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Date of Incident: June 6, 2015
Officers Involved: Officers Patrick Fudally,Jon Stuart,& Sgt. Garin Williams
Contact Info: Patric Fudally email [email protected] (360)385-2322 Jon Stuart email [email protected] Sgt. Garin Williams email [email protected] (360)385-5732 Fax (360)379-4438


Police SirensThe police were called on this man for trespassing at a local restaurant/ bar. He had already peacefully left the establishment when the police arrived. The police stopped him from continuing to walk away, tried to arrest him, and hit him in the face more than once. He was apologizing to the police officer and offering to leave, and the officer just started fighting with him. He got loose then they tried to restrain him again hitting him again. Then later called Rad “rage aggression delirium” protocol, then drugged him with KETAMINE and took him to the hospital to then be taken to the jail.

He was hit very hard by the police. And would not have known how bad his injuries were after being drugged. He would have felt no pain. Then later he would have delusions & hallucinations. Ketamine can also cause permanent brain damage , memory loss, problems with speech and several other problems. Before he was taken to the jail, he said that his mouth hurt, but the drugs would have made it less painful. Then he was taken to jail, where he is still now, without getting proper treatment for his injuries.

The police officers are charging him with three charges of assault, criminal trespass, obstructing law enforcement and resisting arrest. I witnessed this happen and the police officer clearly was the one who assaulted him. The police officer claiming to be injured, left blood on himself for hours just to have a photo taken, so that it would not look like his fault. It would have been appropriate for the police to show up and make sure that he had left the establishment and that everyone was safe. But instead he made the situation worse and ended up beating up a man, who had apologized and already offered to leave peacefully.

banner420After he was hit the first time he escaped and it looked to me like several police officer beating him, then the ambulance came and drugged him in front of everyone. I witnessed this entire situation happen , and the local newspaper still seems to side with the police. He is still in jail waiting for trail. With injuries that were never taken care of properly.

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  1. ha ha ha, Fire-Rescue fucking darted him. Epic.

    1. Sorry, but no fire rescue carries Ketamine. It’s an anesthetic only found in hospitals.

      1. The news article stated it was Fire-Rescue that “tranquilized” Sir Rum-and-Coke.
        I’d hedge a bet that it was something other than what’s been presented but I doubt any more facts will be presented here.

        1. Check out my other post, it seems some departments have been experiencing it. The main advantage of ketamine is that you’re supposed to inject it into a muscle, so you don’t have to hold your patient still to find a vein.

          1. Experimenting with it, not experiencing it

          2. It would be awesome, you could equip teams with blowguns. Like the game hunter in Jurassic Park Lost World.

    2. A headshot would be a great way for you to be murdered

    3. No because sometime a victim can survive a headshot a neckshot would be a more better thing for you.

      1. Wow, two comments back to back. I feel a little overwhelmed.
        Here, this is for you.

  2. Ketamine? Really?

    … was my first response. Turns out it has actually shown efficacy.

    How would your idealized private security guard handle it? How many trespassing calls would they get on a guy before they thought it necessary to go hands-on?

  3. Why do you keep,posting this story of this idiot who was:
    Trespassing / refusing to leave
    Fighting with the police?

    1. I’m really thinking that t is no taller than 5’6″ and probably a bit doughy like the cop in this video – the one that falls down while trying to swing the guy around. This is probably why t spends so much time on here – trying to make up for what he can’t do on the street.

      1. fraud:
        Your first mistake was the line “I’m really thinking”. Clearly….you aren’t.

        1. t, you’re obviously a little cop trying to be a big cop on here. It’s funny.

          Now, idiot, admit that the Supreme Court adds to the body of law in a Common Law system.

          1. Behold the might and power of your overlords.

          2. Why are you calling them overlords? They are merely the high court body that creates a great deal of case precedents – such precedents are considered law in all Common Law systems. You were too ignorant to know this – which is why you claimed that they only interpret law. Such an ignorant comment is dead wrong for a Common Law system – and more applicable to a Napoleonic Law system – which we don’t have.

            Common Sense = Another idiot cop that claims he understands the law either though he doesn’t.

          3. fraud:
            Case precedents.

            So….which is it?
            Create law
            Define law
            Set “case precedents”

            You seen VERY confused.

          4. Case precedents ARE law, Idiot. Learn something about the Common Law legal system we have. Why are cops always so stupid about the law???

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