On Thursday (July 2nd), Michael Kitchen, a former detective with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, was sentenced to just three years of probation for assault and attempted robbery against an escort.

According to the Las Vegas Review Journal:

A Las Vegas police detective accused in an attack on a prostitute was sentenced Thursday to three years probation.

Michael Kitchen pleaded guilty last month to attempt theft, a gross misdemeanor. That charge would be reduced to misdemeanor battery, should he complete probation.

The original charges against Kitchen — battery with intent to commit sexual assault resulting in substantial bodily harm, battery with intent to commit a crime, robbery, and attempted sexual assault — carried the possibility of life in prison.

While on probation, Kitchen must be employed full-time, complete 10 hours of community service per month, refrain from drugs or alcohol and not possess any weapons.

LVMPD Det Michael Kitchen Court AssaultKitchen, who was on duty and driving an LVMPD vehicle at the time, had met his victim via an online ad and arranged to meet at her house. The pretense for his visit and his original explanation to Metro “investigators” was that he was attempting to get a massage. Even though he made just under $174,000 in 2013, he claimed that getting a massage at a legitimate business would be too expensive.

Ultimately, the dispute between them stemmed from the price that would be paid for her “services.” Det. Kitchen initially paid her $100, but she later told him that that was just for her “time and company” and that it would be another $150 for sex. She testified that he then became “angry and ultimately violent” and attacked her in an effort to get the $100 he had already paid back. The resulting injuries included a concussion and a fractured wrist.

Kitchen is just one among a string of LVMPD officers recently charged with some sort of sex related crime. Metro itself, of course, has a long history of scandals and a very scant history of holding anyone on their payroll accountable for their actions. So, as ridiculous as the light sentence Kitchen received is, it’s not exactly surprising to anyone in the Las Vegas area.

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Original Coverage of Det. Michael Kitchen’s Arrest:


  1. The evil “bait and switch” – clearly she has no business knowledge. How can the consumer make a fair and wise decision with their money with such practices. What has this nation become. Where is the truth in advertising?

    1. So if you have sex with a hooker and dont pay her. Is it Rape or Retail Fraud?

  2. Hold on. He made $174k in 2013? F*ck me, am I underpaid!

    1. That buys a lot of hookers…courtesy of the tax paying public…sweet.

  3. “Even though he made just under $174,000 in 2013”

    Tell us again how cops are underpaid.

    1. We deserve so much more…believe me.

  4. It will be interesting to see how all this turns out.

    1. It has all been settled you idiot. Try reading the article!

    2. What’s interesting is how he got off with only probation……

    3. Yes it will. Why would a cop hire a hooker. Then argue over cost. Something like that happened here in Grand Rapids by a Grand Rapids officer. He was arrested by Wyoming police though. His pic was on the ATM for the money exchange. She the hoocker was Uuuuuugly too. He could have dated a prettier woman.

  5. Title 18, U.S.C., Section 242
    Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law

  6. 200K a year? I think I’m going to throw up.

    1. These men risk their lives ever day to keep you safe. Pay them a nickel, if that’s all your life and the lives of your loved ones are worth

      1. Risk their lives? Hardly! Fishermen are risking far more to bring us our salmon and shrimp. Cops are out there raping children, prostitutes, beating and killing their families and significant others… not to mention the cops who are lying on their reports, in court, and who steal/ sell/ use drugs…

        1. Raping children and killing their families??? Youre stuck in the wrong times. Your thinking of Comanches circka 1870.

          Police are your sworn protectors. You owee them your allegiance and life. The fact that you continue to breathe thanks to their noble efforts is no reason to resent them. Own your dependancy.

          you can live witout samon and shrimp. police you canot live without

          1. Really? Under what rock do you live where you have no access to all these crimes? http://www.policeprostitutionandpolitics.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=147:officer-involved-domestic-violence&catid=1:latest-news&Itemid=50

            Want more? There are so many of you bad cops that it is a full time job to keep to keep up with ya. Not just raping children, like Pike County Ohio Chief Deputy Clyde Franklin Sanders Jr. did (raped his 3 year old daughter twice and got probation) and beat and kill their families, but steal/ sell/ us and plant drugs and of course, your favorite activity, raping/ extorting and pimping prostitutes. See, I collect that information on a daily basis. Only when good cops are willing to speak out against the bad ones will there be redemption for law enforcement.

          2. Cops as we know them now do not protect ANYONE but their sorry asses. I owe them nothing. I already spent 10 miserable years working for the LAPD and I know what you guys are like from the inside – and you are mostly all corrupt. The few good ones left do not make such arrogant, asnine claims about being our sworn protectors.

          3. You wantt to talk about corrupt. How about a barnacle that resembles a human who takes money and benefits from and feeds her greedy gullet on a paycheck provided her by an organization who she now says are a raving pack of Hitlers who enjoy raping and mudering children? And for 10 years no less!!! Your credibility isnt worth two cents

  7. The local Copblock there needs to tail this guy. Catch him breaking probation, when he buys alcohol or drugs.

      1. stalking wasn’t illegal in the case of Zimmerman eh there johnny boy?

  8. I hope someone kills this peice of shit

    1. You are so quick to judge your superiors for the slightest of errors…shame on you.

  9. Prostitution is legal in Nye County, Nevada.

    1. Yup, which is about 30 miles away from where this happened.

  10. Let’s not forget…this man is still a hero and a role model…Once an officer, always a hero.

    1. I disagree. Once an officer, always a criminal.

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