Andrew Henderson Police ReportRecently, Ademo posted about an interaction Andrew Henderson, a CopBlocker from the St. Paul area in Minnesota, had with a police officer who had tried to intimidate him because he was filming near a police station. This happened shortly after the St. Paul Police Department held a seat belt enforcement campaign that was really just a thinly veiled opportunity for revenue generation.

Knowing that many police themselves don’t wear seat belts when driving, Andrew decided to go down to a location near the police station and film to see how many he could find disregarding the rule that they had just placed such a heavy emphasis on for regular citizens. Not surprisingly, he had no problem whatsoever spotting officers hypocritically ignoring the seat belt law.

Not long after, an employee of the St. Paul Police Department, Officer Alba-Reyes, drove up to where Henderson was filming. During the interaction between Alba-Reyes and Andrew (which can be viewed in its entirety in the video below), the officer misstates several laws, including that he has a right to detain Henderson for filming and that the public sidewalk is actually private property. He then threatens to arrest him “if he continues trespassing on private property.”

About a month later, Andrew had a meeting with St. Paul Police Chief Tom Smith concerning this incident and the behavior of that officer. This included several inconsistencies and omissions within the official police report that was filed by Alba-Reyes. However, it apparently didn’t include an update on the St. Paul Police Department’s investigation into whether public sidewalks are in fact public or private property. (Make sure you check out Andrew’s YouTube channel for lots of great informative videos.)

During my meeting with Chief Tom Smith, I expressed my concerns on my encounter with officer Armando Alba-Reyes while…

Posted by Andrew J Henderson on Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Below is Andrews summary of that meeting via a Facebook post:

During my meeting with Chief Tom Smith, I expressed my concerns on my encounter with officer Armando Alba-Reyes while recording police officers from a public sidewalk.

  • Officer Alba-Reyes stated in his report that I was using a “bypod”, which I was not. I do not own or have ever used a bipod. The pictures he took would have proved this.
  • Officer Alba-Reyes seemed to believe that I do not have access to the Saint Paul Police policy manual, though it is publicly available at:
  • Once I was threatened with arrest if I did not leave, I immediately walked to my vehicle and drove home, and did not continue to film vehicles as officer Alba-Reyes stated in his report, the video can be found here:
  • Officer Alba-Reyes never turned in the pictures he took of me to the Saint Paul Police Department data vault as he is required to under Minnesota Statutes Chapter 13, and did not include them in this report.
  • There was a dashcam in the police vehicle as indicated in the report, but officer Alba-Reyes either did not turn it on or decided to not upload the content to the Saint Paul Police Department data vault.

The encounter can be viewed here: (Also embedded below – editor)

Chief Smith understood my concerns, but could not give me answers as to why Officer Alba-Reyes report was not entirely factual or what happened to the photos he took of me.

I encouraged Chief Smith to adopt a policy regarding citizens filming law enforcement officers as recommended by the Department of Justice (…/spl/documents/Sharp_ltr_5-14-12.pdf), in addition to submitting a couple of policies to him and his staff from other agencies such as the District of Columbia Police Department ( and the Department of Homeland Security (…/2…/06/DHS-FPS-Bulletin-HQ-IB-012-2010.pdf), as well as case law about citizens First Amendment right to document law enforcement personnel engaged in their public duties (, and to better train officers on engagement with those who chronicle police occurrences.

I hope Chief Smith will take this opportunity to transition and advance with this paradigm shift in policing.

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    2. It isn’t a crime, fucker. That is the point. A cop violated the law and gave illegal orders. Cops just don’t like accountability. They are terrified of people with cameras, because so many are getting their crimes and bad attitudes outed by cameras.

      1. Fucker it’s a crime to piss off a police officer.

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  3. Considering all the precious hero cops that die a year because they didn’t have a seatbelt on you would think they would be a little more diligent with keeping each other safe so they can go home to junior and wifey-poo at the end of shift.

    maybe if we retrofitted all cop cars with gun shaped seatbelts they would spend all day clicking those little things….

    1. Dude I almost dropped my iPad laughing so hard after “wifey poo”. Fuck yeah!

  4. Corrupt police. Corrupt chief of police. Any superior of any employee of any job position in this country should be up the ass of an employee who is caught failing and lying about multiple rules. CORRUPT MOTHER FUCKERS!

  5. Most cops who die in the line of duty, die as a result of traffic accidents. Yes, they exempt themselves from seat belt laws, but not the laws of physics, which care little for their badges, uniforms, or inflated egos.

      1. unfortunately, they take out innocent children with their reckless behavior.

  6. First off, police or exempt from wearing their seat belts. Second, this is just another butt-hurt copblocker who thinks he knows the law better than everyone else. He was very wrong.

  7. Does anyone know how I can get a copy of my local law enforcement policies. Dekalb county GA.

      1. Contact the chief of police to obtain any copy of policies. Dekalb County Georgia’s Deputy Chief Operating Officer is Cedric L. Alexander, and his office number is (770) 724-7670. His job is to serve you on all police matters.

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  11. This is an excellent written encounter and post follow up. More submitters ought to take note.

  12. if that was private property, the city needs to bill them for maintenance and the plowing of the sidewalk, the cops around here NEVER wear seatbelts and their reasoning is they don’t have to, as they are required to be able to exit their vehicles as fast as they’re able. bs of course

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