Boise Police and Swat were serving a warrant inside an apartment building on July 16th for theft and drugs.  They busted down the door and threw a flash-bang into the apartment unit.  The only problem was, it was the wrong address.

Police Deputy Operations Chief Eugene Smith said Friday the error “is rare and certainly regrettable.” He says officers apologized to the apartment occupants and began to do “all they could to make it right, including paying for repairs and securing the apartment.”  Smith also stated that they are investigating the incident to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

Stories like this one are becoming all to common over the last few months.  Officers are getting warrants and going to the wrong place and tearing up people’s homes.  For Chief Smith to say that this occurrence is “rare and certainly regrettable,” is a flat-out lie.  It might be rare for that department, but this is happening more and more across the country.

The militarization of our police forces across the country and their never-ending desire to bust heads has placed a dark shadow over them and caused the current mistrust and dislike for our police.  They show no regard for the safety of the citizens that they have been charged with protecting, which shows in how sloppy they have become in the basics, such as verifying what address they are supposed to be raiding.

boise swatThe residents of that apartment are lucky to not have been injured or killed due to the negligence of these officers.  Paying for the damage is a start, but what really needs to happen is a full-scale investigation into the officers that took part in this raid and determine why they assaulted the wrong citizens, and then discipline them.

Had those people decided to protect themselves from these armed intruders, we would have seen a different headline where the officers killed armed assailants ‘trying to kill’ the police who were conducting the raid.  We would have seen a massive cover-up, and these innocent people would have been believed to be the aggressors, even though they were just protecting themselves from an armed attack.

Consider contacting your state representatives to bring legislation to the table that would hold officers accountable for these types of negligent acts and allow citizens to defend themselves from such attacks.  Indiana has already done this and it is time for the citizens across the country to have the same right to protect themselves from these armed thugs.

Dance your mouse this way and press the little button to get your shit all stickered up.
Dance your mouse this way and press the little button to get your shit all stickered up.


  1. Rare in regard to what exactly? Cop’s have gotten so eager to go tacticool that everything is worthy of a spec ops raid. They’ve dumbed the requirements down so much that huge numbers of mistakes are impossible to avoid. Such a violent method of LE leaves little room for mistakes. If you think you’re professional enough to do it, then you are claiming you’re professional enough to do it right.

    Do cops like t not understand the consequences for these mistakes? Minimal offenders die in the confusion. Innocent people get harmed or killed. Even if no one is physically harmed, harm is still caused. Or are cops stupid enough to think that having a bunch of geared up soldiers yelling death threats is easy to forget? People, especially children, have repeatedly reported after effects. A cop goes home to steak. Parents get to take kids to counseling because of nightmares.

    Cops think “It is only criminals we’re hurting. They deserve it.” Well it isn’t only criminals. And many of the criminals are petty criminals.
    If it is worth a raid, then it is clearly worth finding ways to avoid a raid. In that famous Pima AZ case, they knew his work schedule. Why didn’t they pick him up at work? Answer? Because that isn’t as much fun. The video showed cops desperately eager to be in on a kill.

    Cops get to volunteer for the risks they take, which are minimal anyway. But their victims get no choice at all.

    1. “Do cops like t not understand the consequences for these mistakes?”

      I think they understand but just don’t care. People are just eggs to be broken to make their cops uber alles omelette.

    2. Applause.
      Cops don’t care, they have the weaponry so they itch to use it.

    3. @Shawn:
      Ahhh…is that the smell of a stinky pile.

      Show me the law that says we have to respect you,

      1. In other words, you can’t refute the truth of what I said. And you still won’t go take you disrespect the citizens attitude and tell it to a news crew.

  2. Another silly article. The PD already apologized. Such is life. Mistakes happen.

    1. So apologizing is enough. What if they’d harmed someone, you piece of shit? It happens. If they aren’t professional enough to avoid pizza delivery mistakes, they aren’t professional enough to trust making raids.

      1. You know this is slappy just trolling. You will not reason with this dumb bitch! Pick the topic and one can guess how he comments every time!

        1. JC is like a repeatable record player.

        2. That’s why I imagine a new way for him to die everyday. I definitely wouldn’t waste any intellect on this piece of human garbage.

          1. More threats, more paperwork, more emails. They will be holding you in jail for a very long time.

          2. Fuckoff and die. No threats just wishes. Cunt.

          3. I have been doing this to him for a year and a half, I’m surprised he still responds. It’s obviously legal what I’m doing, or the police would have come and talked to me by now.

          4. Shut up before someone shuts you up, Slappy!

          5. Maybe I should stop trolling you, or should I just make you disappear. Because we all know I’m not going to stop trolling you. So maybe something else is in order. I will have to think about it.

      2. It’s chicken little Shawn. The sky is always falling in your world. No one got hurt you piece of shit which means let it go. You like to spout off but you won’t join the force and show them how to do it.

        1. People showed them how to do it for centuries before there was even a police force.

          And people were psychologically hurt and property was damaged. Are you saying if someone blows up your car you just need to let it go if you weren’t hurt?

          How about if I just steal it? No one was physically hurt, just let it go. I might have made a mistake and thought it was my granny’s car. No biggie right?

          You are such a little chicken shit.

          1. Your mental and emotional scars aren’t my job…that’s what counselors are for.

            You should of thought about that before you chose to break the law.

        2. That is the same logic RAD uses about speeding, drunk driving, etc. You agreeing with him now? Or is it only for when it is cops?

          They don’t want to know how to do it. Don’t you get it? They aren’t interested in controlling themselves.

          1. We are here to protect everyone else from you and your kind…the scum of society.

          2. By shooting and terrorizing their innocent families by mistake?

            And what kind of scrum am I? Other than disagreeing with you? Who is it you think I’ve harmed? What crimes am I guilty of?

          3. You are anti police…duh…that means you are helping the criminals and the terrorists.
            You mioght not mean to…but that’s what your doing…if you see it or decide to ignore.

        3. I’m curious if slow cooking your bottom half while still connected, if I could keep you alive for a week. Definitely something to think about. I just gotta make sure I don’t cause too much nerve damage, once they are damaged the fun is over.

    2. You make that comment on a topic like this and want people to believe you are in probations? Sure slappy!

      1. You need to get off you daddy’s lap, pull up your big girl panties, and go play with your dollies. I see you are disabled as a result of a MVA. It must be nice for you to sponge off the government and not be a productive member of society.

        1. You have used these lines before. Try again assswipe. Next time you try and pretend you are an educated cop, don’t use the same lines you used when you posted under your first name slappy. Besides, I could still kick your bitch ass any day.

        2. All cops Sponge off of We the people. How about you go get a real job that doesn’t sponge off of us.

        3. Are you actually stupid enough to believe thats how disability works? everyday I think you’ve hit rock bottom of stupid, you find some dynamite and blow another 20 feet down.

    3. try saying that to that baby that had a flashbang thrown in her face dumbass

      1. I remember that story the parents should’ve sued the police when they refused to pay

    4. Another stupid comments, big surprise there. How would you like to be prepared? Scrambled, over easy, or sunny side up?

    5. We know mistakes happen. You were born.

    6. Throwing a grenade into someones home and sending in militarized gestapo…isn’t a mistake you pig apologist…but a crime…

      1. The PD are not going to knock on the door of a drug dealer. Guess what, it isn’t a crime.

        1. Drugs should not be a crime…but stormtrooping someone’s home should be.

  3. Please help bring justice to these people. They will need it….they deserve it. A whole neighborhood was traumitized.

    The occupants will likely have ‘issues’ for years to come…flash bang Nazi assault raids by Boise Police are terrifying. ….I know… on 12.25.11 offr. (ROOKY) Adam Crist + 6 ‘bros’ attacked my former fiance…. on Christmas. They called me…TBone….3 X so I could hear it. I was on the phone to Ottawa Government officials & RCMP…trying to alert them Laura was at risk….in danger.

    I still am horrified that this happened. …and then was covered up. She told Agent Joseph Hess that she was gang raped….the Boise FBI did nothing! Not a godD thing…

    Then, Pierce Murphy..our former champion/hero Ombudsman moved to Seattle. ….there was no one to trust.

    Please watch over those suffering from Boise Police and their abusive ways. I am suing the City for Human Rights violations / Discrimination. ..for a $$$$$$. In 1991 I was beaten by 6 LAPD…then tortured. ..Christmas was always a day off from the pain for me….sacred. Holy.

    ☆mj13…. make arrests of the guilty cops…I’m tired of holding the torch alone…on splaid arms & legs and a cracked skull. Reopen the Hitchin/Hess file…12.26.11. I’m holding their DNA..I have the smoking gun…check the photos from Srgt. Quilter’s call on 12.26.11… Owyhee hotel. Her injuries were documented. and photographed by a City of Boise employee. They blamed the victim.

    If ANYTHING happens to me. Rampart….you know what to do. 9 X 2. ¡TODOS!

    Cpwbtdhk…. 777

    ‘all my relations’


    1. You can help bring justice to the neighborhood by slaughtering the police unit that did this. Anything short of that is not justice. The only good pig is a dead pig that has had his skin burned off with a curling iron.

      1. This individual is an agent provocateur trying to suck people into being labeled domestic terrorists for agreeing with his threats against specific law enforcement officers.

        1. I am no Agent Provocateur. If it was at all legal, I would burn every one of these fuckers myself. People are afraid to talk like I talk because they think the law is going to come get them, which I’m showing is not true. You have your freedom of speech, use it. The only good pig is a dead pig that has been hung by his own intestines. Citizens like you show how terrified the public is of police, that needs to change. The streets should run red with their blood.

          1. If not an agent provocateur, then someone that is off their meds. Freedom of Speech is not all inclusive, threats against specific individuals is illegal.

            Citizens like me have FB pages like this: The Serpent’s Asshole

  4. p.s.. This happened on 15th/Hill Road.. considered one of the better/best parts of Boisetown…not the ‘worst’.

    Oh….I’d bet my last Ike Dollar the people terrorized at 3 a.m…in my former neighborhood were white. Laura & I were….


  5. LYSANDER SPOONR 2012!!!!!!!

    1. The only thing that might stop him is the fact that he died almost 130 years ago.

      1. His absences would make the first round of debates rather difficult to overcome.

  6. How can 1 set of people across the entire United States be so fucking stupid. do they set out to only hire the mentally retarded? These fuckers need to be slaughtered, and slaughtered quickly for the safety of the rest of us. The only good pig is a dead pig who’s had his skin sanded off.

    1. And how is that they aren’t immediately fired for such a cock up?
      You make this monumental a mistake in the private sector and you are gone. No CEO is going to allow the damage to the company’s reputation nor the impending loss of money through litigation.

      Nor will the company’s insurer be so quick to renew their policy.
      Heads would roll and it would be raining pinkslips.

      But cops just get to carry on; maybe have a few days vacation and the taxpayers pay the litigation costs so there is no skin off the departments teeth.

    2. “do they set out to only hire the mentally retarded?”

      yes…hence the IQ mandate within the hiring process for these insecure pigs….

      1. This is proof that policing is too boring for the intellegent just as the IQ lawsuit said. Gotta set off fireworks every once in a while to keep the mentally deficient police occupied so even they don’t get too bored and start flinging their own feces around the precinct.

  7. “All to common”

    Yep. At least a couple of times a year out of More than 50,000 warrants.

    Maybe it’s just an understand of groups and sizes.
    The article about CHO and the bicyclists talked about “multiples cyclists. There were 2. Now…2 is more than 1…and 2 is I supposed “multiple”. But it’s not a common use of that word.

    1. Pay any attention, and you hear about it almost daily. And that’s just the ones that get any coverage. Most are significantly below the radar.

      It is a hell of a lot more than 2, and you know it.

      1. Plus all the times it isn’t a raid where police go to the wrong house and then harrass someone who has done nothing wrong.

        I had the police come to my house on a 911 Domestic Violence call.
        After a quick discussion it was determined they went to the wrong home on the wrong street.

        And they sat in my driveway for ten more minutes while trying to figure it out. I had neighbors asking me what it was all about. They could have really screwed with my reputation, security clearance, employment and many other aspects of my life because they can’t tell the difference between a Road and an Avenue. Or just shot me.

        Police like to downplay the ramifications of their many mistakes.

        1. Police are fucking morons. We could kill every last one of them and it would make no difference.

      2. Daily? Please list the last 7 for the last 7 days. Oh wait, you said “almost” daily. How about 4 out of the last 7 days?

        1. Do it yourself. You know I’m telling the truth. While you’re doing it, add in looking up that tea leaf raid. Where they raided a family over tea leaves, then lied to cover it up.

          On second thought, here

          Just select the 2015 year, and pick your category. You can get details on each of them.

          1. How odd…

            I followed your link and it seems to be all messed up. I select “2015” and “all” botched raids but yet when I select a given “botched” raid I get 1999 as the time it took place. Don’t you find that odd? I clicked again, “2002.” “2006” look it happened again.

            Want to try again? There should be 250 or so pins right? With 2015 noted squarely in the text. “Almost everyday” and what not.

            Also, it’s your claim Shawn, not mine. Even you know, broad brush aside, that the “botched” raids are rare, not common place.

          2. I just noticed their search doesn’t do years properly. Still, time and again, pay attention and look. You’ll see articles of “Wrong address,” “Nothing found” “Tea leaves”. I don’t even have to try and find them. But there is no definitive list of mistakes, partly because cops never admit they made a mistake.

            You don’t want to see it? Fine. Try this logic. You actually believe the 80+ raids are being that perfect? Now that is delusional. And even with a “Not common place” view, based on percentages, the total number will add up quickly. In one investigation, linked below, they found the results appalling. Less ten percent resulted in any convictions. That suggests a massive misuse of such force. But hey, everyone but cops is full of shit, right?

            I know you don’t want to see anything wrong. Bull. You’ll learn though. Because at the rate of increased use, you’ll see your door come down with marine wannabees piling in. Or it will be a family member.

            Here is one for you


          3. Focus your energy on improving yourself…then you can criticize.

          4. There’s so much irony in that post I can’t even begin.

          5. Nothing found is not a “botched” raid. Wrong address is a botched raid.

            You are only a few short from “almost daily.” Keep looking. I’ll wait.

          6. “Nothing found is not a “botched” raid. ”

            Bull. It means they are very likely wrong. Did you miss that tea leaf raid? They’ll raid on the most minimal intelligence imaginable.

          7. “Very likely” – even you now must know you are reaching.

            Remember 50,000 per year and you cite 2-3. Not quite the “almost daily” occurrence.

          8. “Nothing found is not a “botched” raid. Wrong address is a botched raid.” alright it’s time to pass over what you’re smoking. Puff puff give.

          9. It took you an hour to find two incidents, in two separate states. I guess the media has a hard time reporting their “almost daily” occurrences, since there are anywhere from 100-175 raids per day across the nation.

          10. This one wasn’t a wrong address it was a result of taking the word of a meth addict that that house had drugs.

          11. I think it comes down to the point that if you’re too fucking stupid to find the address, you’re probably too goddamn stupid to be part of that unit. Unfortunately all of us have to work around idiots, they are called other humans.

          12. Ahhh. again you show that you are all about the dope love…here’s what you and your ilk don’t get…we are here to protect everyone else from scum like you.

          13. Really? Funny, since scrum like you endanger innocent people like this family.

            It isn’t about dope love. It is knowing the limits of justification, and that ends don’t justify the means.

            Fighting drugs is fine. But there are still limits to what that justifies. Getting one small time drug dealer isn’t worth putting innocent people in danger. Getting him won’t change the world.

            Does the concept of “sometimes the cure is worse than the disease” escape you?

          14. When you are killed, nobody will need protecting from you. And this is precisely how we’re going to fix this problem in the United States. Americans are going to slaughter all the fucking pigs that get out of line. The only good pig is a dead pig.

      3. Pay attention…acknowledge my supremacy.

    2. Of course, don’t denounce the militarized attack….parse verbiage. What a pathetic fuck you are….

      1. Now you can’t use such vocabulary around t. The basics completely confuse him this will make his momma’s head explode.

  8. It’s legal to protect yourself against armed intruders including those who are cops unlawfully invading your privacy, so had these people protected themselves they’d have been well within their rights and had the police harmed or killed the inhabitants the taxpayers would once again have footed the bill. Here is the problem: the cops know they are not held personally accountable for anything they do and so they are doing shoddy work, they no longer gain evidence before acting on tips, they lie to judges and gain warrants based in some cases on nothing more than the word of one “confidential witness”. What this means is that any person, even a crackhead, can call in a report on someone they don’t like for any reason whatsoever and if they get the overzealous department, which is more and more common, they can get that person and their family burglarized, kidnapped and perhaps even killed all in the name of the law. And the most that will happen to the crackhead is likely a week to a month in jail or a stint in rehab, if that. The cops will likely get nothing or get a paid vacation. If the people sue, the taxpayers, you and I, will pay inevitably. This needs to be forced to change. Any public servant who acts in this manner should be tried for treason, and that is a hanging offense.


  10. Another Gestapo style attack using military weaponry on an innocent populace…another day in the capitalist driven police state….

    1. Godwin Award winner – rather early I might add too.

      1. Banal Meme Award winner – rather late in this century I might add too.

  11. They had a bad day. They didn’t get to burn down any houses or disfigure any babies. So was this faulty intelligence or was someone illiterate?

    1. Or over eager to play soldier? No one was hurt this time. But the excessive aggression certainly creates the opportunity for harm.

      A DUI can claim, accurately, that he harmed no one. And he’d be correct. But only because of luck. I doesn’t change that he made himself a danger.

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