First Church of CannabisOn Wednesday (July 1st), everybody in Indianapolis was primed for a big showdown. The First Church of Cannabis had stated that they were preparing to take advantage of Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which supposedly protects people engaging in activities during religious practice.

However, although Indiana accepted the First Church of Cannabis as a recognized church, Indianapolis Police Chief Rick Hite saw things differently. In the lead up to the inaugural services on Wednesday, he pledged not just to arrest peaceful people openly smoking marijuana during the service, but also to employ dubious charges of “visiting a common nuisance” in order to justify searching people and their vehicles.

A funny thing happened on the way to the Big Dance, though. Although there was still a huge, wasteful police presence, a counter-protest, organized and egged on largely by the police; and a fancy new spy camera installed by police hours before, there were no arrests or Orwellian searches. In fact, the police weren’t even willing to admit to that they were there as a result of the possibility of marijuana use:

…the overall attitude of the Indianapolis police felt considerably different than the previous wild eyed, drug war rantings of their boss. The department refused to admit that their presence in front of the church had anything to do with marijuana. Lieutenant Richard Riddle, a spokesperson for the IMPD, told reporters that officers were simply there as a public safety precaution and to control traffic like they would any other event in Indianapolis.

“We’re simply responding to public safety issues and complaints from the community,” Riddle said. “Obviously, we have traffic control at a number of events. We have traffic control at churches, we have traffic control for funerals, and sometimes on Easter we have traffic control for churches.”

Survive Bear Police AttackIn fact, according to that article the only problems came from those riled up neighbors, and even those were pretty minimal. So, what was so different between Wednesday and the previous Friday, when the Chief Hite made all those threats about arresting people and finding loopholes in the Fourth Amendment.

Obviously, a big factor was church founder Bill Levin’s announcement that the service would not include the open use of marijuana, after all. You just can’t poke a heavily armed and easily angered bear without expecting it to react. (There can, of course, be debates about whether that potential reaction is worth risking for a given issue, but that’s a debate people have to have with them self.)

However, in the same High Times article another reason is pointed out for why things went from 60 to 15 so quickly.

Cop Block Was There

banner420As chronicled by previous posts on, Ademo and several others within the Cop Block Network made the trip down to Indianapolis in order to participate in and document any police abuses during the inaugural service at the First Church of Cannabis. They came ready to film the police and to make sure everyone there knew their rights, as well as handing out CopBlock’s informational materials. They also brought the attention of Cop Block’s national audience.

Once again according to, all of those things were as instrumental, if not even more so, in keeping the Indianapolis Police on their best of behaviour that day:

Perhaps this change of draconian heart was out of respect for Levin’s recent decision to ban all illegal substances from the church grounds. Then again, as Ohio attorney Brice Keller pointed out, this shift in strategy likely had more to do with the fact that the whole nation was watching for something dramatic to unfold.

“Cop Block is here,” said Keller. “Cop Block and the news, and everybody having all these video recording devices everywhere probably has caused the police captain or somebody to say, be on your toes today and make sure what we’re doing is protecting the peace.

“If police were going to arrest somebody for a minor offense,” he continued, “there would be a swarm of people out there with their video recorders, and it wouldn’t be good for anybody.” (Emphasis added.)

On the issue of probable cause, Keller said police would need to establish it for each individual, and that simply being on the premises of the cannabis church did not give authorities the right to initiate random searches. What the Indianapolis Police Chief initially said was the force was going to cite parishioners for visiting a common nuisance, which Keller said could have been used as a gateway to search the pockets of parishioners and, perhaps, even their vehicles.

But in the end, there was no shakedown… Not a single incident in which the IMPD felt the need to investigate or attempt to establish probable cause of any kind.

So the moral to the story is protect your neighborhood from the real troublemakers  by joining an existing Cop Block group in your area, starting one if there isn’t already a Cop Block affiliate nearby, and become a part of the growing CopBlock Network. And always Film The Police. It could save a life and that life could be yours.


  1. It will have to be settled in court. Probably the appellate level. Eventually a “member of the flock” will get popped since after all its still legal under both state and federal law. Didn’t the police put out a pole camera outside? Yeah, its only a matter of time.

    1. weed is going to be legal US wide. there is no reason for it not to be. the only people who think marijuana is an issue are those who have never smoked marijuana. though they’re probably still the same people who drink heavily and are police apologists. what’s these pigs and their families start getting slaughtered openly, they don’t realize that the taste of their own family and their mouth is not something they want. the only good pig is a dead pig. the only good pig family is one that has been lit on fire alive.

      1. someday I’ll check voice to text for consistency

  2. Another ridiculous article. The crowd that was there chose not to have smoking marijuana in their neighborhood. It had nothing to do with the PD. The PD said they would be there and arrest anyone who smoked marijuana. That is why it never happened. When copblockers are confronted with real consequences for their actions, they punk out. Just remember, that applies to all the activities copblockers do.

    1. have you ever watched a person burned to death one piece at a time? a wet towel can be wrapped around an appendage just above where it’s going to be burned off, it keeps the rest of the flesh from getting burned and from getting nerve damage. this way, when you burn a piece off, they can feel it every time as long as you give the medication not to go into shock. what wonders are in store for you.

      1. Baby Huey continues to be a pussy. More threats, more paperwork, more emails. The nice thing is I get one hours pay every time I fill out a report on you during my time off. It’s your tax money dumbass.

        1. You filed nothing so shut up Slappy!

        2. Added to the other screen caps of JC`s comments. Hope you know impersonateing a police officer even online is a crime…

          1. Prove I am not a probations/parole officer.

          2. Because no dipshit cop would admit to misuse of police databases like you have done so. Not even a cop would be that’ stupid. Post a report number just 1 time and prove you filed a report. Besides, regardless what you think, if the community believes you are nothing, you are the one that has to prove your position!

          3. it’s comical that he thinks any of us believe that he has anything to do with law enforcement. I think he may be a bit “special”.

        3. Thought I was herb. I guess you moved on the fantasizing about a different person you would like to molest.

    2. You do realize that cop blockers are taking a stand to keep dipshits like you from getting shot. You have no idea what cop blockers are about, and window licking cop suckers such as yourself are the reason they have spiraled out of control. I hope you sleep well at night knowing that dumb asses such as yourself are applauding cops being let go while clearly being murderers, child molesters, woman beaters, animal abusers, ect. Congratulations you’re part of the problem.

      1. No, they aren’t. They are a bunch of losers with criminal records and nothing in their lives. They go out and harass police officers because they think they know better. The funny thing is they do not control police officers nor do they control anything else in their miserable lives. This kind of activity often draws people who have low self-esteem, and want to fit in with anyone. They are often intimidated by the communities they live in and hope to be seen through illegal activities. These people connecting with copblockers because they are easily brainwashed by people like Ademo and Pete. It’s always the same people who temporarily join your group.

        1. cops are the ones with low self esteem and and brainwashed , if you were a real cop and not just a badge licker JC you would know this … cops are shunned by real normal people …. they are low life steroid abusing losers

  3. Just my two cents from reading the comment section: It would seem that ‘JC’ may be a professional troll. There are businesses in existence who’s employees are paid to nay-say on pages targeted by ‘X CORP’. It is a fact that police officers in the United States kill at 100x the rate of that of most UN countries. The UN itself even recognizes this is a problem. For someone to deny this they would either have to be: paid to do so, a member of law enforcement, or extremely unintelligent.

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