial hasn’t started. Just more copblock bullshit.

        1. An indictment or information is the first step in the process of criminal prosecution, you colossal imbecile.

          1. An indictment is not a conviction dumbass.

          2. You said, and I quote:

            “How is he already being prosecuted for murder? The trial hasn’t started. Just more copblock bullshit.”

            You remain a colossal imbecile. I think I’ll add “ignoramus” to the list, just to be thorough.

          3. No, you are the colossal imbecile. Get off your daddy’s lap. pull up your big girl panties and go play with your dollies.

          4. You are truly a colossal imbecile and ignoramus. I’ve seen some aggressively idiotic people in my time, but you have them all beat. Congratulations on being the biggest dummy I have ever come across.

        2. JC = Idiot that doesn’t know the definite not prosecuted

  9. ya this POS if at least guilty of manslaughter, hope the jury ahd the same sence as a the grand jury but doubt it. cop lovers will probably be packed on the jury.

  10. he looks a lot like darren wilson too. seems like the more and more the POS cops kill the more it looks like Darren Wilson got away with murder too. Because a lot of these cases are similar to the Ferguson case Hands up still got shot, beat and arested for what not using her blinker, Indian that’s trying to get swept under the rug dies in jail for some dumb fine, this one no front plate? Freddie gray getting a nickel ride etc…l ya Darren wildon got away with murder. This guy might but who knows. That other POS in South or North Carolina who shot that guy in the back fleeing but still in the back.
    BTW all you cop lovers LA just banned high capacity magazines guess whos coming to enforce that law? Cops that’s who guess you’ll have to comply or get shot huh HYPOCRITS.

  11. The 100K is nothing. Probably contributed from other departments slush funds (civil asset forfeiture). Pleading not guilty…standard procedure. But what he did was indefensible. It was murder. And the fucking lying is just infuriating. Lie lie lie lie. It rolls off their tongue like they must have an entire course while in the academy on lying.

  12. The guy IS a sociopath. No doubt. Guys go into the military to be trained as professional killers in war. Many of them are pretty messed up in the head when they come back, and rightfully so. This dude is just a ticket writer, a beat cop. And yet he murdered an innocent person, not an enemy of the state, not someone we have declared war with, nothing. His only reaction was to cover his ass by saying he wanted to avoid being run over and might have scuffed up his pants. Really? That’s his concern? He paid absolutely no attention to THE DEAD GUY IN THE CAR. There is seriously something wrong with the guy. Oh, and as a bonus, he lasted 1 day in state trooper training. He quit.

  13. Anybody wondered why only this video is the only one that has been released?

    Scuttlebutt is that the others paint a dramatically different picture of what occurred.
    It’ll be interesting to see how far they moved before the shot was fired.
    To me it looks like they moved 8-10 feet. I’ve seen elsewhere where some familiar with the area say they it was closer to 20 feet.

    Just wondering why…with what is described as such an open and shut case…and with such remarkable transparency by the DA….that the other videos haven’t been shown.


    1. It is an open and shut case. The vehicle moved, if at all, a few inches. The pig had unholstered his weapon prior to the suspect even starting his vehicle. He will be convicted of manslaughter at the very least.

      Question for you, if Tensing had not been a cop, would you still believe his story? The self defense standards for police and non-police are the same.

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