Spencer Lee McCain - The latest unarmed man killed by Baltimore police
Spencer Lee McCain – The latest unarmed man killed by Baltimore police

Today, the Baltimore Police Department made public the names of the three police officers who shot a man to death on Thursday for “taking a defensive stance.” According to FoxBaltimore.com, Officer Wilkes, a six year veteran of Baltimore County PD, Officer Besaw, an eight year veteran of Baltimore County PD, and Officer Stargel, a five year veteran of Baltimore County PD, were the officers involved in the deadly shooting. All three have been placed on administrative leave (A.K.A. paid vacation), pending an “investigation.”

Officers Wilkes, Besaw, and Stargel initially were called to a home after a report of a domestic disturbance taking place inside. After hearing sounds of a fight within the building, they forced their way in to the residence. Once inside, they encountered 41-year-old Spencer Lee McCain, who according to them took a “defensive stance.” It’s not really clear WTF that actually means, but by definition a “defensive” stance is not an offensive act. Regardless of that, the three officers responded with at least 19 gun shots killing McCain. Although they claim they believed he had a weapon, no weapon was ever found.

Obviously, after the in custody murder of Freddie Gray by other members of the Baltimore Police Department and the resulting riots, Baltimore tends to be on edge about that city’s police and their history of violence against its residents. This is not likely to make things better.

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More on officer involved shooting – Police say several Baltimore County officers opened fire on a man who produced what appeared to be a weapon. #OwingsMills

Posted by Larry Collins on Thursday, June 25, 2015


  1. Now I’m sure that cop apologist will comment here in their lame attempt to justify the man getting killed by the police

  2. i’ll wait till the bullshit starts.

  3. Well.
    From the lack of any info….Ida thought JSH wrote this.

    1. Who is JSH? What more info do you need. An unarmed dude was fired upon 19 times and he died.

      1. t don’t give a fuck. He’s like the rest of them murdering pieces of shit

  4. I’m sure there is a lot more to the story. It sounds like the officers did the right thing.

    1. I hope you never breed. What am I saying, no woman would touch you. Besides sheep n goats lol.

    2. You need to do the right thing and take your own life

    3. You say that no matter what the circumstances are, so there’s really not point in commenting, we know what your dumb ass is gonna say

  5. hmmm, it’ll he interesting to see how this turns out.

    Jeezus christ, I guess unarmed black people are always in season. As the article mentions, they even admit he took a defensive stance, not an offensive stance. To the brainiacs who write this shit there is a big difference. But I guess if you not sure of the difference the “go to” is always to kill em.

  6. I’m waiting 4 them to release his record as usual’ which mean their familiar with him.

  7. rule number one – never call the pigs

    1. Fuck that…. call’em pigs, assholes, pieces of shit, MRC, murderers, call them what ever you want. Use your freedom of speech as much as you can before it’s totally taken away.

      Never trust police/pigs

      1. Read again….
        Never call THE pigs.
        Never call THEM pigs.

        She was saying never call the police as a general rule because it rarely works out the way you hoped.

  8. It reminds me of a line from the movie Unforgiven when william Munny killed the proprietor of the saloon. The sheriff whined that an unarmed man was shot down. Mun y responded “well he should have armed himself. Well this man is dead for the same reason. He should have armed himself. He would probably be alive if he had a firearm.

  9. Police apparently were summoned to an assault in progress, Spencer was working over his girlfriend/bay momma. When police arrived, he reported told family he was going to commit suicide. The police forced entry. When police arrived, one news account stated he told police he was armed, positioned his body as he was drawing a pistol and was granted his desire.
    Another said that the woman held a restraining order against Spencer. The police had been requested at the home 17 times in the past.

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