Paul Castaway Denver Police Protest

Paul Castaway Denver Police ShootingConflicting Accounts

Sunday night police in Denver shot a man after claiming he charged at them with a knife. Witnesses at the time disputed that claim. Now surveillance footage from a nearby business supports the witnesses over the police version. Instead of charging toward the officers, the video shows Paul Castaway holding the knife to his own throat the entire time.

Via Fox31 Denver:

Police shot and killed a man they say charged at them with a knife. But witnesses and surveillance video say otherwise.

The manager of Capital City mobile home park at 4501 W. Kentucky Ave. has the video. He wouldn’t give it to FOX31 Denver, but he did show it to reporter Tammy Vigil.

It shows Paul Castaway, 35, coming up from behind a white mobile home, through a black iron fence onto the street and around a wooden fence, which is a dead end.

He then turned back around onto the street with a knife to his neck the whole time, when an officer shoots him. The video seems to not match what police say happened.

Paul Cataway Protest DenverAdditionally, police originally claimed that Castaway had stabbed his mother and that she had been taken to the hospital with injuries as a result. They later revised that to him having threatened her and caused minor injuries to her neck.

Witnesses once again dispute that, stating she has no injuries at all. Rick Morado, Castaway’s cousin, contends that he was really just trying to get away and not attacking the police at all. As has often been the case in past police shootings, Castaway’s mother now says she regrets calling the police.


Protests in Denver – “What’s Wrong With You Guys?”

Over the past few hours, after news of the inconsistencies in the surveillance footage spread, protests began in Denver. Many Native Americans, including Castaway’s own family, within the Denver area have gathered to protest recent killings of indigenous people by police and the lack of coverage of those murders by media. Paul Castaway and his family are members of the Lakota tribe.

Castaway’s purported last words to police, “What’s wrong with you guys,” have been used as a chant during the protest and as a hashtag on Twitter and other social media to spread news of the shooting. #PaulCastaway and #JusticeForPaul have also been trending among activist and police accountability groups on social media. Reportedly, at least one person has been arrested by Denver police during the protests.

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  1. Caught in more lies!!! Scumbag murderers.


    “Buck, why do you hate cops?”
    “I’ve never said I hate cops.”

    “You say you don’t trust them and that all cops are bad. You claim
    there is no such thing as a good cop, which makes people think you hate
    “There is no such thing as a ‘good cop’. That doesn’t necessarily mean I hate cops, only that I understand cops.”
    “So you don’t support the police?”
    “Do you support street gangs?”
    “Well, no, but that’s different!”

    “It is the exact same thing, my friend. You see, cops, just like gang
    members, use force and threats of violence to get what they want from
    the People. And, just like gang members, some will go so far as to kill
    you if you do not give them what they want or if you ‘disrespect’ them.
    Just because cops have government approval and authorization to do the
    things they do does not make them any less gangsterish.”

    “Well, LEO is out there every day protecting us and our families!”

    “Truth is, police have no duty to protect us and/or our families. This
    has repeatedly been upheld by all higher courts, including the Supreme
    Court. In other words, a cop, or group of cops can standby and watch as
    you are being stabbed to death on a subway train and are not obligated
    to stop it. He – or they – can watch without interfering. This actually
    happened in the case of Joe Lozito in New York City. Lozito was also not
    allowed to sue – because cops have no duty to protect. With that bit of
    knowledge, you should know the cops are not protecting us and our

    “Then who are they protecting?” my now confused friend ask.

    “Their title is Law Enforcement Officer. Think about that for a second
    and what it tells you. Law Enforcement Officers have but one job and it
    is in their title: enforce the laws. Good laws, bad laws, laws that are
    indifferent…they are paid to enforce them. It is estimated that 40,000
    new laws are enacted every year in the U.S. Yes, 40,000. There are so
    many ‘laws’ nobody has been able to count them or knows all of them. Yet
    cops are expected to enforce them. Most cops don’t even know the laws
    they are enforcing…
    “Boston civil-liberties lawyer Harvey
    Silverglate, estimates that everyone of us commit at least 3 felonies a
    day, (from his book, ‘Three Felonies A Day’.) Many ‘laws’ are written so
    vaguely as they can only be determined on a case-by-case bases.
    Interesting, huh?

    “You aren’t answering my question! If the police are not protecting us and our families, who are they protecting?”

    “Who writes the laws and who do those laws benefit? They benefit the
    corporations the legislatures, city councils, etc. are employed by. All
    cities are incorporated in order to gain benefits from the state, which
    is also incorporated. In order for a city to become a corporation it
    must file an approved ‘Corporate Charter’ with the state.”

    “But…wait a second,” my friend scratched his head in confusion.
    “Aren’t corporations businesses? And if so, are you saying that cities
    and states are actual businesses and not approved government entities?”
    “That is exactly what I am saying.”
    “So the job of cops is to protect businesses acting as government?”
    “BINGO! Give the man a kewpie doll!”

    “OK. This is all new to me and is going to take a minute to process.
    But, it is starting to make sense. As I enter this city, I see a sign
    that gives its name, population and the word ‘incorporated’. I don’t
    think I see that in all cities, why is that?”
    “Not all cities are up front about it. You are expected to know the ‘law’…you know, ‘ignorance of the law is no excuse’?”

    “So the job of cops is to protect the corporation that masquerades as a
    government? But that still doesn’t explain why you think there is no
    such thing as a ‘good cop’.”
    “Have you ever been ticketed?”

    “Well, yeah, I think we all have,” giggles. “I was ticketed last month
    for not wearing my seat belt. As a matter of fact the cop was real nice
    to me.”
    “Would you call him a ‘good cop’.”
    “Yeah, I would. I mean he didn’t violate my rights or anything! He was even polite and nice, you know.”
    “So what was your crime?”
    “Not wearing my seat belt.”
    “Not wearing your seat belt is not a crime. All crimes require a victim. Who were you victimizing by not wearing a seat belt?”
    “Well, me, I guess. I mean, I could have gotten hurt if I got into an accident.”

    “Didn’t I just tell you that not wearing a seat belt is not a crime?”
    he nodded, once again confused. “All crimes require a victim. Seat belt
    laws, like helmet laws, and many other ‘laws’ are arbitrary. They are
    not based in reason or good judgement; they are based in larceny. You
    have the fundamental right not to wear a seat belt or a helmet, or to
    jaywalk or do any number of other things that you are forced to do.
    Corporations make ‘rules’ that they call ‘laws’. They have the full
    power and effect of ‘laws’, but are not sound by definition.”

    “So, are you saying the cop who enforced the corporations rules by
    ticketing me for not wearing a seat belt wasn’t a good cop because he
    was, in effect, enforcing an unjust rule that they have named as law?
    Are you saying that since he was working for a business/corporation
    (i.e. the city/state) he was not acting in my best interests?”
    am. You see anytime a ‘good man’ does bad things, his worth as a ‘good
    man’ goes out the window. Many cops foolishly do not know they are doing
    bad things to people who are actually innocent of any wrong doing since
    no victim can be ascertained. Just because men put on a uniform and
    believe they are ‘protecting and serving’ the public does not mean they
    actually are. As LEOs, their job is to enforce all laws, rather those
    laws are good, bad or indifferent. When bad laws are enforced by anybody
    in a costume wearing a badge, that costumed person becomes a bad
    person. Even if they don’t know it.
    “You would be surprised,” I
    continued, “at how many cops aren’t even aware they are employed by
    corporations, but erroneously believe they are actually employed by the
    People. Unfortunately, the general public believes this also. You would
    be surprised at how many people tell cops, ‘I pay your salary’. Which
    they do, but not directly. If it were directly, then the People could
    fire cops for whatever reason. But they can’t.
    “Here is how it
    actually works: The People pay taxes to the corporation doing business
    as the city or state (this also applies to feds). Once that money is
    given to the corporation, the People have no say as to how it is used.
    The corporation then hires thugs…errr…cops to protect and serve it,
    the corporation. It does not hire cops to protect and serve you and your
    family or neighbors or anybody who is not a part of the corporation as
    the higher courts all agreed since cops have no duty to the People.

    “Did you go to Municipal/City/Traffic Court for the seat belt ticket?” I ask.

    “I did. I pleaded guilty and was fined $50 plus $135 in court costs and
    $12 for police training and $17 for the jail upkeep and…”
    “So, for a $50 ticket, in which you caused nobody any harm, you paid out more than $200? Do you think that is fair and just?”

    “Well, no, but…well, especially I don’t think I should have to pay
    for police training or upkeep of the jail, and the court costs were
    crazy considering I was only in front of the judge for like one to two
    minutes at most.”
    “How many people were in that courtroom as defendants and how long did it take to run them all through?”

    “I would say, at least a hundred people and, since I was one of the
    last ones, the entire thing probably took less than an hour.”
    for one hours work, that court brought in $21,400 if everyone had a $50
    ticket? Do you think that cop who was so nice to you doesn’t know that
    tons of money is made off the tickets he hands out?”

    “Yeah,” he admitted, “but what does that have to do with good cops?”
    “Would a good man demand that you give his boss money because his boss said you should?”
    “Well, no…that would be like the Mafia…” His eyes lit up! “Now, I
    think I am starting to see what you are saying! You are saying that cops
    act just like the Mafia by demanding we give money to their bosses even
    though we really didn’t do anything wrong. I mean, like, me driving
    without a seat belt…I didn’t harm anybody. Nor was I a threat to
    anybody. And this cop gave me a ticket that I was forced to pay a bunch
    of money I couldn’t afford…and I didn’t do ANYTHING wrong! I didn’t
    commit a crime – I violated a rule that was put in place, not to protect
    anybody, but to generate revenue for the corporation doing business as a
    city! Not only that…the cop who was so nice to me, gets his
    paychecks, insurance and bunches of other stuff from the city, with some
    of that money going back to his police department. In the end, he gets
    part of that money that I paid! That is racketeering! It’s extortion! If
    I didn’t pay the fines I could have gone to jail when I didn’t hurt

    “A cop can’t be a cop unless he enforces all of the
    rules, good, bad or indifferent. A ‘good cop’ cannot last in a corrupt
    system, because he would refuse to enforce unjust ‘laws’. Do you now see
    what I am saying?”
    “Most definitely!”

    “Give the man another Kewpie doll!”


    2. I have this conversation so often with people it makes me have a headache. They mostly just end up thinking I’m looney.

    3. The difference between a mafia and a government is the government has a religion to go with their extortion schemes that they use to justify the criminal enterprise.

    4. A municipal corporation is not the same thing as a corporation. The people who legislate the charter “laws” are elected by the people. Not the same thing as a for profit business. While I agree that most municipals have adopted a crappy way of keeping their budgets black. You can do something about it… participate to change it instead of complain and do nothing

      1. A corporation is a business rather it be a municipal corporation or a business corporation. Just because one has “elected” managers and the other not, does not make them that different.

        1. Buck I disagree. Yes they are both run like a business and provide some protection for the employees but the decision making and purposes are completely different. A corporation is overseen by a board of directors elected by its investors and governed by a charter written and altered by the very same board. The goal of the investors is to make profit for themselves. A goal of a municipal government is to collect taxes and raise money to serve the public. Its board is elected by the people (who’s goal are to provide services for themselves). The voters of the board do not profit from electing the board members. My point is that if you don’t like how your municipal government is run you have an opportunity to run for office, get elected and make a difference. The average citizen is not going to have that same opportunity at a large for profit corporation.


  4. Another pig saw the chance to get paid leave -.-

  5. The MRC probably figured if dude wants to commit suicide, then why not suicide by cop ? Then at least they would get a paid vacation.

    Never trust police.

  6. White men are devils. That explains 99% of police brutality.

  7. “…..The video shows Castaway turning around and walking toward police, who were several feet away. The knife stays pointed toward his neck the entire time, Black Elk said…..”

    He never tried to hurt anyone, “….He had a lengthy criminal record dating to 1997, including charges for felony weapon possession, assault, burglary, and parole and protection-order violations….”

    Tragic but more than likely lawful, “here’s your check, sorry for your loss.”

    1. How much would you like to wager that the “felony” in that weapon possession was due to a prior “possession of a controlled substance” conviction? Once again we have a person who self medicates to try to improve his life only to be murdered because he didn’t follow rules set up by one corporation to protect the market share of another corporation.

  8. the peanut gallery must still be a sleep

  9. The guy had a knife and was looking for suicide by cop. He got it.

      1. Don’t respond to this moron anymore. he obviously is a scumbag but I know it’s hard but ignore him.

        1. Yeah I’m well aware of JC but I’ll continue to do as I please, thanks

  10. And cops wonder why they are being targeted, shot and killed and then whine and complain because no one really cares….

    Their own actions have desensitized everyday people and actually make them (cops) look more like a civilians terrorist than someone that is supposed to Protect and Serve. Protect and Serve—now that is a joke. The only ones they Protect and Serve is themselves. Judges, Da’s , Grand Jury’s and any and everyone involved should be held accountable as well for their actions related to allowing a cop to get away with proven illegal activities. Keep Drawing those TARGETS on your back and one day someone is going to take advantage of it!!!
    The only TERRORIST here are the one’s in a cop uniform and the really sad part is that WE pay their salary which means we are paying them to harass, intimidate, beat and kill us and our pets. Well I want a REFUND!!! TEACH your children to ALWAYS be wary of anyone in uniform for they can no longer be trusted like when we were children…and the propaganda they are taught in school is just that—propaganda!!! Until the GOOD cops start standing up against the Criminal cops they are just as guilty—“Guilty by association” just like they tell our youth when they are caught with someone breaking the law.

  11. all cops MUST die all THINGS that WORK for the GOVERNMENT MUST FUCKING DIE.

  12. Just another garden variety murder by a couple of cops that are either scared of their own shadow, or itching to get that first “good shoot” under their belt.

  13. Pigs lie for a living…that is what they do. Especially, when they are covering for their criminal brethren.

  14. The police are going to force ordinary citizens to fight back and use force.

  15. The bad cops give the other 1% a bad name.

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